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4Z Bird Products - The Buddy Perch and acrylic cage panels.
Advanced Avian Designs - Playgyms, toys and accessories for small to large birds.
All Bird Toys - Selling avian diets and supplements as well as toys and toy-making parts.
Angels With Wings - Offers bird toys, treats, accessories and miscellaneous bird supplies.
Animal Environments - Powdercoated and stainless steel bird cages, playgyms, stands, toys, feeders and accessories.
Animal Stop - Large selection of toy making part. Bird cages and bird supplies.
Avey Incubator - Produces incubators and brooders for successful hatching and raising of parrots. Also selling naturally molted macaw feathers.
Avian Fashions - Offers clothing and diapers for birds, ducks, geese and chickens. Also offers instructional books and videos.
Avian Inc's PetStockRoom - Offering all sizes of bird toys, hanging gyms, other bird supplies and gifts. Manufactures and sells the Parrot Tower play stands.
Avitech - Avian accessories such as toys, pedicure perches and cleaning products. Breeding supplies like brooders and syringes. Also breeder of some parrot species.
Baby Feathers - Avian Aloe pure liquid aloe spray for caged birds.
Beak Tweets - Offering bird toys, stands and playgyms. Includes toys for all sizes of parrots.
Bird City USA - Bird foods, accessories and supplies.
Bird Fantasies - Offering swings, perches and toys.
Bird Gyms Rus - Hand crafted playgyms in single to 6 story heights for the small to medium size birds using non toxic materials. Gyms come with colorful toys, ladders and swings.
Bird Toy Creations - Offering bird toys of all sizes, cage accessories and cages.
Bird Toy Man - Small, medium and large toys, toy making parts, perches, swings, playgyms, feeding dishes and other supplies.
Bird Toy Outlet - Offering bird toys for small, medium and large birds, as well as bird food, cages and other avian accessories.
Bird Toys - Manufacturer and seller of bird playpens and other accessories. Located in Burton, Michigan.
Bird-E-Toys - Bird toys, rope swings, cages, toy parts, and perches. Home of the Bird-E-Trapeze, the rope swing that swings, sways, and spins.
Birds and Branches - Bird toys, lava rock perches, parrot T-shirts, and handfeeding syringes.
Birds, Etc. - Providing breeding and nest boxes for parrots. Also offers hand-fed parrots. - Cages, toys, seed and other supplies for the pet bird owner.
Budgie World - Eucalyptus based products for pet budgies. Offering gum nut and branch toys and Fastlok perches as well as fresh eucalyptus leaves.
Busy Beaks - Bird toys for small, medium and large birds as well as toy parts. Offers bird treats, nuts, cook and serve foods for birds and gift items.
Busy Bird - Supplying swings, toys, perches and treats.
Cage N Bird - Brooders, bedding material, weighing scales, books and disinfectants.
Calypso Parrot - A parrot themed gift site offering bird gifts, cage throws and shoulder aprons.
Chirp 'n' Squawk - Safe, durable bird supplies including cages, play stands, toys, perches, travel accessories and bird training supplies. Premium diets for all sized birds.
Cozzzy Bird - Custom made bird cage covers. Many sizes available.
Cuttle Bone Plus - Providing treats, lory diets, food, books and other avian supplies.
Dancing Parrot - Offering toys, cages and playstands.
Deb's Luv 4 Birds - Offering toys and perches.
Designer Cages - Bird cages and flights and other accessories.
Edible Perch - Conditioning perch made from Eucalyptus branches. Order by email.
Euc Products - Natural conditioning Eucalyptus perches, branches and leaves for birds.
Exotic Wood Dreams - Safe, handcrafted, custom made portable playpens and gyms as well as stands, perches, toys and toy parts. Delivery across the U.S.
FeatherBrite - Full-Spectrum lighting products for birds. Products are handcrafted with the precision of thirty years of metal-spinning expertise.
Feathered Pets - Bird toys, treats and accessories for all types of pet birds including parrots and parakeets.
First Flight Birds - Offering bird toys, cages, playstands and other bird supplies.
Flying South, Inc. - Bird toys, foods, and other accessories.
Forever Parrot - Offering parrot toys, food and play gyms.
GoneNutz - Custom hand-crafted canvas floor mats and individually designed cage coverings. Also available tote bags, T-shirts, hats and in-shell nuts.
Green Parrot Company - Parrot travel carriers for all sizes of birds and parrot play gyms.
Grey Feather Toys - Parrot toys made exclusively with stainless steel as well as toy making parts. Also available bird foods, play gyms, boing swings, bird safe cleaners and disinfectants.
GuavaWood4Perches - Manufacturer and seller of guava wood perches, swings and toys for parrots of all sizes.
JC Hobbitats - Retailing hand-made woodden perches, exercisers and toys.
Jo's Exotic Birds - Bird toys, parrot cages and accessories, avian foods and supplies. Also offer hand fed baby parrots.
