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American Cricket Ranch - A complete and comprehensive source for crickets, mealworms, superworms and waxworms.
B and W Cricket Farm - Growers of crickets, superworms, mealworms and giant mealworms.
Big Cheese Rodent Factory - Breeders offering frozen or live mice and rats.
Cajun Mice - Supplying vacuum-packed feeder mice, rats and hamsters.
CricketPals - Concentrate in 2 or 5 gallons to make your own cricket water (gel).
ED's Fly Meat Inc. - Smaller feeder insects and supplies for your herp, and media kits to raise your own insects.
Fluker Farms - Crickets, mealworms, fruit flies, vitamin supplements and other reptile products. - Offers flightless fruit flies and culturing supplies.
Ghann's Cricket Farm - Producer of fish bait, feeder insects, and related supplies.
Grubco - Mealworms, crickets and various other larvae and grubs.
HerpFood.Com - Offers live and dry foods for herps.
Horned Lizard Food - Offers harvester ants in bulk quantities for dietary variety.
Meal Worm Farm - Offers mealworms starting at $8.00 per thousand. Guaranteed live delivery.
Millbrook Cricket Farm - Offering live crickets, mealworms, superworms and waxworms.
Mulberry Farms - Distributor of the silkworm diet for reptiles.
New York Worms - Growers of mealworms and earthworms. Also offer crickets in bulk.
Rainbow Live Baits - Wholesale supplier of European night crawlers, red wiggler worms, crickets and other live foods. - Supplies crickets, mealworms, wax worms, fruit flies, zophobas worms, nightcrawlers, and red worms.
San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc. - Retailing frozen and freeze-dried krill and brine shrimp.
Sand Valley Farms - Providing mice, rats and other reptile food.
Southern Cricket Wholesale - Supplies feeder crickets, mealworms, waxworms, superworms, and nightcrawlers to the pet industry and fishing industry.
The Mouse Factory - Produces frozen feeder mice and rats.
Timberline Live Reptile Foods - Selling feeder insects including crickets, mealworms and fruitflies.
Topline Hissing Cockroaches - Suppliers of Madagascar hissing cockroaches, roach and cricket food, habitats and equipment. - Turtle and lizard food, including custom blends and Mojave grasses, accessories, and theme merchandise.
White Mouse Farm Ltd. - Raising small mammals as live food for raptors and reptiles. East Anglia, United Kingdom.
WormMan's Worm Farm - Grower of superworms, crickets, waxworms, red wigglers and European nightcrawlers.
Zoological Pet Foods, Inc - Offers grain fed, frozen mice and rats.

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