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A Candle Company - Offers a variety of jars, tins, pillars, votives and accessories.
A Candlelight Cottage - Sells soybean and gel scented candles in various mason and apothecary jars.
Absoylutely Soy Candles - Selections include a jar style in a variety of scents.
All About Scents - Available in glass containers.
Almonds Country Candles - Products include scented selections in a variety of jars, and accessories.
Annapanda Handmade Crafts - Featuring handpoured candles in a variety of containers and sizes.
Apple City Scents - Offering in a container candle.
Ardore Candles - Handcrafted aroma filled candles, pillars, and frosted glass.
AromaSoy by Grazia - Offers a variety of decorated jars, tins and tarts in choice of scents.
Barn Loft Candles - Features candles in jars, votives and cookies. Products are dye free in scented or unscented.
BarnLight Soy Candles - Handpoured in jars with vintage labels in a variety of scents.
Becky's Soy and Suds - Offers tarts, votives and a variety of jars. Also handcrafted bath and body products.
Beyond Making Scents - Selections include a variety of jars and scents. Wholesale and fundraiser available.
Birch Creek Candles - Hand poured in a selection of containers and scents. Wholesale and custom available.
Blackberry Hollow - Candles, lotion, body mist, bath salts and cold-process soap.
Blandford's Natural Barn - Handmade candles, dead sea bath salts, body products and dog bones.
Blue Moon Candle Company - Features a variety of scents handpoured in jars, tins and votives.
Bluewater Mist Candles - Offering container candles, votives, wax dipped bears and accessories.
Buggytown Candle Company - Handpoured candles in jars, tins and buckets, mini melts, linen sprays and soap. Wholesale and fundraiser available.
By Chelly - Containers and votives made with essential oils.
Cabinet Mountain Soy-n-Such - Selections offered in a variety of jars. Also smelly jellies and lip balms.
Candela Candles - Offers handpoured candles in a variety of scents.
Candle Acscents - Offers hand poured apothecary jar candles, containers and tarts. Greyhound rescue information, message board, and scent list.
Candle Scentsations and More - Candles, lotion, and air fresheners. Information on burning safely and a fragrance list.
Candles by Christine - Offers hand poured scented container candles and jelly jars.
Candles by Claudine - Offers container candles, soaps and lotions.
Candles by Kelly - Handcrafted and wickless candles, bath and body products, warmers, and gift baskets.
Candles By PW Moss - Offered in a variety of scents.
Candles From Nature - Blended plant waxes create an extensive line of soy-based candles in a wide variety of styles, some embedded with crystals or genuine faceted gems.
Candles Naturally - Offers soy jar candles featuring jasmine, rose and lavender fragrances.
Caterpillars Candles - Handpoured in a variety of jars and styles. Available for wholesale, retail and private label.
Celestial Scentsations - Selections include a variety of containers, wax dipped bears, tarts, and body products.
Cinnamon Bay Candles - Offers apothecary jars, tumblers, mason jars and votives. Wholesale and fundraiser available.
Clifty Creek Country Candles - Handpoured in a variety of container sizes and scents. Offers gift baskets.
Colrain Mountain CandleWorks - Specializing in containers, votives, and pillars.
Country Candles and Gifts - Offering scented container candles, soap and gifts.
Country Cottage Candles - Handpoured in a variety of containers. Offers candle fixins, tealights and tart warmers.
Country Glow Soy Candles - Soy wax candles are hand-crafted and available in jars, tarts and melts. Includes soy wax information and scent list.
Country Home Candles - Provides hand poured soy candles and votives, retail or wholesale. Include list of scents with descriptions and fundraising information.
Country Light Candle Company - Selections include a variety of tins, pillars, votives, tarts and accessories.
Country Makins - Available in jars, tins, and as votives. Also, bath salts and teas.
Country Scents & Stuff - Selections include several jar styles and scents. Alsoa variety of wax dipped bears.
Cubbyhole Candle - Features handpoured jars, tarts, and wickless candles.
Dakota Candles - Offered in containers. Scent list available.
DeLeo Enterprises - Retails and wholesales handcrafted scented soy wax and wedding candles.
Diamond Dale Candles - Sells hand poured scented candles in a variety of jar styles.
Ditto Candles - Offering votive and jar candles in various sizes and scents.
Dune Candle Company - Offers handpoured candles in jars, tarts and tealights. Candle Club available.
EcoLight Candles - Offers hand-poured container candles in a variety of scents.
Endless Scents - Offers handpoured scented candles in jelly jars.
Enlightenment Scented Candles - Available as scented and aromatherapy votives.
Eternal Lites - Line of candles includes designer pillar, frosted jar, votives and tart and oil burners.
Everglow Candle Company - Offering candles and accessories. Wholesale available.
FaeryLights Candle Works - Handpoured pillars and votives scented with essential oils. Provides wax information.
Firefly Lites - Provides container, votive, and travel candles in various scents.
Flickering Field's - Offers a variety of jar styles, as well as wax dipped bears.
Fox Hill Candle Company - Features handmade pillars, jars, and fragrance products.
