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ABK Body Jewelry - Selling items for tongues, navels, labrets and nipples.
Access All Areas - Rings, beads, stretchers, labrets, plugs, navel adornments, barbells, balls and spikes, as well as sizing information.
Accessories to The Crime - Selection of silver and gold nipple shields. Original, handcrafted designs.
Addictive Piercings - Selection of belly, tongue, nose, navel, and nipple rings, as well as various other body jewelry. - Belly rings, tongue studs, and a variety of items listed by body area, as well as a selection of toe rings, and barefoot sandals.
Alphasylum Body Piercing Jewelry - Varied selection of tusks, barbells, flowers, butterfly items, and charms.
Amazon Distributing - Wide variety of items including: barbells, ends, shields, nipple rings, captive bead rings, ends, flush rings, and labrets. Also contains item information and a FAQ.
Anatometal - Hand-polished, implant grade body jewelry and piercing tools. Also contains an employee image gallery and shop photos. Wholesale pricing available.
Aquarius Body Piercing Jewelry - A selection of tongue and naval items including belly button rings, horseshoes, and barbells. Also features teen fashion costume jewelry.
Bad Bellies - Belly button rings in 14k gold with gemstones. Specialize in custom made piercing pieces.
Bad Moon Body Jewelry - Selection of items for navel, eyebrow, tongue, and nipple, as well as retainers and stretchers.
Badge Sales - Features decorative items that caters to the hard core purest. Also contains information on the history of body adornment. Wholesale pricing available.
Bali Bones - Hand carved buffalo horn, wood, and bone items from Indonesian artists. Also contains company background information, historical information on Bali, a photo album of the artists, and references.
BlackStar Body Piercing - Manufacturer of handmade surgical steel items including: captive bead rings, barbells, plugs, tunnels, septum items, and equipment. Also features a bookstore, studio services, aftercare message forum, and an apprenticeship program.
Bod Rods - Sells body piercing jewelry including belly button rings and tongue rings.
Body Circle Designs Body Jewelry - Handcrafted 316LVM stainless steel and 14K gold body piercing jewelry including barbells, captive bead rings, navel jewelry, labrets, tongue jewelry, bellybutton, and septum jewelry.
Body Jewellery Shop - Gold, silver, surgical steel, blackline, and titanium items for ears and belly buttons.
Body Jewelry Fun - Body jewelry store offers stainless steel, titanium, gold, belly button rings, tongue rings, nose rings, and more. Piercing aftercare, an ezine, and an image gallery.
Body Jewelry Plus - Barbells, captive bead rings, plugs, labrets, and replacement beads and balls. Items are available in stainless steel, niobium, titanium, and glass. Studio services are also available.
Body Matters Gold - Handmade gold jewelry with precious gemstones. Also contains measuring directions and studio services.
Body Modern - Stainless steel body adornment items and supplies. Also contains an aftercare information section and a gallery of recent piercings.
Body Piercing Jewelry by Heather - Selection of stainless Steel and 14K Gold navel jewelry, tongue adornments, and body items for the nipple, eyebrow, nose, and lip. - Features an assortment of adornments available in various style and metal types. Contains a color chart, size converter, contact information, and company background. - Barbells, bananabells, captive rings, and nose rings. A 'fool-you' line with no holes needed is also featured.
BodyPunks - Offers a selection of designer navel rings, plugs for ears, ultraviolet circular barbells, and tongue rings. Also showcase a selection of clothing and hats. A size converter is available.
Breed 3-1-6 - A collection of gold, titanium, niobium, ultraviolet, and silver items listed by material type and style.
Cold Steel - Items for the professional and novice categorized by material type. Information database on related subjects. Studio services available in London and San Francisco. Wholesale pricing available - Diverse selection of body adornment items listed by body area: eyebrow, belly button, nose, nipple, genital, lip, tongue, and ear. Self piercing kits and instructions, mailing list, and links.
