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1/12th Dollshouses - Offers houses in kit form. Also furniture, lighting, garden accessories and building supplies.
A Child at Heart Miniatures - Miniatures, dollhouses, dolls, accessories, wallpaper and furniture. Online catalog and printable order form available.
A Dolls House Club - Offering dolls houses, plus step by step wiring and wallpapering instructions, book reviews, scheduled chats and message board.
A Miniature Marvel - Supplier of dollhouses, accessories, furniture, glassware and China in 12th scale and 24th scale.
A Rainbow's End - Offering gift wrap, bow makers, greeting cards and kits.
Acclaim Miniatures - Silver accessories in quarter inch, half inch and one inch scale, including Christmas stocking hangers, ice buckets, candle sticks, goblets, and vases.
Acquisto Silver Company - Pete Acquisto's sterling silver miniature reproductions, handcrafted in great detail to 1/12 of the original size.
AJ's Dolls House Warehouse - Doll houses, dolls, furniture, accessories, finishing materials and supplies.
Alice Minis - Food, plants and flowers, and hand painted furniture handcrafted by Alice.
Anatolian Imports - Imported miniature Turkish woven dollhouse rugs, carpets, runners and tapestries of various sizes and designs.
Ann Weiner Miniatures - Offering handcrafted furniture, dolls, bears and accessories made by various artisans.
Artistry in Wood - Offering of one-of-a-kind, hand turned, wooden dollhouse miniatures in 1 inch scale.
Associated Craft Products - United Kingdom based 1/12 and 1/24 scale dollhouses and faux stained glass windows.
Auntie Em's Dollhouse Accessory Store - Handcrafted miniature accessories, including a hampster in a cage, sink with running water, cigars, hats and shoes, food and magazines.
B B Miniatures - Handcrafted miniature books and plates in 1/12th scale.
B J Miniatures - Quarter inch scale furniture and accessories. Plus tips for electification and scale conversions, and show schedule.
Barbie Size Wood Dollhouse Kits - Barbie sized doll houses and dollhouse supplies. Wooden doll house kits and miniature dollhouse supplies including doll house furniture for 1/6 scale fashion dolls.
Barnyard Shoppe of Amos D. Bugg - Miniature farmhouses, cabins, churches, and barns. Also rustic carved Santas.
Bee and Dee's Miniatures - Offering dollhouse kits, dolls, furniture and accessories.
Belara Beach Originals - Offers handcrafted foods, quilts, baskets, plants and accessories.
Bella Miniatures - One inch scale dollhouse kits, building components, furniture, and accessories.
Bits 'n' Pieces - Containers of glass, pewter and basketry, plus animals, doll's dolls and birdhouses.
Blohm Design Miniatures - Handcrafted accessories, dollhouses, roomboxes, and displays.
Borcraft Miniatures - Manufacturers of 1/12th and 1/24th scale architectural mouldings, stripwood, doors, windows, fireplaces, furniture and room box kits for dollhouses.
Box Clever Miniatures - Printers of fully readable 1/12 scale miniature books for the dolls house and miniatures collector, plus boxes, sheet music and art prints.
Braxton Payne Miniatures - Framed art, fireplaces, fireplace accessories and pottery.
Brodnax Prints, LLC - Offering acid-free, archival wallpapers and matching silk fabrics in three scales and Victorian, Art Deco, Arts & Crafts, Edwardian, Gothic, Neo Classic, Jungle, and French patterns, plus parquet flooring and quilts.
Brooke Tucker - Miniature room settings, dollhouse accessories and standing screens. Workshop and show schedule.
Buffalo Creek Miniatures - Specializing in small scale humidors, cigar boxes, telescopes, ashtrays, domes, ziploc bags and acrylic boxes.
Carey Cabin Pewter in New Hampshire - Authentic reproduction 1/12 scale pewter dishes and accessories.
Carol Craft Miniatures - Hand-crafted food, plants, paintings, accessories and dolls.
Carter & Naylor: Designers and Makers of Miniature Ephemera - Offers handmade 1/12th scale paper goods: books, stationery, Christmas crackers, and greeting cards.
Cashmere's Collectables - Furniture, porcelain, toys and accessories hand crafted by Jack Cashmere.
Cha Cha Graphics - One-of-a-kind hand crafted roombox settings in 1/12 scale and smaller, available furnished and unfurnished.
Charlotte Davies' Fine Toys & Miniatures - Offering 1/12 and 1/24 scale handcrafted toys, dolls' dolls, gollies, plush animals, pets and food.
Chevalier Miniatures - Hand carved miniature rocking horses and hand sewn miniature Teddies by Suzanne Knight.
Chris Sturgess-Lief Miniatures - Unique hand made and painted 1/12 scale miniatures by artist Chris Sturgess-Lief.
Ci?a Braga Miniaturas - Handcrafted accessories, glass, furniture, porcelain, rugs, display cases, and roomboxes.
Cica Braga Miniatures - Offers dolls, furniture, accessories, dishware, food, dry goods, lighting, glassware, plants, and vehicles.
Cica Braga Miniatures - Dolls, furniture, accessories, dinnerware, food, glassware, lighting, and rugs.
Collade Collectables - From wisteria vines, house and pub signs, to mahogany rocking horses, room screens and paintings (including your pet painted in miniature) by British makers.
Connie's Crafts, Gifts & Miniatures - Accessories, dolls, animals and artisan made pieces. Order by email.
Cotton Ridge Designs - Miniatures by many top artisans, publications, tools and supplies. Also free project instructions.