Franklins of Helen - Offers several selections of handpoured jars. Candle Club available.
Frontier Candle Company - Offered in several sizes of jars. Fragrance descriptions available.
Gail's Heavenly Scents - Avainable in mason jars and in votives.
Gentle River Soy Candles - Handpoured pillars and containers. Dye free.
Glo - Offering candles in aromatherapy fragrances and accessories. Also, frequently asked questions and benefits of natural wax.
Golden Harvest Candles - Offering handpoured container and travel candles.
Gr8Candles - Selections include a variety of containers and pillars.
Greenspace Candles - Blended with hemp oil and poured in either glass or tin.
Guiding Light Candles - Featuring handpoured selections in a variety of jars, styles and scents.
Habitual Soy Candles - Homemade, hand poured in a variety of scents in containers, votives and pillars.
Harvest Moon Candle Company - Handpoured scented votive and jar candles.
Heaven Scent Candle Company - Hand poured, scented candles. Message board and upcoming events.
Heavenly Soy Candles - Available selections include a variety of styles and sizes of jar.
Home Grown Candle Company - Handpoured in a variety of jars and scents.
Honey Creek Candles - Handmade products available in jars, crocks, tins and votives.
Houston Candle Co. - Candles available in tureen jars, votives, wine glasses, gift baskets, and customized containers for retail or wholesale.
Humble Homemades - Selections in choice of jar styles and scents. Gift sets and accessories also available.
Illuminations by Nature - Hand poured jars, wax dipped bears, and air fresheners.
In His Light - Handpoured selections in a variety of jars and tarts. Also body lotion.
It's A Soy Candles - Featuring all natural scented soy jar, votive and pillar candles.
J & L Candles - Handmade selections in jars, tealights, cookies, smelly jellies and body lotion.
Je T'aime Fragrances - Provides handcrafted, scented soy candles, retail and wholesale. Includes fund-raiser information and candle burning tips.
Jen Lew Designs - Poured in glass container covered in a choice of paper with coordinating matchbook.
Kell's Kandles - Offers a variety of containers, lotions and accessories.
Kentish Maid Candles - Container candles, votives, gift baskets, and bath and body products.
KlapnKlip - Offers scents in jars, votives, pillars and incense in a variety of scents.
Knight Scents - Handpoured selections in a variety of scents and jars. Also offeres votives.
Leonard's Custom Candles - Available in glass containers. Testimonials, tips, and fundraising information.
Little Bears Candles - Features a variety of containers, votives, pillars and dipped bears. Fundraisers, candle parties and wholesale available.
Lizzie Candle - Offering candles, natural soaps, home and bath products, accessories, and gift baskets. Dealer information and product ingredients.
Long Island Candleworks Company - Offering in various jar containers, bear fresheners, tarts, and votives.
Loveable Keepsakes Candles - Offers various container candles such as: salt shaker, pitcher, mugs and goblets. Other product lines include: childrens books and fund raising programs.
Lucent Candles - Offers a selection of jar as well as votives.
Maddison Avenue Candle Company - Selections offered in a variety of jars for wholesale, retail and private label.
Make Scents Candle Company - Selections include a variety of jars, votives and scents. Also offering bath and body products.
Medicine Creek Gifts, LLC - Offers a variety of jars, votives, body products and gift items.
Mickey Made - Handmade candles in jars and as tea lights. Also, gel and gift baskets
Middle Davids - Scented and contained in mason jars.
Mo So by Yo - Scented container candles, votives, and soaps.
Moms Relaxing Moments - Handpoured in choice of jars. Also lotion and gift baskets.
Mother Nature's Light - Scented and unscented container and votive candles made with essential oils.
Mystik Glow Candles - Available as votives. Read store policies and find store location.
Natural Creations Candles - Selections include a variety of scents in jars and tins.
Natural Light Candle Co. - Offers hand-poured uncolored scented soy candles. Includes list of scents and party information.
NaturaLights - Offers a variety of jars, pillars, votives; some with essential oils.
Naturally Elegant - Offers handpoured tins packaged in home decor boxes.
Nature Glow Candles - Offering a variety of containers with beaded accents.
Nature's Glow Candles - Selections available in a variety of jars and scents.
Natures Lite - Scented candles in various sizes and containers and candle making supplies and instructions.
New England Candle Mill - Offering a selection of jars, votives, tarts, and fire starters.
Nothing But Candles - Offering a variety of jars as well as air fresheners and wax dipped bears.
Novelty Scents - Offering travel tins for wholesale, retail and fundraising.
Nutfield Candle Company, Inc. - Offers containers, votives, gift packs, custom special occasion, scented and unscented candles. Wholesale, corporate identity and fundraising options available.
Old Fashioned Candle Company - Selections include a variety of jars and scents. Offers fundraisers.
Olivia B. - Handpoured selections include a variety of containers, meltables, pillars, votives, and body products.
Om Candle Company - Handpoured in a variety of jars and scents. Also gift baskets and body products.
Peconic Bay Candle Inc. - Selections include glass jars in a variety of sizes.
