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Top Electronics and Technologies in CES 2011

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

At the annual CES (consumer electronics show) for 2011, we saw a great number of dynamic and innovative products – some that will be a raving a success, some not so much! To revolutionize gaming, the company Turtle Beach has come up with a wireless headset (the PX5) with surround sound, which works with the Xbox 260 and the PS3. The PX5 can be used to not only gain surround sound experience with a headset; it can be used for chat on the PS3, as a wireless headset for mobile communication and AD2P playback. This trendy gamers’ accessory also has personal customization settings, which allow you to change the level of sound, say of the music or voices in a particular game. This setting can be preset, enabling you to choose in each of your games sound levels for each sound sample. A great gadget which could easily be a success on the current gaming market.

Samsung also exhibited their new bendy mobile phone screen, a technology still in progress. The screen with Amoled technology can bend into an arc, withstanding up to an amazing 450 degrees in manufacturing! Samsung have already released a prior bendy model, yet, it was not as thin as 2011’s prototype, nor did it have the same quality resolution. At 0.3mm thick and with high quality resolution, Samsung’s model could open up a new future for smart phone and screen technology. We give this one a thumb’s up for 2011!

If energy efficiency is your concern, the General Electric’s digital energy saving range is for you. Including a smart meter, a nucleus – the hub for all connected electronics and a new affordable to the average ‘Joe’ energy saving screen, the company has a lot to offer for 2011. The 2011 saving screen from GE aims to be more accurate than ever before as it tells the consumer when peak and off peak times occur, enabling them to choose the best time for them economically to use household products. Although there is already a range of energy readers on the market, not all are as ‘smart’ as this one, nor come at such a good price for the latest technology.

The 2011 Consumer Electronics show, also the debut of several products soon ready to go into production, including the portable Nintendo 3D, part of the 3D revolution that has the world in the last year; and photographic sunglasses by the House of Gaga and Polaroid. The portable Nintendo 3D is bound to be a success as gaming has taken off in the last few years, whilst the futuristic Gaga glasses which can take and display photos may be a fashion novelty for 2011.

The 2011 CES was a great success as all the exhibitions produced innovative and dynamic consumer electronics all of which are apt for the current market and will revolutionize technology in coming years.

Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

You are a person who can see how much a thoughtful anniversary present would indicate to your wife. She is always with you in your good and bad time. She is your only family who knows your life very well.

For one-year anniversary gift for wife shopping may be a great option. Woman’s blood runs with shopping desire. She likes shopping and if you take her out for shopping on your anniversary, that can make her happy and this would be one of the best anniversary gifts for your loving wife.

Other you can manage according to your expenses and take her out for a tour. Choose a place which she likes and can enjoy her tour. You can book a short trip for a local place to give her surprise trip.

As we think this is the perfect idea for anniversary gift. Flowers have special magic power and can make a smile on face. Giving flowers to your wife you love is an awfully accountable choice and should put up with personal touch and careful approach. Bridal bouquets and bridesmaid flowers bouquet are always a point of attraction in weddings. The best thing adds some fall flowers in that bouquet. True fact about fall flower is that, they give you a variety in terms of shape, size, and colors of flowers. You can mix and match lots of flowers of different variety or can make a lovely bouquet rather than a single variety. For example, you can mix varieties of roses such as white roses, lime roses, yellow hybrid tea roses, orange hybrid tea roses, basier roses or dark burgundy rose. Besides roses you can also go through fall, orchids they are also in many variety of colors like purple, pink. Purple fall flowers are more suited among other fall flowers.