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Birdhouses Feeders and Baths
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Decorative Birdhouses

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50 Birds - Sells house and shelter kits designed to attract specific species of North American birds.
A Growing Business - Hand crafted and shingled cedar houses and feeders.
All for the Birds - Handmade using reclaimed and recycled lumber. Comes with attached chain for hanging.
Artistic Natural Creations - Feeders and birdbaths made with organic and recycled materials. Also offers organic suet and natural soaps.
Audubon Nature Store - Bird feeding products and accessories, including houses, feed, and optics.
Audubon Workshop - Offers houses, boxes, and feeders, featuring feed for insect-eating birds. Also sells bird-friendly pesticides.
Avalon Bird Store - Sells wild birding supplies. Also offers related books and small animal traps.
Avian Aquatics - Birdbath products, including misters, drippers, creeks, and waterfall rocks. Also offers suet woodpecker feeders.
Backyard Bird Company - Offers butterfly, purple martin, bluebird, and bee houses. Gift certificates available.
Backyard Bird Watcher - Bird feeding supplies, baths, and garden accents. Also offers mounting hardware and pond accessories.
Backyard Birds - Houses, feeders, feed, and books. Features a heated birdbath for winter use.
Backyard Birdstore - Functional and decorative houses and feeders. Also offers feed and mounting hardware.
Backyard Bistros - Features a high capacity bird feeder. Video clips of it in use with birds available.
Backyard Designs - Red cedar handcrafted birdhouses and feeders, plus butterfly houses and bat houses.
Backyard Wildlife Refuge - Feeders, baths, and houses. Also includes de-icers, baffles, mounting hardware, and feed.
Beartooth Enterprises - Handcrafted birdhouses and food dispensers. Also includes ground feeders for small animals.
BellSong Products - Sells the Squngee, a squirrel-feeder attached to bungee cord.
Berkeley Rustic Birdhouses - Rustic styled houses made of recycled wood, metals, and local driftwood from Northern California.
Best Nest - Sells wild bird feeders including hummingbird, squirrel proof, and window models. Suitable for purple martins, wood ducks, and bluebirds.
BilMar Birdhouses - Bird and butterfly shelters. Handmade from pine wood.
Bird Baths Unlimited - Supplier of baths, drippers, misters, and water garden accessories. Includes heated baths.
Bird Beakin - Manufactures and sells feeders in the shape of lighthouses common to the coast of Maine. Also offers accessories.
Bird Box Company - Birdhouses, nesting boxes and bird feeders made of polypropylene.
Bird Central - Feeders, houses, birdbaths, and optics for wildlife viewing. Includes butterfly and bat shelters.
Bird on a Wire - Featuring baths, feeders, books, accessories, suet, and feed. Includes a birding folk art gallery.
Bird Seed Plus - Offers 16 varieties of wild bird feed, custom blends, suet, and feeders.
Bird Shed - Selection of feeders, houses, supplies and birding accessories. Gift sets, books, and audio cd's also available.
Birdfeeder Central - Feeders, houses, and accessories. Includes squirrel proof, bluebird, and thistle feeders.
Birdfeeding - Sells window, seed tube, thistle tube, and specialty feeders. Also offers gift packs and decorative thermometers.
Birdgarden - Wild bird feeders, houses, and baths. Includes a squirrel proof model. Section of nature gifts.
Birdgoods - Handmade houses for wild birds. Baths, books, and squirrel control devices.
Birdhouse Condo Estates - Sells models designed for bluebirds, purple martins, and hummingbirds.
Birdhouse Kits - Sells ready-to-assemble bird shelter kits.
Birdhouses and Birdfeeders - Do it yourself house and feeder kits. Includes wholesale and bulk quantity purchase information.
Birdhouses by Laura - Decorative birdhouses hand made from hardwood. Design themes include country fruit stands, florals, and knotholes.
Birding by Stokes Select - Sells wild bird feeding systems, houses, seed, accessories, and books.
Birds 4 U - Sells feeders, including thistle sack models. Video clips available for viewing.
Birds and Such - Birding products, including houses, feeders, and baths. Also offers books, thermometers, and accessories.
Birds n Garden - Backyard birding supplies and garden gifts. Information on raising ladybugs.
Birdzilla - Birding products and information, details of USA and Canadian migration destinations. Selection of accessories.
Black Hills Glass Works - Hand crafted stained glass houses and feeders. Made from stained glass.
Bluebird Love - Selection of nesting habitats for bluebirds and other cavity nesting birds. Layaway program and gift certificates available.
Bluebirds Forever - Products and accessories for bluebird lovers. Information on starting a bluebird trail.
Butterfly House and Gift Store - Each hanging Butterfly House is individually hand-painted, so slight variations in the painting should be expected and will serve to enhance the originality of each piece.
