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Wholesale Oil Paintings - Wholesale Oil Paintings from China reproduction old masterpiece .
Hinnant, Vandorn - A collection of Sacred Geometry and Ambient paintings.
Kaitz, Gustave - Always ahead of his time, capturing the soul through his art, Kaitz's work is one of awe and imagination, of philosophy and self-realization (1913-1992) Art Deco.
Moreno, Emilio - Despite being deaf and dumb he joined the art school in his town. His dream is to present his artistic creations to the world.
Morishige, Yi-Ping Luo - Limited edition prints of orignal paintings.
Morrish, Yvonne - A gallery of watercolor and pen and ink art.
Moskow, David - Painting, drawing and printmaking.
Moskowitz, Stewart - Whimsical paintings, posters, prints, and merchandise.
Muchnick, Arseny - A young British artist who has just had his first personal exhibition.
Muldowney, Nancy E. - Interpreting the natural environment in various media, on paper, canvas, and fabric.
Munro, Rod - Portfolio of his painting of the female nude and classic landscapes, marines and 'genre' work.
Murciano, Patrice - A personal research through erotic art.
Murphy, Heather - Watercolour,oil and acrylic paintings for sale by British artist. Animals and equestrian paintings, portraits and landscapes. Commisions available.
Myers, Terry Kessel - Paintings by New England artist.
Narelle, Grant - Oil painting's of Virginia nature by Grant Narelle.
Nevatie, Eric - Northwest coastal art, cards and limited edition prints.
Nickerson, Naomi - Equine, canine and other fine art created in the classical style.
Niedland, Chris - Large, colorful, abstract, improvisational paintings.
Nieves, Ellen - Oil paintings as in Hudson River School. Classical Landscapes and Figures. Luminous, dramatic skies. Western landscapes. Surrealism.
Niron Dolev, Bosmat - Features gallery of the artist's paintings and sculptures ranging from abstract to figurative, including landscapes, portraits and female energies.
Nordone, Kathy - Portraits of homes, loved ones, and pets. Realism in watercolor, ink and graphite - original art, details of Old Master's works and illumination. Commissions accepted in all areas.
Norton, Helen - Offers original paintings, art prints, greeting cards, post cards and wrapping paper. Gallery locations in Fremantle and Broome, Australia.
Nunn, Tessa - Tessa Nunn original oil paintings and prints.
Nye, Judy - Marine Art gallery of scuba diver, featuring unique sealife paintings and offering limited edition Giclee prints.
O'Bryan, Pat - Acid Southwestern art is about cactus swaying in the breeze, adobe churches swirling through the desert, nuns on peyote, and seeing the world in a different way.
O'Kelley, Nicole - Originals and Giclee reproductions. Includes eCards.
O'Shea, Roisin - A collection of original watercolour paintings from around Ireland created by Irish artist Roisin O'Shea.
Oana Lauric - Art Portfolio - Original, contemporary expressionist artwork.
Ockenga, Aldryth - Oil Paintings From New England - Aldryth's brushwork, palette, and compositions distill every nuance of local weather, sensibility, and history into a resonant pictorial essence.
Oostvogels, May - Non representational works.
Orazi, Horace - Parisian Painter.
Otomo, Ryu - Paintings, including japanese landscapes; mostly acrylic on canvas.
Paris, Robert Frost - North Dakota landscape painter on the Lewis and Clark trail, Missouri River and the upper Great Plains.
Parke, Leslie - Paintings by contemporary visual artist that merge traditional subjects with overall compositions based on contemporary abstract principles.
Patchell-Olson, Denise - Fine art prints and New England watercolor landscapes.
Patrick Jackson - Specialising in Commission Work, landscape, Portraiture and Still life
Payza, Nail - The artwork and biography of this renowned Turkish artist are shown here. Examples of art include woodcuts and other prints, as well as paintings in oil and acrylic.
Pearson, James - Professional Kentucky contemporary artist featuring colorful acrylic, watercolor and Japanese inks.
Pentecost, Gwen - Landscapes of the west, includes figurative and still life work, too. Member of Women Artists of the West.
Perez, Alex - Huge presentation of this israeli artist; landscapes in the impressionistic way, figures and other themes.