Country Contrast - Foods, 'distressed' enamelware and related kitchen items in 1/12 scale.
Country Store Miniatures - Vancouver, Washington store offering houses, books, accessories, building supplies, electrical, food, furniture, people and room boxes.
Cowan Miniatures - Offering handcrafted dollhouses and furniture.
Craft Club - Offering dolls houses and miniatures.
Crafts In Miniature - Offering handcrafted dolls, clothing, hats, upholstered furniture, dressed beds, accessories and foods.
Cristina Noriega Miniatures - IGMA Artisan offering medical scenes, equipment and furniture.
Custom Doll House - Specializing in assembly and customization. Offering dollhouse kits, lighting, accessories, furniture and supplies.
D.D.'s Gifts - Corona, Greenleaf and Dura craft dollhouse kits, furniture and accessories.
Daffodil Miniatures - Full service dollhouse miniatures store in Salt Lake City offering handcrafted dollhouse miniatures, dollhouse kits, furniture, accessories, building and finishing supplies in 1/12 and 1/24 scale.
Daisy's Dollhouse Miniatures - Handcrafted artisan made dollhouse miniature dolls, furniture, silver, glassware and accessories.
Dane Valley Dolls Houses - Handcrafted dolls houses y decorated internally and externally. Also a range of gifts inspired by the romance of dollshouses.
DD's Dollhouse - Unique and specialty dolls, miniatures, dollhouses, handmade blown crystal and other fine collectibles. Prices in Canadian dollars.
De Vine Miniatures - Offers handmade furniture, accessories and landscaping including upholstered furniture, baskets, garden chairs and benches, and dressed beds.
Dee's Darlings - Offering handcrafted wicker bassinets, vanity tables, 'dressed' metal furniture, plus porcelain baby dolls and crochet clothing.
DeJoux - Dollhouse Heaven - Shop in North Syracuse, NY offers dollhouse kits, furniture, accessories and finishing supplies.
Designer Canes by Tamara Marble - Offering polymer clay canes that are shaped, such as dolphins, bears, flowers, baby bottles, and birds for use in miniatures and other crafts.
Desir?e Lafuente Miniatures - Handcrafted furniture in 1/12 scale. Specializing in replicas of original sofas and armchairs, with leather and fabric upholstery. Warning: music plays when site loads.
Diane's Dollhouse Collectibles - Specializing in vintage metal dollhouses and plastic and wood furniture.
Diane's Dollhouse Collectibles - Vintage miniatures, including Renwal, Petite Princess, Ideal, Reliable, Plasco, Marx, metal dollhouses, Thomas Toy, Acme, Commonwealth, Kilgore, Tootsietoy, Strombecker, Sonia Messer, and Tomy.
Dijon Miniatures - Dolls house furniture and accessories in 1/12 and 1/24 scale.
Doll Houses Imaginarium - Shop in Nevada offering custom built houses, kits, handcrafted accessories, and Naber dolls.
Dollectable Collectables - Shop located in Frederick Maryland, with selection of Madame Alexander, Himstedt, and Lee Middleton dolls, bears, dollhouses, and dollhouse supplies.
Dollhouse and Craft - Offering dolls in 1/12 scale ready to wig and dress plus patterns, silk ribbon, lace, viscose wigging and accessories to finish them.
Dollhouse Collectables - Offering dollhouse kits, furniture, accessories, and supplies.
Dollhouse Cottage - Shop in Seattle area offering dollhouses, vignette kits, artisan pieces and classes.
Dollhouse Decor - An Australian site selling handcrafted dollhouse accessories.
Dollhouse Domain - The online shop for the Little Cottage Gift Shop located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Dollhouse dolls, dollhouses, miniature furniture, handcrafted gifts, collectible bears, decorative home accessories, and handmade cloth dolls.
Dollhouse Dreams & Miniature Wishes - Offering dollhouses, kits, furniture, accessories, dolls and finishing supplies. Also collectable toys & antiques.
Dollhouse Lady - Dollhouse kits, finished and ready-to-furnish dollhouses, furniture, wallpaper, Cir-Kit electrical supplies, carpet, building and landscape materials, 1' scale dolls, accessories.
Dollhouse Miniatures Lara Copper - Features handmade 1/12 scale dollhouse copper cookware miniatures pots, pans, and accessories by Lara Copper.
Dollhouse Portal - Offering metal miniatures and decals, plus various manufactured accessories.
Dollhouse Supplies - Dollhouses, furniture, building supplies, and accessories, in 1/12, 1/24 and smaller scales.
DollhouseMall - Dollhouse kits from Corona Concepts, Dura-Craft, and Real Good Toys. Building supplies, furniture, miniatures, and lighting.
Dollhouses and Miniatures at Myrtle Beach - Dollhouses, dollhouse supplies, miniature buildings and furniture.
Dollhouses of the North Shore - Shop in Illinois offering dollhouses, furniture and accessories. - Offering dollhouses, supplies and accessories, including some vintage items.
Dolls House Days - Miniature reproductions of period publications, books and paper ephemera for dolls houses and miniatures.
Dolls House Emporium - Offers a selection of dollhouses, kits, and accessories.
Dolls House Ireland - Offering handcrafted Georgian furniture, plus dolls houses, accessories, needlepoint kits and finishing supplies.
Dolls House Parade - Offering unfinished dollhouses, conservatories, shops and roomboxes, plus furniture and accessories. Also has information about the history and the hobby, periods and styles, and steps to finishing your dollhouse.
Dolls house porcelain dolls teddy bears - Offering dollhouse kits and miniatures; plus dolls, bears, accessories and antique toys.
