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Things To Consider When Buying A Computer

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

1. Budget:

The first thing that most of us are constrained to is budget so this is the first thing you should consider. We always want the best but we need to be grounded on what we can afford. So Get a budget and stick to it.

2. Computer brand:

when buying a new computer the second thing that should come into your mind should be what brand of computer do I want to buy. Brand of a computer is determined by some fact like brand popularity, brand durability and availability of parts in the market.

3. Facilities available:

You also have to consider the facilities that you want the computer to have, facilities like wireless enabled, Bluetooth, camera, card reader etc.

4. Memory (RAM)

Memory is the term used for how much information a computer can temporarily store. This factor is typically used when you multitask a lot. If you multitask on your computer a lot, then a lot of memory is essential to a speedy computer. Computers these days typically range from 1 GB to as much as 8 GB.

5. Hard disk:

The next fact to consider is the size of the hard disk drive. Using large amount of hard disk is the best since some part of the hard disk is assigned to the ram to enable it perform effectively. If you use small size of hard disk and some part is assigned to the ram you will be left with a very small size that makes your computer run slowly. So large hard disk size is the best.

6. Processor speed:

Another fact to consider is the speed of the processor: you will notice that within the last two years there has been tremendous competition between processor manufacturers. So there are various kinds and types of processor. There are two major processor manufacturers which are Intel and AMD so you have to make your choice based on your research. You have to get a pr

7. Graphics Card: The first question to ask is – Does the computer have a graphics card? A majority of computers don’t actually have a card dedicated to graphics processing, they simply use the main processor and RAM to power the visuals. However, if the computer does have a graphics card, there are several things to consider.
1. How many gigabytes does the graphics card support?
2. Is it ATI or Nvidia? – The two companies are contemporaries, but each has its strengths and weaknesses.
3. What level of processing power does it have? Not all graphics cards are created equal, so make sure to research the model of the graphics card to make sure you’re not overpaying.

Online Shopping for Wedding Supplies

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Shopping online can help cut down the cost of getting married. In fact, you can save up to 75% off on your bridal accessories, reception supplies and other wedding novelties. Evey bride want to experience an extraordinary wedding, but it doesn’t mean they need to spend too much for that.

Most of today’s engaged couples prefer to shop online for their wedding supplies, because they can save a tremendous amount instead of shopping in a conventional way. Imagine the cost of today’s wedding, not to mention the other extra expenses cost by pre-wedding parties, one must anticipate this and be prepared not only financially, but mentally as well!

Thanks to online wedding stores, couples who are planning their wedding today can save a lot of dollars without sacrificing the quality of their big day. Online wedding stores usually carry all the essential things needed in a wedding, from tiaras, veils, unity candles, ring bearer pillows, flower arrangements, place card holders, toasting flutes, table napkins, favors, wedding gifts to wedding shower supplies. Happy couples can also choose personalized wedding items that allows them to have to include their names or monograms, wedding date, special message and other wedding info.

Aside from essential wedding supplies, a wide variety of wedding gifts for couples, groomsmen and bridesmaids are also available in many online stores. Web-based vendors carry a variety of wedding photo albums, picture frames, keepsake oxes, groomsmen gifts, and bridesmaids gifts. You can find these items at incredibly low prices, and vendors can give you good discounts especially if you purchase in volumes. Additionally, there are seasonal discounts as well as discounts on discontinued items that online stores can offer to soon-to-be married couples.

Engaged couples can also plan their wedding online, with the help of online-based wedding planning. Additionally, they can also use online checklist tool to organize all the tasks to do and things to buy. Planning a wedding can be very hectic, that’s why there is an aid called “Internet” that can assist anyone who is in need.

Online vendors understand that weddings should be well coordinated, especially when it comes to wedding themes, designs and colors. Because of this, they also provide a wide variety of coordinated designs for wedding invitations, wedding decorations, wedding outfits, table linens, and so on. Shopping for these wedding supplies can be done via the Internet 24/7 and usually accepting credit cards as the mode pf payment.