Crazy Chameleon - A selection of organic items made from animal horns, exotic woods, ebony, and fossilized materials. Also contains acrylic, titanium, niobium, surgical stainless steel, and glass adornments.
Custom Steel Body Jewelry - Specializing in large gauge and custom items including: basics, variants, pinchers, talons, circular tapers, neo-tribals, labrets, plugs, eyelets, and ear weights Wholesale pricing available.
Dead Car Body Jewelry - Selection of stainless steel, gold, acrylic, glass, and wood items.
DNA Body Jewellery - A range of tittanium, surgical steel and UV body jewellery and piercing accessories for the pierced and the professional piercer.
Ear Piercing.Com - Manufacturers offering MediSystem professional products. Guns, studs, accessories, antiseptic supplies, jewelry and promotional materials.
Earstrings Earrings - Earrings and charms that thread through single or multiple piercings.
Europierce Ltd. - Product selection searchable by body part or material type. Slide show of products and an image gallery of piercers work. Submissions accepted.
Evolved - Selection of organic, glass, steel, titanium, and niobium adornments listed by type. Studio services, location information, stretching, suspension, and information on sterilization procedures.
Expressions NW - Selection of barbells, nostril screws and bones, captive rings, and labrets. Also contains a FAQ section, previous customer testimonials, and a 'what goes where' section.
FaerieLand BodyArt - Selection of piercing adornments as well as Mehndi, and tattoo services.
Fashion Hut - Features an assortment of belly rings including navel shields, bannabells, 14kt gold and dangles. Also offers a selection of mix and match, create your own, bathing suits. - A selection of barbells and horseshoes. Also contains a tattoo gallery, contact information, and related links.
Flesh, Inc. - Selection of adornments for various body areas as well as a complete description on were various items are worn. Also contains a FAQ and library area, studio services, image gallery, and contact information.
Funky Town Mall - Surgical steel and sterling silver designer adornments and accessories listed by type. Selection includes belly, tongue, and nose rings, belly chains, labrets, nose studs, loose items, and eyebrow ornaments.
Gems' Body Jewellery - Offers CZ navel bars, UV, flashing and vibrating tongue studs, navel bars and adornments from the United Kingdom. Also features standard and oral aftercare information.
Gen-X Jewelry - Stainless steel, acrylic, and titanium items for any type of piercing. Wholesale pricing available.
Glasswear Studios - Hand-blown pyrex glass products such as: single and double flare plugs, claws, and custom septum pieces.
GoldBellies Body Jewelry - Custom belly rings, toe rings, and brow rings in 14 and 16kt gold as well as platinum. Also features a selection of synthetic gemstone adornments.
Hot Body Jewelry - Tongue, navel, eyebrow, and nose items available in a variety of styles and metals. Also features shipping details, a wholesale section, and aftercare information.
I Max International - Selection of items in white and 18K gold, surgical grade stainless steel, niobium, and titanium. Available in Italian and English. - Selection of acrylic, ultraviolet, carved bone, titanium, stone, silver, and glass items listed by type and style. Also contains a gallery and related links section.
Industrial Strength - Handmade items featuring: surgical implant grade stainless steel, titanium, 18K solid gold, and acrylic.
Jazzy Jewellery - A listing of items by type including: naval jewels, barbells, nose jewels, toe rings, pendants, and earrings. A selection of gold and silver items with gemstone adornments. Also contains background information and a FAQ section on ordering.
JoBananas Discount Body Piercing Jewellery - Surgical steel and gold items in a range of banana bars, BCR, tongue bars, and facial labrets.
John Lees Tattoo and Body Jewelry Supplies - Lazer navel and tongue adornments, spiked and beaded labrets, and captive bead rings.
Juliette's Emporium - Naval rings, blinking belly adornments, tongue rings, open hoops, and labrets, as well as instructions on measuring, and a selection of incense burners.
Kinky Diamonds - Diamonds set in white and yellow gold for all body parts. Stock selection or custom orders.
