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AG Organics - Retailer of organic products for Home & Garden.
Booneez Outdoor Sports - Red fox and coyote urine act as a repellent to control nuisance animals like deer, rabbits and squirrels.
Bug Master Products - Mosquito and flying insect repellant.
Critter Control - All natural product consisting mainly of hot pepper powder, designed to keep animals away from a specfic area.
Critter-Repellent - All Natural Animal Repellents.
Cutworm Shield - A new product that protects plants from cutworms.
Deer Scram - Deer and rabbit biodegradable granular repellent, with a scent that alerts animals to a sense of danger and causes them to flee the area.
Deer-Gone Repellent - Deer-Gone deer repellent.
Deer-Off - Repels deer and other animals with taste and odor.
DeerBusters - Deer control products.
Deernono Company - Deer repellent.
Dr. T's Nature Products, Inc. - Dr. T's Nature Products manufacturers repellents for use of animals and wildlife
Dragonfly System - Mosquito control device.
ElectroDepot - Mosquito killer, electronic mosquitoes repelling device
Eliot James Enterprises - Catch or kill bugs from a safe comfortable distance.
Enviroman - Insecticide containing pure orange peel.
Fly Busters - Fly traps that are odorless, reusable, effective, harmless to humans.
Gardens Alive - Environmentally friendly pest controls.
Get Set Inc. - Organic, environmentally safe pest control.
Global Organic Resources - Supplier of an organic insecticide.
Greenergy, Inc - Insect control traps.
HOMS - Manufactures Bite Blocker, a DEET free repellent. Includes news articles and information for wholesalers and consumers.
Invisible Gardener - Natural pest control products.
kmAntPro - Ant Control - Liquid bait, ant control system. It's used for fire ants, argentine ants, carpenter ants, and white footed ants.
Made in the Hills - Natural insect repellant products for home
Mosquito Barrier - Liquid garlic concentrate that dilutes in water and is sprayed on grassy areas to control mosquitoes.
Mosquito Technologies of New York, Inc. - Mosquito control products.
Natural Insect Control - Offers environmentally friendly ways to fight lawn and garden insects.
Nature's Control - Beneficial insects and related pest controls for organic gardening.
Not Tonight Deer! - A natural deer repellent.
Orange Guard - Organic, and environmentally friendly insecticide that uses all natural ingredients.
Osage Hedge Balls - Natural repellent for insects.
Perma-Guard - Diatomaceous earth product that works without chemicals. Includes suggested uses and application directions.
Plant Pro-Tec - Garlic units deer and rabbit repellent discourage browsing of trees, shrubs, flowers and gardens.
R&W Distributors - Sales of Deer Ex, all natural animal repellant.
Repellex Seedling Protection Systems - Deer repellent and Fertilization products.
Rid-Max Fly Traps - Environmentally safe reuseable fly trap.
Roach Be Gone - Product that safely kills roaches and ants. - Provides a product based on non-toxic ingredients to kill cockroaches.
Rode-Trol LLC - Controls mice, rats and ground squirrels, both indoors and outdoors.
Safer Brand - products offering natural and organic plant care solutions.
Sentinel Biologics - produces and sells biopesticide products
Skunkshot. - Dog & cat repellent.
Tanem's Garden - Deer resistant planting guide.
Tru-Catch Traps - Animal traps in various sizes.
Walnut Creek Enterprises - Sells PhanTom, which periodically emits a noise at night that creates the illusion of a cougar being nearby, causing animals to leave the area.
WhateverWorks - Natural pest control solutions for pests.
White Mountain Products - Supplier of diatomaceous earth.
Woodstream Corporation - Victor Poison-Free Pest Control and Mouse Traps.

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