Buy a Birdfeeder - Offers feeders, houses, baths, seed, and accessories.
C and S Products - Squirrel and wildlife feeders, suet, and feeding products. Features a 'how-to' section on wild bird feeding.
Canyon Trading Company - Sells handmade copper and glass hummingbird feeders.
Cardinal Corner - Feeders, houses, custom seed mixes, accessories, and books for the backyard bird enthusiast. Information on squirrel proofing.
Carpenter Enterprises - Offers houses for bluebirds made from western red cedar. Also, shelters for chickadees, wrens, and nuthatches.
Cedar Roof Collection - Consists of handmade post mount gazebo-style and other functional birdhouses and feeders.
Cherry Valley Feeders - Manufactures houses and feeders, made from cedar. Also offers bat and butterfly shelters.
Chez Birdie - Made by hand. Includes houses with barn, cuckoo clock, and church motifs.
Copper Creek Arts - Handcrafted copper bird houses, feeders, and baths. Finished specifically to develop a patina.
Cornell Feeders - Sells handmade cedar bird feeders.
Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Cornell Lab of Ornithology products, logo merchandise, and other birding products.
Dad's Woodshed - Handmade feeders and houses, squirrel feeders and decorative shelves.
Double Bar A Wild Bird Store - Offers feeders, seed, books, and other backyard birding supplies.
Duncraft - Wild bird products including squirrel-proof solutions. Styles of feeders include haven, platform, tubular, window, hopper, and post models.
Fancy Dancy - Sells birdhouses and feeders accented with shingles. Optional post sleeves available.
Fifth Day Creations - Includes dome, platform, and globe feeders. Section on attracting woodpeckers.
For the Birds - Manufacturers of handcrafted wood houses and feeders. Specifically designed to attract songbirds.
For The Critters - Houses and feeders for birds and squirrels. Made from cypress wood.
Four Natures Keepers - Sells wild bird gift baskets, which include food cakes, stix, and nutra-dough.
Garden Built - Feeders in various styles, including fly-thru silo, perch, and hopper models.
Granddad's Birdhouses - Hand made spruce houses, designed for bluebirds.
Haith's - Feed for ducks, geese, poultry, gamebirds, and pigeons. Also offers feeders, houses, and accessories.
Happy Bird Corporation - Covered bird drinking sippers. Insulated to protect from cold and heat.
Havegard - Manufactures a variety of feed mixes and related products.
Healthy Bird - Feeding systems with an emphasis on avian nutrition. Includes information of the care of baby birds.
Healthy Squirrel Food - Specializing in feeders for birds and squirrels, as well as corn feed products.
Heritage Farms - Feeders and devices to keep squirrels away, and other products to feed them.
Hurley Byrd - Offers fly-thru, hopper, rail, and mounted feeders. Also, squirrel and deer feeding accessories.
Interpro - Offers houses and feeders made from western cedar and hand blown glass. Wholesale information available.
J.J. Cardinal's - Source for feeders, houses, and birding accessories. Offers a newsletter archive.
Jen Berg Birdhouses - Custom designed and hand painted houses in the image of existing homes or structures.
Just For The Birds - Suetballs, feeders and houses. Models designed for wrens and hummingbirds.
Just Us Birds - Houses, plans, and kits. Variety of shapes and styles.
Klassic Kits - Gazebo bird feeder and house combination construction kit.
Lighthouse Birdfeeders - Handmade feeders in the image of historic lighthouses. Reproductions of the Barnegat, Assateague, Cape May, and Bodie Island lighthouses.
Looker Products - Accessories for birding and squirrel feeding. Includes window feeders and assorted lawn and garden products.
Lucinda and Company - Sells hand made houses. Also offers a book with house building plans and custom pet portraits.
Main Street Seed And Supply - Sells feeders, seed, baths, suet, and outdoor accessories.
Natural Technology - Sells electronic wildlife monitoring systems. Can be used for listening or recording.
Natural Yards - Hand crafted with incense cedar and glass. Also sells suet balls, screen trays, nesting boxes, and bat houses.
Nature's Friend - Hand made houses, feeders, and bat boxes. Made from western red cedar and stainless steel.
Nature's Vittles - Offering squirrel feeders and crunchy corn.
Natures' Helpers - Hanging feeders, including thistle and tube models. Also sells squirrel baffles and birding accessories.
No-No Birdfeeder - Large capacity, metal, collapsible wire basket sunflower feeder. Resists squirrel damage.
Owls Etc. - Hand crafted nesting boxes for owls, bats, kestrels, screech owls and bluebirds. Several styles and varieties of wood and are available.
Patriotic Bird Houses - Bird houses in patriotic themes. Includes two and three tier models.
Pioneer Bird Products - Sells seed, hanging and pole mounted feeders, crocks, and bowls. Also offers birding accessories.