LA Body Jewelry - A selection of adornment items for the nipple, nose, ear, and tongue as well as other body parts. Tools and accessories are also available.
LaMirage - Professional services as well as supplies and adornments. Features hoops, barbells, and accessories.
Leroi Exotic Body Piercing Jewellery - Nose, ear, tongue, and belly ornaments. All shapes and sizes made from gold, silver, titanium, steel, niobium, pyrex, acrylic, wood, and gemstones.
Liquid Glass - Hand blown glass items in tribal style. Includes: plugs, navel studs, tusks, barbells, claws, and labret retainers. Also contains a glass information area and sizing chart.
LS Bodyjewelry - Selection of titanium, gold and rhodium plated navel bananas and circular barbells.
Maelstrom Studio Lab, Inc. - Handcrafted items for the individual. Tusks, talons, tribal, gothic, and other aggressive shapes as well as custom styling. Items available in 316L and black niobium.
Metal Morphosis - A supply of steel, niobium, titanium, gold, and silver items listed by metal type and style. - Items listed by type, style, or material. Instructional videos, accessories, and professional tools are also available. - Selection of navel rings, belly knockers, eyebrow items, nose adornments, barbells, and accessories in a variety of jeweled designs. - Items listed by type and include: banana bells, barbells, captive bead rings, circular barbells, eyebrow items, labrets, navel shields, nipple items, nose screws and studs, plugs, claws, spikes, and twisters. Non-piercing items are also available.
Nitrous Body Jewelry - Collections in gold, titanium, glass, horn, silver and stone.
Painful Pleasures - Source for a wide variety of jewelry and accessory needs, as well as information for the professional piercer. Features items such as: tongue rings, navel rings, labrets, belly rings, nipple rings, septum keepers, tusks, horns, and lugs.
Penedo Piercing Shop - Image gallery containing a variety of 316L stainless items. Italian and English sections, wholesale accounts are also available.
Pierce Companion - Offers protection and repair for damaged earlobes. Customer testimonials, product information, and beauty topics.
Pierce This 2 - Offering a selection of trendy items including: belly button rings, nipple adornments, as well as tongue, eyebrow, and nose items. Also features custom designed items. - Eyebrow, navel, and tongue items, as well as a selection of bananas, barbells, and assorted 14k gold items. Also contains a sizing chart, FAQ section, and company information.
Pierceit Shop - Featuring steel, low nickel steel titanium, niobium, PTFE, acrylic, silicone and UV. Items listed by type and material.
Pierceoff - body piercing jewelry. Products, photos, and piercing guide.
Piercing Onlineshop - Selection of items listed by type and body area. Also features a search area. - Belly button items, nipple, and tongue items, as well as silicone items, and a selection of items listed by type.
Planet Three - Variety of items for naval, tongue, and eyebrow. Also features information and aftercare as well as studio services in Savannah, Georgia.
Pleasurable Body Modifications - Features sterling silver, leather, gold, titanium, and black line products, as well as, horn, bone, and wood items, gem stones, and acrylic.
Pleasurable Piercings - In the body jewelry industry since 1990. Selection of captive charms, 'no c-ums', retainers, plugs, chargers, novas, swingers, and lucite items. Custom orders and specialty items are available.
Pretty Piercing - Gold, silver, and titanium items as well as a selection of items listed by body area.
Proglen Trading Company - A selection of navel adornments available in titanium, rhodium, anodized metal, gold plate and silver. Dangles and charms, as well as novelty items are also featured. Wholesale pricing available.
Roxy Piercing - Tattoo and piercing equipment as well as a variety of body adornment items including a selection of gold, silver, titanium, acrylic, pyrex, gemset items, jade, bone, and niobium items. Studio services are also available with an image gallery of previous works. [Antwerp, Belgium]
SalesOne - Items listed in categories including: retro items, gems, dangles, multi-color adornments, and navel shields.
