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Salvia divinorum
Directory Listings - United Kingdom importer of salvia divinorum from the Oaxaca region of Mexico. Site include salvia information and safety advice.
Angelfire - Sells mother plants, cuttings, fres hand dried salvia, and powder extracts. Includes a salvia trip rating scale.
Beyond Blonde's Salvia Divinorum Shop - Salvia Divinorum and Salvia D herbal smoking blends.
Burton Services - Offers free sample of Salvia Divinorum. Customer pays shipping and handling.
Deva Ethnobotanicals - United Kingdom supplier of salvia divinorum dried leaf, extract and live plants. On-line ordering.
Easy Geezer - Supplies Oaxacan grown Salvia Divinorum to the United Kingdom.
Elixier Entheobotanic - A shop and mail order from Berlin, Germany selling plants, seeds, and extracts. In English and German.
Herbal Highlife - Supplies salvia 5x extract, herbal energy supplements, herbal ecstacy, and liquid ecstacy.
JLFcatalog - Sells poisonous-non-consumable incense and potpourri ingredients such as Amanita muscaria mushrooms (Fly-agaric mushrooms), Trichocereus pachanoi (San Pedro) cactus, Psilocybin mushroom spores & kits and other ethnobotanicals.
Kava Kauai - Diviner's Sage Incense. The very highest quality leaves of Salvia Divinorum grown in Hawaii.
Lady Salvia Nursery - Salvia cuttings and mother plants. Also fresh and dried salvia and 10x extracts. Growing information and advice available.
Organic Kava Online - Sells salvia divinorum organically grown in Hawaii, plus organic kava, and other Shamanic herbs.
Pure Land Ethnobotanicals - Suppliers of the Salvia divinorum leaf from Oaxaca, Mexico. We also offer our standardized 5X and 10X Salvia extracts, made with pure salvinorin.
Redwood City Seed Company - Alternative seed company that carries the Salvia divinorum plant.
Salvia Dee - Specializes in supplying Mexican Salvia divinorum dried leaf throughout Europe and U.S.
Salvia Dee, UK - Sells dried leaf and 5X / 10X.
Salvia Divinorium & Extracts - Seller of imported salvia divinorium and extracts. Also has information.
Salvia Divinorum - Grows and distributes Savia Divinorum leaves and extract.
Salvia Divinorum Extract Dot Com - Suppliers of standardized Salvia divinorum extract made with pure salvinorin and organically grown leaves.
Salvia Explorations - Sells salvia leaf and extracts.
Salvia Man - Retailer of quality salvia divinorum leaf, salvia divinorum extracts and salvia divinorum cuttings.
Salvia Supply - Suppliers of salvia divinorum leaves and extract.
Salvia-Shop - Sells dried leaves and extracts 5x and 10x.
SalviaWorld - Specializes in salvia leaves and extracts. - Sell Salvia Divinorum extracts (up to 15x), dried leaf and other related products
Shaman Australis Botanicals - Sell leaves and extracts. Also includes information about diviners sage and salvia divinorum extracts.
Theatrum Botanicum - A catalog of herbs, ethnobotanicals, entheogens, and related books.

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