Perry, Nick - North West, UK watercolour painter, pencil drawing and acrylic Military paintings.Commissions undertaken.
Persson, Ruby - Gallery of portrait and figurative pop-art paintings of the New York City artist.
Peters, Pam - Watercolor, oil, and pastel paintings by Montana fine artist Pam Peters.
Petra, Lemmerz - Recent work of the German artist. The painting itself is the river from which something can flow or the substance from which something can emerge.
Pinto, Vito M. - Paintings in acrylics and oils by New York artist.
Polakoff, Serge - Harmony and spirituality through digital fine art.
Prattas, James - Abstract art.
Price, Dawn - Original surrealist oil paintings.
Puyandaev, Vadim - The artist's personal gallery, containing biographical information. Contemporary and post-modern art, canvas, sculptures and monumental works.
Querry, Diane - Paintings of African images and other wildlife. Also wildly colored cats.
Rae, Nan - Internationally exhibited Chinese brush painter.
Ramsey, Jeremy - A comprehensive showcase of works painted by this Singapore based artist.
Reich, Andrea Dasha - Abstract paintings, bowls, tables, and other art objects.
Reynolds, Karen - Contemporary paintings in acrylics and watercolors.
Richardson, Jean - Contemporary paintings.
Richter, Ekaterina - Original acrylic, oil, and watercolor paintings by this Russian artist.
Rickman, Shane - Paintings and prints from this artist who paints to inspire, to wake the spirit from its slumber and to remind himself of the splendor and beauty of life.
Riley, Elenor - Oil and watercolour paintings by an accomplished realist artist from Western Canada, where the beauty of the landscape has inspired her work.
Riley, Jacqueline - An abstract contemprary artist from Houston that uses mixed media pieces to create her collection.
Rizzo, Barbara A. - Abstract spiritual watercolor paintings.
Robertson, Mike - Scottish artist, painting in oils and acrylics. Works include land/townscapes, transport, nostalgia, limited edition prints, and commissions.
Ronaldson,Wendy - Lincolnshire based artist specialising in acrylics on canvas,watercolours, and modern art.
Rose, Brenda - Creative paintings on silk and reproduction prints.
Rubinkam, Steve - Impressionistic paintings and limited edition giclee reproduction prints in a range of subject matter.
Rykken, Rolf - Expressionistic figurative oil paintings or gouache on wood panel or canvas.
Safran, Barbara - Vibrant landscapes in acrylic on canvas. Prince Edward Island and the Maritimes of Canada, shorebirds and horses featured. Easy ordering and shipping.
Salam, Sadia - Works of an emerging artist.
Sandford Birdsey - An internationally known artist who lives and works in Key West, Florida. Her paintings are in several noted private collections including that of the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the Phillip Morris Collection.
Sanlon, Helen - Paintings of people, places, pets and buildings.
Santell, Carol M - Acrylics and watercolors. My work is impressionistic in nature and I have lived in France while painting these scenes.
Santiago, Glenda - Contemporary fine art paintings, including figures, still-lifes, landscapes, and interiors.
Sauls, Jerry - Limited edition sports prints & seascape paintings.
Savad, Susan - Suburban landscapes painted in alkyds.
Sawyer, Kat - Paintings of the California landscape in the classic plein air style.
Scarpace, Jason - Offering investment quality original works of fine fish art.
Schahrer, JC - Watercolors with varied themes and styles.
Schleppenbach, Jane - Includes landscapes, wildlife, and outdoor scenes, mostly representational, some abstract.
Schuette, A.N. - Giclee Reproductions & paintings.
Schwabel, Kendra - Unique limited edition artwork with hand-painted mats.
Schwartz, Sharon L. - New Jersey artist offers beautiful portraits of you or your loved ones, and also house portraits done in oils, pastel or watercolor.
Scrutchings, Willie Lee - Showcase of the original oil and watercolor paintings.
Segal, Harvey - Pastel Paintings with lots of coler. Portraits , Still life, and Landscape.
Sethman, Elinor - Kaleidoscope paintings done in watercolor and mixed media.
Shatto, Melissa K - original artwork in a classical style, commissions taken, portraits and nudes, 'My passion lies in the colours of the flesh and the windows to the soul.'