Dolls House Shop - Offering dolls houses, finishing supplies, lighting and electrical, and furniture in the United Kingdom.
Dolls House Supplies - A Talking Point - Dolls house kits, furniture, accessories and supplies.
Dolls House Wallpaper - Offering wallpaper, murals, and tiling, plus some free printies.
Dollshouses 4 You - Offering dollhouses, furniture, accessories, building and finishing supplies in 1/12 scale.
Dragonfly International - Handcrafted furniture, dolls, accessories and cats.
E V Miniatures - Offers food including peek-a-boo Easter eggs with chicks inside; and antiqued books, spell books, scrolls, maps and manuscripts.
Earth & Tree Miniatures And Dollhouses - New England area retail store offering dollhouses, kits, room boxes, furniture, books, tools, lighting and accessories. Ships worldwide.
Emmaflam & Miniman - Handmade food, accessories and hand painted furniture from France.
Enchanted Miniature Shoppe - Dollhouses, miniatures and accessories. Printable order form available or order via email.
Eton Dolls House - Offering finished and unfinished traditional English dolls houses, furniture, dolls and accessories.
EV Miniatures - Offering handcrafted antique looking books, maps, scrolls and documents, plus witchcraft and wizard accessories.
Expect Little Miracles - Offers a large selection of dollhouses, kits, and wallpaper in a variety of scales.
Family Room Miniatures - Sells furniture, lumber, lighting, and accessories for dollhouse crafting. Retail store located in New York.
Fantasy Land of Miniatures - European dollhouse miniatures, from England, Germany, Holland, and Switzerland.
Fantasy Land of Miniatures - A Handley House certified dollhouse miniatures on-line retailer with over 9000 items listed, offering a wide range of dollhouse miniatures.
Fay-Vourite Crafts & Miniatures - Handcrafted quality Judaica miniatures from food to ritual accessories, life-cycle, and holidays.
Fingertip Fantasies Dollhouse Miniatures - Dollhouses, furniture, dollhouse kits, dolls, accessories, lights, tools, electric supplies, and building components.
Forget Me Not Miniatures - Handcrafters of 1:12th and 1:24th scale furniture and accessories.
Franal Miniature Bridal Designs - Offers handcrafted furniture, dolls and accessories for with a bridal theme.
Frenchies Miniatures made in France - A variety of handcrafted miniature accessories which can be ordered via email, phone or mail. Offers personalized items.
Gail's Little Stuff - Judaica food and accessories, canned goods, and accessories.
Garland Homes Collections - Featuring Timothy Richards architectural models and bookends, including Limited Editions from England.
Gene Gill Miniatures - One-of-a-kind miniature models of historical landmark buildings and monuments from around the world, with an average height of four inches.
Gillian Richards Dolls, Dollshouses and Miniatures Shop - Shop in Bristol offering dollshouses, furniture, accessories, bears, antique and reproduction porcelain dolls, plus dollmaking classes.
GJ's Miniature Christmas Trees and Decorations - Decorated and kit Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands.
Goodies - Dollhouses, dollhouse equipment and miniatures. Also features gifts and curiosities from a shop in Coggeshall, Essex.
Grandad's Toys - Manufacturers and suppliers of miniature building materials for dollshouses and modelmakers worldwide.
Grandma's Minis - Offers a wide selection of little things. Includes dollhouses, kits, furniture, lighting, and accessories.
Grandpa Lee's Miniatures - Dollhouses, 'functioning' appliances, specialized tools, brass furniture and finishing supplies. Plus lots of detailed 'how-to' articles for dollhouse kit selection, assembling, finishing and furnishing.
Grandpa's Doll House - Canadian based handcrafted wicker furniture, plus dollhouse kits and Beanie Babies.
Great Miniatures - Offering unusual miniatures such as silver cutlery boxes, Tarot cards and toilet paper.
Green Gables Dollhouse & Miniature Shop - Lexington, Kentucky miniature shop offering completed dollhouses, kits, room boxes, furniture, tools and accessories.
Greta's Place - Renwal and other vintage doll house furniture, doll houses, miniature accessories and figures.
Half Scale Miniatures - A selection of half inch scale dollhouses and miniatures. Plus information and resource links for half scale enthusiasts.
Hanky Panky Crafts - Offering punches for flower-making, tools for miniature cake decorating, accessories, dolls, silk ribbon and trims, plus crochet books, patterns and supplies.
Hanson Minis - Features display cases, room boxes, and accessories for display of collectables in 1' scale and smaller.
Happiness Is - Handcrafted miniature historical and contemporary dolls, furniture and accessories.
Haslam's Dollhouses - Offering dolls, collectibles, figurines, accessories, furniture and lighting; includes information about classes taught by visiting artisans in their Sarasota, Florida location.
HattonWoods - Features a collection of dolls houses, furniture, dolls and accessories.
HB Brass - Miniatures of brass or polished nickel silver. Pocket watches, razors and other accessory items. Email ordering.
Heavenly Creations - Fully accessorized shadow boxes, roomboxes, shelves and display cases.
Heavenly Wonderland Crafts & Miniatures - Dollhouse kits, accessories, and furniture, plus some handcrafted items.
Hilltop Hinge & Clip, Inc. - Custom made hinges manufactured in brass, nickel silver, steel, and sterling silver.
House of Miniatures - Dollhouse and miniature accessories from a variety of artisans.
IBEC Wood Products - Canadian dollhouse manufacturer and supplier of wood products for miniaturists.