Joybird Tees - An outfit that enables you to take your bird outdoors. Available in different sizes and styles to fit small up to large birds.
Just Driftin - Grapevine and dragonwood bird perches, swings, toys and other accessories.
Kings Cages - Supplying cages, toys, stands and accessories.
Leeward Coast Aviaries - Providing bird cages, toys, and many different parrot related gifts items. Also breeds several different species of parrots.
Madcool Birdgyms - Custom design and built gyms developed to help you accommodate your bird's special needs. MA.
Mango Pet Products Inc. - Offers avian disinfectant Pet Focus Avian Formula, cages, cockatoo shampoos, parrot specialty products, stands, props, and toys
Manzanita Heaven - Hand crafted manzanita bird perches, toys, stands, and bird cage accessories. A non-profit organization. - Manzanita branches and perches.
Mountain Manzanita - Providing natural manzanita perches, cage accessories, toys and swings for birds. Also providing some reptile perches.
Naturally For Silk - Assortment of cage top perches, free standing perches, small toys and naturally exotic trees for aviaries.
Not Just Parrots - Offering bird toys, swings, avian books, training aids, perches and playgyms as well as some food items and treats.
Orthobird - Supplies play pens, towers, perches, travel carriers, toys, swings and accessories for parrots, macaws, cockatoos and other large avians.
Parrot Gizmos - Bird toys and stands for small and large parrot species.
Parrot Island - Educational and e-commerce site dealing with safe products for companion birds like toys, food, carriers and gyms.
Parrot Props - Toys and props to teach your parrot, parakeet or exotic bird how to do tricks. Also offers custom made props.
Parrot-Paradise - Wood and acrylic perches, swings, floor stands and play gyms, cages, lighting, toys and other bird accessories. Order by phone.
Parrotdise Perch - Offering bird toys, accessories and gift items. Located in Canada.
Parrots on the Porch - Parrot toys, gift selection for parrot lovers, and the Chair-eez.
PeeWee's Playpen - Providing toys, first aid kits, play gyms and supplies for pet birds.
Perch Factory - Presentation of their product line which includes portable, table top and shower perches.
Pet Tapes and Compact Discs - For training birds how to talk and sing.
Petiatric Supply - Carries brooders, eggwatch incubators, medical nebulizers, neonate feeding and care items, hand feeding and incubation videos, and some avian t-shirts.
Pick A Parrot - Bird foods, supplements and parrot Kings Cages.
Rainforest Cages - Offers a complete line of bird cages, bird toys, chews, playgrounds, for a variety of birds including cockatoos, amazons and african greys, macaws and conures.
Rick's Bird Supplies - Offers a variety of scales to weigh pet birds. Also carries thermometers for baby bird formulas.
Rockport Roost - Bird toys and toy marking parts such as rope, wood, leather, plastic, plastic chain and hardware, as well as cages and T-Shirts. Also breeder of parrots for sale.
Silva's Bird Supplies - Canary breeding supplies including cages and foods.
Squawk A Doodle - Offering parrot cages, bird toys and play gyms.
Sunny's Bird Paradise - Offering toys, food and cages.
Sweet Tweet - Toys, food, scales, flightsuits, nestboxes, cage accessories, and other supplies.
T and T Parrot Place - Bird cages, play gyms, stands and bird toys made of stainless steel, manzanita, cactus wood, beads, cotton rope, sisal, chain and leather. Also offers bird health and information pages as well as hand-fed baby parrots.
Talon Toys - Bird toys for small birds. Also offers toy making pony and marbella beads, hardware, rope, leather, squares and triangles, holiday and specially shaped beads. Playgyms, swings and specialty foods and treats also available.
The Parrot's Boutique - Supplying perches, training stands, swings and toys.
The Purple Parrot - Offering an arm protector and cleaning products for birds.
Totally Unique Birds and Supplies - Providing toys, cages, novelties, toy parts and miscellaneous supplies. Also sells handfed baby birds.
Treats n Eats - Bird toys for small to large birds, books and some bird food.
Trendy Parrot - Selling cages and playgyms for all sizes.
Vann's of LA - Bird cage covers, toys and Christmas stockings.
Waynes Parrot Stuff - Manufactures and sells the Original Bottlebrush Parrot Play Gym plus parrot toys, chew stuff, and parrot cage accessories.
Welden's Pet Supplies - Bird supplies and toy making parts.
Whistling Birds - Three tapes to teach your birds how to whistle country, show or christmas tunes. From parakeets to macaws.
White Feather - Sells toys, food, treats and gifts.
Windy City Parrot - Bird foods, toys, parrot supplies.
Wingdow - A window perch for birds allowing them to sit in the window while protecting your woodwork and preventing messes.
Wordy Birdy Products - Birds training products to teach birds to talk including a CD, cassette, video and a digital speech training device.
Your Lucky Parrot - Bird toys and play gyms for all sizes of parrots. Also offers T-Shirts, notecards, cleaning supplies and dietary supplements.

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