Pipestem Creek - Birdhouses, feeders and wreaths made from grains, grasses, and flowers that are edible by birds.
Real Bird Homes - Houses made from Georgia pine, designed specifically for bluebirds and chickadees.
RJS Specialties - Telescopic pole for bird feeders and houses. Designed to be used on deck rails, walls, or posts.
Roller Feeder - Squirrel proof bird feeder specifically designed with smaller birds in mind.
Sassafras Hollow Artisans - Sells bird houses, feeders, and nesting platforms. Includes section on nesting facts.
Songbird Station - Sells birdhouses, seed, feeders, baths, accessories, and related gifts. Offers a birding newsletter.
Squirrels Fed Here - Offering feeders and ear and shelled corn.
Stan's Birdhouses - Made from cypress and cedar, designed to be naturally rot and insect resistant.
Stonewood Manufacturing - Manufacturers of feeders and nest boxes made of recycled plastic milk jugs. Wholesale information available.
Sunfollower Sunflowers - Offers whole head sunflower bird feeders and black oilseed sunflowers.
The Bird Man - Sells baths and feeders. Made from recycled wood and brass hardware.
The Birdfeeder Store - Handcrafted feeders and houses made from cypress. Also offers birding accessories.
The Birdhouse Depot - Houses, feeders, and do-it-yourself kits. Manufactured from new and aged cedar.
The Little Chickadee - Offers wild bird, hummingbird and squirrel feeders, houses and baths. Also sells feed, books, and related accessories.
The Nesting Box - Hand crafted houses for martins, bats, and woodpeckers. Also includes wood duck boxes, as well as trail and platform feeders.
The Sawkill Forest - Sells feeders, baths, houses, and accessory lighting, all made from 100% copper.
The Squirrel Hopper - Squirrels hop up and grab on to an ear of corn suspended above the ground. Helps keep rodents from bird feeders.
The Wildlife Authority - Variety of products for those with an interest in birds. Includes books, optics, and related accessories.
Tweety Suites - Handmade wooden houses with removable roof and floor for easier cleaning. Can be customized with names and various sizes of holes.
Van Ert Enterprises - Sells bluebird nest box traps and in-box sparrow traps made of steel. Also offers mealworm feeders.
Water Art - Offers decorative drip and misting systems for attracting birds.
Wellsbilt - Bird houses and feeders made from Douglas Fir, and accented with bark and moss.
Wild About Birds - Sells a selection of wild bird supplies. Includes gifts and field guides.
Wild About Birds - Offers a selection of feeders, houses, baths, and birding accessories.
Wild Bird Center - Birding and wildlife products. Gift certificates available.
Wild Bird Center of Plano - Offers North Texas patio seed mix, made with peanut pieces, hulled millet, and sunflower chips. Also sells birding accessories.
Wild Bird Crossing - Hummingbird and purple martin shelters, bird song identifying tips, and water garden supplies.
Wild Bird Habitat Store - Sells seed, feeders, nest boxes, baths, books, calendars, and sun catchers. Includes feeding tips and online catalogue.
Wild Bird Habitats - Sells feeders and houses from a variety of manufacturers, including models specific to hummingbirds.
Wild Bird House - Selling feeders, baths, houses, and wildlife supplies. Also offers shelters for hummingbirds, butterflies, ladybugs, and bats.
Wild Bird Mart - Pole mounted, hanging, tube, squirrel proof, and window model feeders. Also sells birding related accessories.
Wild Bird Shop - Feeders feeding items, birding, and garden accessories.
Wild Bird Store - Offers nest boxes, bird feeders, garden gifts and information on attracting wildlife to your backyard.
Wild Birds Etc. - Supplies feeders, houses, and baths. Also sells binoculars for backyard birders.
Wild Birds Forever - Line of feeders and shelters, including styles for owls, kestrels, bats, and wood ducks. Includes tips on attracting backyard birds.
Wild Birds General Store - Droll Yankee and Vari-crafts feeders for sale. Includes a feed chart.
Wild Birds Online - Handcrafted, species-specific, and specialty feeders and houses for birding enthusiasts.
Wild Birds Unlimited - System of retail stores catering to the backyard birdfeeding hobbyist. Store locator, bird feeder webcam, and educational resources.
Wild Class - Bird and wildlife feeders, feed, houses, accessories and nature booklets.
Wildwood Farms - Manufacturer of wild bird and squirrel feeds. Houses and feeders handmade from western red cedar.
WithanE Designs - Stained glass bird feeders and houses. Some styles have copper accents.
Wood Duck Houses - Offers hand made cedar duck houses, including nesting materials.
Woodland Habitat - Active shelter and nesting cavities for a variety of wildlife species, including bluebirds and screech owls.

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