In Some Small Way - Specializing in smaller scales including Quarter Scale, Half Scale and 1/144th Scale House Kits, Furniture and Furniture Kits.
It's The Little Things... - Wooden pull toys and hobby horses in 1/12 scale. Warning: loud music upon loading site.
Itty Bitty Bits - Offering quarter-inch scale dollhouse kits and one inch scale rug kits.
J & S Rogers Silversmithing in Miniature - Offering handcrafted silver using traditional tools and methods to recreate scale miniatures of antiques.
J and A Supplies - Suppliers of dolls house fixtures, fittings, and accessories.
Jackson's Miniatures - British mail-order company selling doors, windows, house plans, wiring kits and more for dollhouses.
Janet Goodrick Handmade Miniatures - Handcrafted 1/12th scale jewelery displays and cases, Christmas trees and decorations, sweets and food, floral arrangements, ladies accessories, household accessories, toys, and some unusual items: leeches and frogspawn.
Jasmine Junction - Dolls house and model railway items, including hand made quilts, curtains and Tudor houses in 12th scale.
JB's Doll Houses and Miniatures - Offers selected handcrafted accessories and vintage dollhouses.
Jean Day Miniatures - Books and albums, some limited editions. Some available in four miniature scales.
Jeepers Miniatures - Shop located in Indiana offering online catalog with selected 1/12 and 1/24 scale items.
Jennifers of Walsall - Offering dolls houses, accessories, furniture, and finishing supplies.
Jim Coates Miniatures - Handcrafted dollhouse miniatures including fireplaces, overmantles, crown molding, mirrors, framed pictures, columns, and doors.
John Gullaksen Miniatures - Miniature working pool tables, ping pong tables, weight sets, and bench.
John J. Hodgson - Offers miniature furniture including replica and gilt styles, portraits, and silhouettes by a craftsman in the United Kingdom.
Jojays - Offers dolls houses, accessories, hardware, furniture, flooring, roofing, and windows. Catalog available.
Joyce Bernard Miniatures - Handcrafted dollhouses, furniture, accessories, doll clothing and 'theme' trunks.
JSD Miniatures - Offering dolls houses, accessories, lighting, supplies, and handmade furniture.
JSM Miniatures - Offering 1/12 scale gutters, drainpipes, spouts, rainwater heads and all associated fittings, including water butts, for dollhouses.
Julie Anns Dolls Houses - Offers a selection of dolls house kits from UK and foreign manufacturers. Ships worldwide.
Junes Dolls House Miniatures - Dolls house kits, room sets, furniture, accessories, dolls, DIY items including wallpaper and lighting.
Junk-N-Disorderly - Offering accessories, lighting and dollhouse kits.
K T Miniatures - Handmade 1/12th scale 1930s-1940s dolls house miniatures. 1/16th scale vintage dolls houses and furniture, also antique items.
K T Miniatures - Offering 1930-40's distressed and aged miniature accessories, replica stained glass doors, plus one-of-a-king pieces and vignettes.
Karen Aird Miniatures - Offering china, food, nursery, jewelry, linens, seasonal, and toys.
Karen Cary's Miniature Wicker & Accessories - Offering dollhouse miniature wicker furniture and accessories in one inch and quarter inch scales, both finished and as kits, plus metal miniatures.
Karen Fitzhenry - Antique replica rocking horses and toys.
Karen's Miniatures - Offering 1/12th scale cakes, food, flowers and figurines.
Kent's Mini Treasures - Aged and distressed vintage style kitchen, laundry and bedroom furniture, accessories and character dolls by various artisans.
Kitz - A large selection of kits, accessories, and supplies.
Knot Hole Enterprises - Offering battery-operated Christmas and other occasion lights, which can be ordered by mail.
Kondo Kreations - Handcrafted furniture, food, accessories and dollhouses.
Lady Jane - Tiffany stained and foil glass greenhouses, conservatories and display cases.
LadyBug - The handcrafted fairies, scenes and fairy furniture of Sue Thwaite in 1/12 scale and smaller.
Larriannes Small Wonders - Offers a wide selection of miniatures.
Laura Anne Dolls Houses - Company based in the United Kingdom offers furniture and accessories in Victorian, Georgian and Tudor styles.
Laura DuBois Miniatures & Collectibles - Offering dollhouse furniture and doll accessory items for miniature dolls, Bespaq and other major brands, railroad accessories, and dollhouse collectibles.
Le Petit Chateau Miniatures - Handcrafted dolls, furniture and accessories. Online or mail ordering available.
Legacy Dolls' Houses - Offers historically accurate dollhouses, furniture, accessories and dolls.
Leprechauns Garden - Offering handcrafted plants and flower arrangements out of specially selected papers and ribbons, plus unique items by other artisans.
Les Chats Miniatures - A selection of horse drawn carriages in 1/12th scale, including a gypsy wagon. Also stone built doll houses.
Lightwinds - 1/12th scale hand crafted weather vanes, hanging signs, pictures, mirrors and woodturnings.
Lilliput Miniatures - Handcrafted doll houses, inns, furniture & accessories in 1/12 and 1/24 scale and Tudor, Medieval and Elizabethan periods.
Linc's Mini World - Shaped canes for slicing duplicate shaped slices for miniature hobby projects. Has Comet Cursor.
Linda Kravitz Miniatures - Offers Victorian hats adorned with feathers and silk ribbon roses, hat boxes, bridal gowns, clothing and kits. Can purchase via mail order.
Lisa's Little Things - Dollhouse miniature hand-painted faux china dishes and teapots by artisan Lisa Engler. Secure online ordering.