Peeptoad Hollow - Handmade candles, wreaths, bath and body products, and pressed flower items.
Platte Valley Candles - Selections include jars, votives and melts. Also bath and body products.
Pure Integrity Candles - Selections include a variety of jars and scents.
Pure Soy Candle - Containers, votives, firestarters, and tarts are offered.
Quiet Time Candles - Offers hand poured wax candles in a variety of scents and containers. Wholesale and retail.
Rittenhouse Candle and Soap Inc. - Offering jar candles, votives and tea lights. Candle party and fundraiser available. Handmade cold process soap and bath salts.
S and S Candle Crafts - Aromatherapy, floating, beeswax, and coconut candles.
Sandi's Florals Candles and Such - Scented and unscented containers and votives. Also incense and potpourri. - Offers jars, pillars, votives, floating candles, bath salts and lotions.
Scented Soy Candle Emporium - Offered in jelly jars. Scent list and paraffin information.
Scents and Sensibility Candles - Offers jars, crocks, tumblers, votives and pillars. Potpourri, body products and accessories available.
Seaweed Santa - Offering a variety of jars and scents. Also wreaths and candle club.
Serenity Soy Candles - Featuring a variety of containers, votives and custom candles.
Small Beginnings Candles - Offers handpoured candles in jars and body products. Special occasion personalization, wholesale and fundraiser available.
Soul Essentials - Features aromatherapy pillars with essential oils.
Soul Harmony - Offers pillars and jars. Also bath and body products.
Southern Soy Lites Candles - Available in jars, tins, votives, tarts and dipped bears.
Soy Accents Candle Company - Selections feature jars in a variety of scent choices.
Soy Candle Works - Scented and handcrafted available in jars. Fragrance and pricing list.
Soy Candles By Chris - Scented candles available in variety of jars, crocks and votives. Wax and candle safety information.
Soy Candles Plus - In glass jars, southwest design pottery and shadow throw holders. Also nature music.
Soy for the Soul - Offers a selection of jars, pillars, votives and tarts. Body products available.
Soy Lights - Offers scented glass container candles, accessories, lotions, and soaps.
Soy Scent Candles - Votives and jars of scented candles. Scent list available.
Soyfield Candles - Scented candles made with cotton wicks available in apothecary and kerr jars.
Soyful Joys - Offering warmers and scented tarts.
SoyMagic Candles - Jelly jars, apothecary, lotion bars and lip balm.
Soyphisticated Candles - Offers a selection of jars and tins in a variety of scents and essential oil blends.
SoyScents - Offers handmade candles using 100 percent soybean wax. Includes media articles and wholesale information.
Sunshine Scents - Specializing in wax tarts and scented sachets.
Sweet As You Please - Features handpoured votive and jar selections in a variety of scents, sizes, and styles.
Tarts and Crafts - Selections include wax tarts, tart warmers and wax dipped bears.
Tattered Twins Treasures - Offerings include a variety of candle styles, soaps and handcrafted crafts.
TerraLuna Candle Studio - Selections include containers, votives, pillars and accessories.
The Candle Bakery - Selections offered in a variety of glassware and scents. Also soaps, air fresheners and linen sprays.
The Flickering Igloo Candles - Offers handpoured candles in jars, tumblers and tins. Tart warmers, melts and scented wax dipped bears. Made in Alaska.
The Lily Pad - Selections include a variety of jars and scents. Lotion and accessories available.
The Mulberry Patch - Features handpoured selections in jars and votives. Also body products.
The Soy Candle Company - Poured as pillars and in containers.
Theater Candle Company - Available in jelly jars. Also, hand-stitched and framed primitive samplers and silverware racks.
Things That Make Scents - Offering hand crafted jar candles, votives and tarts. Homemade hand and body lotion. Wholesale also available.
Thumbwick Candles - Offers handmade scented jars, travel tins and wickless products.
Thumprintz Designs - Specialize in hand painted wine glasses that are filled with scented candles. Ordering by phone or email.
Ti Valley Candles - Specializing in handcrafted candles. Additional soy products include aromajelly, lotion, and bath and body gel. - Soy wax scented candles, tarts and melts, hand-dipped incense, votive holders, oil and tart warmers, and wood carvings.
Uncommon Soy Scents - Offers tarts and electric tart warmers exclusively.
Vallyne Candle Company - Offers a variety of jars and scents. Also offers cake and pie candles.
Van Zandt Candles - Available in a variety jars and pillars. Customized labels available.
Vicky's Candles - Hand poured candles, including gel. Also, gift baskets.
Wax on Tap - Offers a selection of scented container candles and tarts.
Waxy Daisy - Handpoured soy wax candles in jars, flower pots, or glass balls, or pillars. Also sells candleholders.
Willow Creek Company - Scented and hand poured and available as votives, jars, and accessories. Wholesale available.
Wooden Cross Candles - Handpoured jars and scent samples in a variety of scents.
Yellow Brick Road Candle Company - Products include a variety of jars and scents, waxed bears and tarts.

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