Shelley Hocknell - A wide range of subjects, specialising in dynamic paintings of rock climbers.
Shevlino, David - Figurative and landscape paintings.
Shilpi, Sanjay - Recent abstract paintings. Media: Mixed and oil on canvas.
Siemens, Richard - oil and acrylic paintings are unique, original and highly detailed.
Sigberman, Rich - Wedding art, Ketubot, illustration, original art any way you want it, specializing in vibrant colors projecting energy and enthusiasm.
Silva, Guillermo - Fine arts.
Silverstein, Karen - My paintings express what I feel about the Earth from a woman's perspective
Simonelli, Michael - Original artworks of wood and metal sculpture, oil and acrylic. Mainly surrealism, cubism, modern and abstract art.
Simons, L. Woodward - Landscape, still life, and portrait paintings in oil and watercolor; art instruction and workshops.
Simpson, Sheila - Paintings & Greeting Cards done in Watercolor on Papyrus and Egg Tempera on Japanese Paper. Wild birds,abstract, still life, flowers & landscapes painted in vibrant color with texture and warmth.
Slonim, David - The art and illustration of everyday scenes.
Smart, Lisa - Offers original Australian paintings including still life and landscape. Includes exhibitions and contact information.
Sokol, John - Poems, stories, paintings, portraits, drawings, and bio.
Sonnie, Timlin - Large scale, figurative, contemporary, abstract, surrealist paintings based on stream of consciousness. Also sculptures using innovative materials such as concrete.
Spargo, Fred - Based in Phoenix Az. No job to big or small. Satisfaction always, from motorcycles to a helmet, from an RV, to a car.
Speed, David - Lower Manhattan artist of abstract oil painting& Chinese watercolors, incorporating Asian themes.
Spielman, Paul - Modern art prints and originals.
Spilman, Grace Kaiulani - Oils, Acrylic & Watercolor media, Hawaiian, Southwestern and International subjects, works available in Originals, Giclee Prints and Notcards.
Srimati LAL - Paintings, drawings, & original writings by artist born in India.
Starke, Phil - Original impressionistic work.
Steijn, Nico - Offers prints of works in a surrealistic style.
Steinfeld, Ellen - Painting, sculpture and other fine art in various media by artist whose work is included in many public art collections.
Sternheim, Gerhard - Mystic painting between realism and abstraction from Viennese Painter.
Sterzenbach, Heinz - surrealistic pictures in various mediums Site available in English or German.
Stokes Curtis - Offering a variety of custom airbrush services for parties, T-shirts, special event props, centerpieces, murals, portraits, and pools.
Stone, Adam - Contemporary gallery of 'Funky Figuratives' and 'Urbanite Hooligan's'. Originals and limited edition prints available. Commissions welcome.
Story, Michael - An exhibition of available original paintings, pastels and prints by Southern artist.
Strickland, Dave - Long-time Colorado resident captures America's landscape on canvas.
Stride, Jeff - Landscapes of France, gardens, interiors, portraits. Find calm, serenity, and peace during your visit to this website.
Strobel, Heike - A German artist, paints fine art with acrylic and charcoal.
Stubblefield, No?l - Watercolor painting, Iris Giclee Prints, and Mixed Media.
Stutler, Gary - A visual diary of a contemporary intimist's creative past and present.
Tate, Rita - Pastels, oils, pencil drawings, watercolors.
Thompson, George - A virtual gallery with original oil paintings and other mixed media created in a working studio located in Vail, Colorado.
Tiana Marie - Painter of light and dramatic landscapes in the Romantic tradition - especially England's Lakeland.
Tickle, William - Featuring fine art of various mediums, including oil paintings, photography, charcoal drawings, acrylics and pastels.
Tiede, Laura - Original oil, acrylic, and pastel drawings.
Tipson, Steve - Modern Abstract paintings by UK artist aimed to complement the work of leading Architects and interior designers.
Tomak - Offers original works, screenprints, and multi-media by this Austrian painter. In English, German, and Spanish.
Tracey, Daniel - Colorful landscapes and seascapes of California's Morgan Hill and Santa Clara County valley; images present and past.
Tremblay, Diane A. - Works in a style ranging from expressionist-symbolism to surrealism.