Little Green Workshop - Makers and suppliers of traditional wooden collectors dolls houses and accessories in 1/12 scale.
Little Obsessions - Handcrafted and artisan made items for collectors.
Little Something Extra - 1/12 scale dolls houses, miniatures and accessories.
Little Things in Kinsley - Offering the usual miniatures and dollhouse kits, plus Bespaq and antique miniatures.
Loi's Mini Treasures - Offering bamboo woven baskets, floral arrangements, bonzai, and Chinese dresses handcrafted in China. Plus personal gallery pages of Chinese roomboxes.
Lollypop Miniatures - Hand-crafted room boxes, display boxes and dollhouse accessories including original books and photo albums.
Looby Lou's Miniatures - Dollshouses, accessories, furniture, dolls, and flowers.
Lord Jim's Dollhouse and Miniatures - Shop in New York offers dollhouse kits, components and furniture. Also offers a newsletter and free dollhouse finishing tips.
Lovely Things - Childhood Memories - Offering antique and vintage dollhouse miniatures, plus custom theme roomboxes.
Loves Dollhouse Miniatures - Dollhouse dolls, furniture and accessories.
Lundy's Dollhouses - Offers dDollhouses and miniatures.
Lynn's Collectibles - Shop in Edmondton, Alberta, Canada with extensive online offerings of miniatures, dolls and collectible figurines. Plus a photo gallery of dollhouses and miniature scenes from various private collections.
M C Mini - 12th scale dolls houses, furniture and accessories.
M J Miniatures - Handcrafted kits, accessories, and filled and dressed furniture.
M.B.F. Miniatures - Handmade miniature items including clothes, kits, furniture, geese, and teddy bears.
Maddie's Minis - Offering handcrafted accessories, and featuring a dollhouse collection.
Magic Miniatures - Handcrafted miniature icons, paintings, ships and tapestries.
Mainly Mini's Dollhouse Miniatures - Miniatures and dollhouses.
Manor House Miniatures - Offers furniture, accessories and dolls.
Marsha's Unique Minis - One of a kind furniture, plus custom ordering information.
Martin House Store & Museum - Shop in Ontario, Canada with dollhouses, miniatures, dolls, bears and collectibles.
Mary Hoot Miniatures - Offering hand painted, soft sculpture velvet collectible animals.
Matlock Miniatures - Offering dollshouses, furnishings, accessories, lighting, and D.I.Y. supplies.
Matlock Miniatures - Specializing in furnishings and accessories for handcrafted Tudor style houses, shops, pubs and bars.
McMurray's Miniatures - Offering furniture and accessories. Site has Comet Cursor on some pages.
Me O My Minis - Specializing in Wedding cakes, wedding accessories and flowers, in one inch scale by Kathy Dulin-Doedderlein.
Meadowcroft Miniatures - Manufacturers of brass, nickel, silver and glass accessories, furniture and fixtures, plus knitting patterns.
Memories in Miniature - Custom-crafted miniature scenes of actual photographs, announcements, invitations and memories under glass domes.
MexicoEtc Miniatures - Offers handmade Mexican miniatures, including food, pottery, utensils, baskets and toys.
Microcosm Miniatures - Dollhouses and dollhouse supplies, furniture and accessories. Also offers Minicraft tools, alumilite and model railway timber.
Mini Creations - Offering doll house kits, and some accessories.
Mini's by Mel - Foods, printed accessories, pots and pans, and educational videos.
Mini-Me-Miniatures - Dolls houses and miniatures in 12th scale.
Mini-Projects - Offers chat, step by step tutorials, gallery, kits, dolls, hats, accessories, and furniture.
Miniature Collection - Hand crafted food, hats, shoes, accessorized worker's bicycles, and jewelry in 1/12 scale.
Miniature Crown Jewels Collection - Collectable miniature Crown Jewels of Britain and Europe, cast in pewter, hand-set with Austrian crystals, plus Royal themed jewellery.
Miniature Delights - 1/12 scale dollhouse kits and shells, plus some furniture and accessories.
Miniature Elegance - Offering hats, shoes, gowns, dolls, doll kits, patterns, flowers and flower kits in 12th scale.
Miniature Gallery - Dollhouse miniatures from around the world, including art, furniture, accessories, collectables, dollhouses and dolls; plus artisan-made pieces.
Miniature Luxuries & Papers - Handpainted painted decals, wallpapers, fabrics and rugs for dollhouses and scale miniatures.
Miniature Mall - 1/12th scale rattan furniture and accessories styled after the vintage rattan of the 1920's through 1960's, plus rug and accessory kits of tropical and other styles.
Miniature Treasures - Miniature Porcelain Dolls,1/12 and 1/24 scale,dressed and kits,Dollhouse Accessories, Hats,Parasols,Toys, Miniature Teddy Bears, Bear Accessories
Miniatures & More - Handcrafted furniture and accessories, plus dollhouse building and finishing services in New Jersey.
Miniatures of Atelier d'Helene - Customized and personalized vignettes, shadowboxes and roomboxes for baby showers and other special occasions. 1/12th scale food and accessories.
Miniatures Street - Porcelain miniature figurines, animal figurines, and nativity sets. - Offering Bodo Hennig, Fete, Heidi Ott, Reutter, and Slovakia German Crystal products. - Miniature framed watercolor paintings, furniture and accessories, handcrafted in the United Kingdom.
Minicraft Power Tools - Offering 12 volt precision tools for small and light do it yourself work. Carries a large range of tools such as table saws, jigsaws, bench sanders, orbital sanders, drills, lathes, engravers and accessories.