Screwbidoo - Belly barbells in which ear plugs can be inserted.
Shelina Jewellery of London - Exclusive designs custom made by company artisans. Includes a variety of gemstone adorned items in shapes such as: tassles, spiderwebs, hearts, teddy bears, dolphins, flowers, and stars.
Showoff International - Selection of spikes, labrets, barbells, door knockers, nose screws, glow stick items, and captive rings. Supplies and accessories are also available.
Silver Body Jewelry - Selections of sterling silver toe rings, earrings, ear cuffs, belly clips, and body piercing jewelry.
Silversteel Body Jewellery - Selection of adornment items and professional supplies including items made from 316L surgical steel, titanium, niobium, and gold. Also features a selection of needles, gloves, autoclaves, and hygiene products.
Solo Handicraft - Fashion accessory company that specializes in body adornments made from titanium, stainless steel, 18k gold, and ultraviolet acrylic. Amulets, mood rings, and horoscope stones are also available.
Steel And Silver - Items categorized by type and style. Contains jeweled, ultraviolet, titanium, steel, and silver adornments. Minimum order requirements.
Steel Dreams - A selection of ornamental body items and accessories including: stainless steel, black titanium, acrylic and lexan items, jeweled designs, and professional supplies. Wholesale available.
Steel Navel - Ornamental items crafted from 14K gold, titanium, and sterling silver. Search by price, body part, item type, or color.
Steel Skin Body Jewelry - Titanium, acrylic, gold, stainless steel and gemstone body jewelry. Wholesale section also available.
Street Holes - Select collection of designs to decorate bodies. Items listed by body part. Wholesale pricing available. - Custom made jewelry for stretched ear piercings from a range of organic and semi-precious materials.
Style Jewelry - Selection of 316L grade surgical steel items in various styles for eyebrows, bellies, noses, and nipples. Also contains ultraviolet items and flash adornments.
Sunshine Spirit - Curved, straight, and horseshoe barbells, as well as, rings, bananas, hooks, and claws. Also carries a line of Celtic and gothic jewelry.
The Body Stop - Variety of items made from gold, stainless steel, titanium, and acrylic. Wholesale pricing available.
The Chain Gang - Charms, segment and circle rings, gem set items, belly knockers, ultraviolet items, and nostril screws. Features a monthly newsletter and customer testimonial section.
The Exotic Body - Specializing in navel items, nostril screws, and gemstones. Also carry a line of straight, curved, and circular barbells, captives, beads, and charms. A gallery, calendar of events, FAQ, and piercing seminars are also offered.
The Hole Store - Barbells, captive rings, labrets, plugs, needles, kits, and tools listed by category.
The Hot Body - Belly rings, tongue rings, eybrow adornments, nipple pinchers, and labrets available in various designs and metals.
The Wildcat Collection - Providing a range of items featuring original designs. Includes items such as: silicon accessories, lavabells, satellites, body spirals, fluorescent items, nipple shields, and niobium items.
Tongue - Features stainless steel and titanium jewelry with a variety of adornments. Also contains a selection of items designed to hide piercings.
Top Quality Bodypiercing - Selection of surgical steel and titanium items in a variety of styles. Also contains a tattoo design section, production information, and aftercare instructions.
Transpierced - A variety of jewelry sorted by style and type. Includes items made with: surgical steel, niobium, titanium, gold, and lucite. Accessories and tools are also available.
Tribal - Makers of handblown Pyrex glass body jewelry including: plugs, earlets, tapers, claws, twists, omegas, spirals, tusks and belly rings.
Tribalectic Body Jewelry - Adornment items, information, and supplies. Selection includes: barbells, navel banana bells, rings, labrets, retainers, professional tools, and kits. Custom ordering is available as well as general information, aftercare sheets, and a customer comments section.
Velvet Gecko Body Jewellery - Items listed by type and include: barbells, navel adornments, labrets, rings, flesh plugs, and BCRs. Also features a color chart and a customer service section.

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