Trout, Margot - A landscape painter who works directly from nature and whose paintings reflect the quiet beauty of the Berkshires.
Troxell. Diana Wright - Paintings of gardens and cottages, and portraits.
Trubisky, Mark - Artist paints in a variety of styles ranging from Impressionistic to Abstract. Available as giclee reproductions.
Trzebinski, Gabriela - Kenyan born, London based, contemporary primitive painter specializing in satirical, social and political commentary.
Tudor, Paula - A romanian watercolorist.
Valerie, Hird - Paintings in oil and watercolor are based on travels through Europe and Asia.
Vares, Ain - Religious art.
Venosa, Robert - Fantastic Realism painter, Robert Venosa, and includes most of his artwork plus biographical and artistic information.
Villarreal, Joe - Hispanic cultural art.
Vivian, Paul - Paintings, images, information about contemporary artist working in the UK.
Voelker, Russell - Oil painting and watercolor representations of western landscapes.
Vollenhoven, Emile Snellen v - Drawings and diapresentation and body art.
Walker, Robert - Fine art gallerie filled bold and powerful abstract art and artwork. These watercolors will change your perception of watercolor and gouache, definitely abstract expressionism.
Ward, Tyrone - Featuring florals, landscapes, and other oil paintings originating in the Pacific Northwest characterized by vivid color use and bold brush strokes.
Warner, Ann - Colorfull realistic paintings which express moods.
Warren, Jacqueline L. - Contemporary original artwork. Available for purchase are paintings, drawings, and works on paper done in oils and mixed media. Specializing in corporate art commissions.
Watson, Lydia R. - Matted prints in various mediums, and tote bags with reproductions of prints.
Weber, Martha - Award-winning artist.
Weir, Bert - The spiritual expression of nature through large colourful abstract landscapes.
Weiss, Larry - Current works are large, fairly, realistic paintings, mostly inspired by themes of Long Island.
Weiss, Lene - Art prints, printographs personalized for you only. Posters, web design, image manipulation, logo and collages.
Wells, F. Michael - His work is eclectic, challenging, stimulating, colorful, mystical, sensuous, painterly and significant.
Werntz, Sarah - Contemporary, realistic, and folk art.
Westman, Ron - Images of oil paintings by contemporary Pacific Northwest artist.
Wetherington. Oscar - Carolina low-country landscapes and flowers by the late South Carolina artist and teacher. Please allow the Wetherington family to share our treasures with you.
White, Taylor - Animal paintings, wildlife and nature paintings, visual arts, oil paintings, oil and acrylic paintings, paintings on canvas, nature paintings, and original oils. An exhibition of nature and wildlife.
Whiteaker, Jim - My art is a realistic exploration of the human nude, with an erotic edge, in several mediums: drawing, painting, photography and 3D.
Whiting, III, Prince - Painting of people in golf and original setings.
Whitten, Michelle - Showcase of the original artwork and limited edition prints of this Newfoundland artist.
Wildanger, Theo - Fine art for sale by impressionist painter Theo Wildanger and other guest artists. Orignal paintings, reproductions, and greeting cards. Featuring a new guest artist each month.
Williams, Peter - Collection of arresting modern art paintings in acrylics and collage.
Williamson, Linda G. - Paintings of a variety of media and a variety of subjects with a variety of treatments.
Wilson, Conor - Showcasing a wide range of mixed media paintings, sketches and murals for commission.
Winik - A Canadian visual artist whose figurative paintings are psychological explorations of isolation, interpersonal relationships, gender analysis and female sexuality.
Winter, Ben - Work is created in a wide variety of media; charcoal, pastels, oils and watercolours.
Wiseman, Devra - Original paintings, photos and computer art.
Wood, Mary - Canadian artist offering a selection of abstraction, realism, and equestrian paintings, done in acrylic, watercolor, and pastel.
Wyman, Marlena - An Edmonton, Alberta artist who draws her inspiration from the links that she sees between human anatomy and botany.
Young, Richard - Offers original oil paintings and sketches of tasteful nude and figurative subjects. Includes artist biography and information on framing.
Zago, Tino - Abstract paintings with atmospheric color derived from observations of landscapes in Venice and Mushaboom.

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