MiniFishTanks - 1:12 scale aquariums and fish tanks with lighting.
Minimum World - Manufacturers and suppliers of 1/12 scale pocelain dolls and DIY materials for dollhouse collectors.
Minst - Shop in Stockholm, Sweden offering European accessories including clocks and games.
Miss Molly's Dollhouse Miniatures - Furniture, building supplies, lighting and electrical supplies and miniature accessories.
Miss Sally World - Dolls house furniture, accessories and ooak dolls and animals in 1/12, 1/24, 1/48, and 1/144 scale. Curio fairies and fantasy creatures.
Missi Miniatures - Hand crafted doll dresses, baby clothes, bathroom items, beds, linens and curtains for dollhouses.
Misti's 1/4" Scale Miniatures - Offering handcrafted 1/4' scale furniture and accessories.
Molly Brody Miniatures - Shop in South Norwalk, CT offering artisan classes, plus a full range of dollhouse kits, finished houses, furniture and accessories.
Mollys House Miniatures - Offering 1/12th scale and 1/24th scale miniature accessories, dolls and furniture.
Mountain Miniatures - 1/12 (1 inch) and 1/24 (half inch) scale dollhouse kits, furniture, dolls and accessories.
Ms Mini Gift Shop - Handcrafted dollhouse miniatures and accessories.
My Doll House - Shop in San Antonio, Texas offering dollhouse kits and finished dollhouses, dolls, furniture, accessories and finishing materials.
My Doll House - Shop located in San Antonio, Texas offers artisan made silver and bronze pieces, dolls, dollhouses and supplies.
My Little World - Offering variety of doll houses, supplies, furniture and accessories. Worldwide shipping.
My Miniature Manor - Shop in Garden City, New York offers dollhouses, furniture, accessories, and finishing supplies.
My Pleasure Miniatures - 1/12 scale wicker dollhouse furniture, party tables, food, finished dollhouses and roomboxes.
Nancy's Dollhouses & Miniatures - Houses, rugs and accessories. This retail store located in Florida also offers classes.
Newtonwood Miniatures - 1/12th scale hand crafted furniture, accessories, toys, food, and figurines.
Nola's Miniature Shop - Dollhouses and accessories.
Norm's Dollhouse - A full line dollhouse and miniature store in Littleton, Colorado.
Nostalgia by the Inch - Hand-hooked rugs, dolls, kits and accessories.
O'Meara Sterling - 1/12th scale miniature reproductions of English and American domestic silver, for doll house collectors.
Oak Tree Dolls House Miniatures - Offering a range of items, some handmade. Food, soft furnishings, glassware, furniture and accessories.
Old Post Miniatures - Assembled houses or kits, furnishings and finishing supplies.
Palace Lane Miniatures - Offering dolls houses, furniture and accessories.
Pamela Scott Miniatures - Quarter inch scale miniatures for sale, including ready to paint resin pieces. Also offers a newsletter, and free printies and projects.
Paper Minis - Offering paper crafts for 1/12 scale dollhouses, fashion dolls and 18 inch dolls, plus some free printables.
Pat's Miniatures - Offering 1:12th scale miniatures.
Patricia Paul Miniatures - IGMA Fellow Patricia Paul presents her miniature Haunted Housewares, Noah's Arks, paintings, accessories, toys, pottery and lamps.
Patti's Patches Dollhouse Minis - Offering accessories and ponds handcrafted by Pat Sprague.
Peeps By Post - Offering dolls houses and miniatures from a miniature shop in England.
Perfect Frames by Billen - Handmade dollhouse and miniature frames, mirrors, and framed pictures.
Perfect Touch - Modeling and sculpting tools for sculptors, crafters, doll artists, miniaturists, and modelers. Includes gallery of miniature projects.
Perri's Miniatures - Hand crafted leather footwear, purses, jewelry, flowers and accessories in 1/12th and 1/24th scale. Site has audio introduction by the artisan, and show schedule.
Pinocchio's Miniatures - Offering accessories, furniture, architectural cast details and trims, lighting, Take A Seat Chairs by Raine, Natasha Decoupage kits, and building supplies.
Pixie Enterprises Laser-cut Dollhouse Miniature Kits - Laser-cut kits and finished accessories, specializing in Christmas theme items.
Polleys Dollhouses - Offering dollhouse kits, building components, furniture and accessories.
Private Collection - Laser-cut miniature flooring in a variety of woods and faux finishes. Also artisan furniture kits, classes and workshops.
Pussy Willow Persians - Cats and kittens handcrafted from pussy willows.
R & L Wee Wonders - Miniatures for doll houses, crafts, and gifts.
Raggedy D's Dollhouse Miniatures - Offering handcrafted 1 inch scale fairy, mermaid, modern and period dolls, food, plants and holiday items; plus workshops and how-to projects.
Relative Designs - Offering handmade porcelain miniature dolls dressed in removable period costumes, hats and accessories, furniture and original structures.
Remember When Miniatures - Handcrafted miniatures in glass enclosed shadowboxes, portraying scenes of early Americana.
Renee Bowen Miniatures - Handcrafted Shaker and New England country furniture and accessories, hooked rug kits, toys, games and folk art.
Replicast Miniatures - Manufacturers and suppliers of ornate plaster work for dolls houses. Offering fireplaces, cornices, archways and columns in plain plaster or hand painted marble finishes.
Richard Stacey - Offering brick and stone products for finishing dollhouses and miniatures. Includes fair show schedule.
Rio Rondo Enterprises - Model horse tackmaking kits and supplies, including saddles, bridles, hardware, bits, and stirrups. Plus model horse hobby information, and limited edition sculptures.
Roomboxes by Ricat Enterprises - Offering handcrafted lighted roomboxes for display of miniature collectibles.
Roses Miniatures - Online ordering of miniature accessories.
Ross' Miniature Treasure House - Offering accessories and supplies.
Roundwood Studio - Wood and acrylic turnings and accessories including vases, bowls and bird houses. Site has Comet Cursor.
Rustic Replicas - Dollhouse kits of miniature log cabins. 1/2' and 1' scale kits with removable roofs, illustrated plans and finishing materials.
S P Miniatures - Silver, porcelain, pottery, glassware, and accessories from many countries. Mail order, including overseas and shows. Email ordering available. Major credit cards accepted.
Sandy Neese's Pieces - Handcrafted traditional country style furniture, gowns on mannequins, themed roomboxes in 1/12 and 1/24 scale, and accessories.
SandysSpecialties - Offers handcrafted draperies, faux stained glass, floor cloths, hats, parasols, food and other accessories by IGMA Artisan Sandy Strubhar.
Scale Designs - Half inch scale furniture, kits, lighting, structures and accessories.
Scaleby Miniatures - Offering a small assortment of handcrafted accessories.
SDK Miniatures - Contemporary furniture, kits, structures and plants in 1', 1/2', and 1/4' scales, handcrafted by Susan Karatjas.
Second Childhood - Memories in Miniature - Wicker furniture, teddy bears and other nostalgic nursery toys. Also offers furniture and teddy bear kits.
Sereynz Touch - Sisters Traci and Tami handcrafted country accessories, rugs, food, books, afghans and blankets.
shcweb Dolls House Miniatures - Offering modern, simply styled hand-crafted accessories.
Shepherd Miniatures - Offering dolls houses and accessories.
SherrysWorld - Offering 1/24th scale hand crafted furniture and accessories.
Showcase Room Boxes - Handcrafted oak 1/12' scale room boxes for miniature enthusiasts. Information in this site includes a full product description, tips and tricks, a gallery of customer submissions, contacts.
Small Packages - Various miniatures, wallpapers and kits for sale.
Small Scale Miniatures and the Village Wheelwright - Offers moving figures, dolls houses, room boxes, furniture, and vehicles.
Small Sorts - Suppliers of mail order dolls houses and kits in the United Kingdom.
Small World Creations - Dollhouse kits, finishing supplies, furniture, and accessories, plus other craft items and sports collectibles.
Small-Time - Miniature working clocks, marquetry wood flooring kits, non-working barometers and pocket watches made in the United Kingdom. Orders accepted by phone and mail only.
Smaller and Better Things - Accessories for the kitchen, dining room, hobby room, living room, and bedroom.
Smaller Than Life - Offering glue jigs and power tools, plus Pam and Pete Boorum's workshop information and examples of their woodworking.
Smaller Than Life - Offers tools for crafting miniature furniture, class and show schedule, plus photos of hand crafted wooden furniture and accessories.
Smilecraft Dolls Houses & Miniatures - Shop locarted in Huddersfield, England offering dollhouses, furniture, lighting, supplies and accessories.
Starr's Dollhouse Creations - A variety of dollhouses, furniture and accessories.
Stockton Miniatures - Hand-crafted furniture and accessories, including church and school items. Print and mail order form only.
Sue Cook Miniatures - Architectural details, fireplaces, mouldings and trims. Organized by item type or historic period, and offered in various finishes.
Sue's Miniatures - 1/12th scale hand crafted goldfish bowls, kitchen items, cookware, food, furniture, books and games.
Susan Lee Miniatures - Handcrafted leather footwear and accessories, painted wooden toys and bears; also a show schedule.
Suzanne Andrew's Miniatures - Half and quarter scale handcrafted miniatures and houses.
Tadpoles Miniatures - 1/12 scale hand-crafted knitted garments, open books, luggage, pottery, glassware, furniture and accessories.
Taller Targioni - Handcrafted 1/12 scale furniture, silver, and accessories, plus some 1/144 scale furnished rooms and cabinets.
Teresa Summers - Miniature Pets - Offering hand-sculpted furry dogs and cats in dollhouse scale.
The Bear and Dolls House Company - Teddy bears and dolls houses, including thatched roof cottages and lighthouses.
The China Doll - Handcrafted porcelain dollhouse dolls by Connie Sauve, IGMA Fellow.
The Doll House - Shop in Scotsdale, Arizona offering dollhouses, miniatures, dolls and toys.
The Doll House Elora - Dollhouse kits, furniture and accessories, plus big dolls, teddy bears and children's costumes.
The Doll's House Online - Offering hand-crafted miniatures and dolls houses.
The Dollhouse - Full line miniature shop offering dollhouses, furniture, wallpaper, lighting, landscaping, carpeting, paints, wood and trim accessories.
The Dolls House Mall - Brass and stainless steel accessories, including lighting fixtures, wrist watches, wall clocks, racks, kitchen utensils, signs, birdhouses and tools.
The Dolls House Showroom - Offering 1/12 scale furniture, accessories, dollhouses and supplies.
The Fairy Door and Window Company - Hand made miniature doors and windows designed for fairy cottages, doll houses, and as accessories to children's furniture.
The Icing on the Cake - The handcrafted wedding cakes, food, furniture and accessories with a contemporary accent of Sue Giordano, IGMA Artisan.
The Little Dollhouse Company - Offers kits, furniture and complete sets. Located in Toronto, Canada.
The Manor of the Lady - Porcelain dolls, tapestries, pottery. plants and antiques.
The Miniature Barn - Hand crafted outdoor items, including animals, bicycles, greenhouses and landscaping. Includes show schedule.
The Royal Miniature - Accessories for dollhouses, including ceramic and bone china dishes, flowers arrangements, glassware, silver and brass items, kitchen accessories, miniature tools and wallcoverings.
The Scale Card - Offering the Scale Card, a simple tool that helps model builders build, furnish and accessorise in consistent scale.
The Toy Box - Dollhouse and collectibles shop located in Paris.
The Village Wheelwright - Offering 1/12 scale tudor dolls houses, vehicles, furniture, animated figures and equipment.
The Vintage Dollhouse Shop - Dollhouse miniatures in 1/12 and 1/24 scale. Featuring Glenowen and Mary Eccher, Heidi Ott, Bespaq, Sonia Messer, Reminiscence, Fantastic Merchandise and George Spencer Collection. Dollhouse furniture, foods, and accessories.
The Wild Orchid - Accessories for the dollhouse miniaturist. Printable order form online.
The Wonham Collection - Offering dolls house furniture and accessories.
Tierneys Tiles & Laser Kits - Offers miniature laser furniture kits and tiles.
Tigerlily & Rose - The Designer Wallpapers for Little Houses - Offers original design wallpapers in decorator colors and a range of scales.
Tina's Dollhouses - A store in northeast Florida offers finished products and supplies for the do-it-yourselfer.
Tiny Daydreams - Offering polymer clay dolls, toys, and teddy bears.
Tiny Heirlooms - Offering dollhouses, furniture, dolls, accessories, and craft supplies.
Tiny Tinkers - Shop in the United Kingdom offering hand crafted furniture, rocking horses, dolls, supplies and dolls houses.
Tiny Town - Dolls houses, furniture, accessories and lighting in 1/12th scale.
Tonya's Tiny Treasures - Offers handcrafted accessories in 1' scale.
Topez Miniatures and Glass - Dollhouse kits, furniture and finishing supplies. Handcrafted items and classes offered too.
Toys Past and Present - Offering dollhouse furniture, dolls and accessories.
Traditional Elegance Tiles - Miniature floor and wall tiles including Victorian mosaic patterns, woodblock floors, mock marble Georgian floor packs, and quarry type designs.
Treasures by Paula K - Custom dollhouses, miniatures, lighting fixtures, building supplies, and dolls.
Treausre Chest Miniatures - Dollhouses, furniture and accessories in 1' and 1/2' scale.
TS House of Miniatures - Sells 1:12 scale dollhouses, kits, dollhouse furniture and accessories.
Tudor and Period Houses in Miniature - Offering hand built tudor doll houses by David and Anne McGarry, and smaller models can be shipped abroad.
UK Dolls House Miniatures - Hand crafted dollshouse goldfish bowls, kitchen items, cookware, food, furniture, books and games.
Unbeweevable! - Offering hand painted dinnerware, decorated shelves, gourmet food and floral items.
Unique Designs - Miniature dioramas in boxes or gift bags. Themes include Christmas and nurseries. Takes special orders.
Uniquely Victorian - Offers faux finished and gold leafed architectural trims and components.
Valentine's Woodworks - Australian crafter and shop offering dollhouses, miniatures, toys and construction components.
Valerie Claire Miniatures - Handmade 1/12 scale haberdashery, hats, chemist, grocers and christmas shop miniatures.
Victoria Miniland - Shop in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, specializing in handcrafted items.
Vintage Miniatures - Handmade, detailed and architecturally correct miniature reproductions of historically significant colonial buildings.
Volant Miniature Shop - Shop located in Pennsylvania offering dollhouses, seasonal miniatures, and Wee Forest Folk, plus a newsletter.
Warner's Miniatures - Offering old fashioned wooden toys, paper plant and flower kits, and garden accessories.
Wayneswood Studio - One-of-a-kind turned turned objects created by Robert Wayne DePriest, using wood, legal ivory, metals, acrylics, and gemstones.
Wee Darlings - Rustic and country style finished miniatures and counted cross stitch kits.
Wee Mini Makers - Located in Mesa, Arizona, they offer classes and 'You Make It - We Bake It' activites for children's parties. Also offers handcrafted foods and accessories.
Weekend Cottage Miniatures - Offering filled toy boxes, teddies and Noah's arks and push toy animals, plus garden ornaments and furniture and hedgehogs. Free printables and polymer clay tips also.
Wenwe World of Miniatures - Offering knitting and needlecraft baby items.
Willow Models - Handcrafted dolls houses, room boxes, furniture, wood turnings, pewter and accessories.
Willowcat: The World in Small - Offering Heidi Ott dolls and animals, Reutter porcelain, and handcrafted accessories.
Wood'n Bits - Handcrafted and turned wooden furniture, bowls, vases, candlesticks and boxes.
World of Little Things - 1/12th and 1/24th scale houses made to order.
World Wide Archistyles Club - Photos of architectural style models, representing miniature versions of the most remarkable aspects of the world's prettiest cities, in 1/48 scale. Also discussion forum.
WrennNest Minis - Offers handcrafted accessories and food, plus how-to instructions to make perfume bottles and picnic table, and photos of personal projects.
Wright Guide Miniatures - Hand crafted 1/12 scale items for outdoor scenes, farm scenes, General Stores, Wine making, garden shed, garages,and doctor's offices.
Your DollsHouse - Unfinished hand-crafted period dollhouses and shops. Offers custom building.

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