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'How to Quit Smoking' by Keith Ackers - Product is a book. Author's credentials: he quit smoking. - Sells several cessation aids.
A Stop-Smoking Guide for Men, Women, Teens - A practical step-by-step guides for people of all ages, including amusing anti-smoking stories for children.
Actionpact - Product is an online tutorial. No effectiveness claim made.
Allen Carr Canada - Seminars; makes claim of 61% to 80% effectiveness based on research not cited.
Allen Carr Stop Smoking Ireland - Allen Carr program has clinics in Ireland.
Anticig - Product is herb pill. Makes no effectiveness claim.
Aroma Herbal Inhaler - Product is a nasal inhaler.
Botanics - Product is herb pills. No quit effectiveness claim made.
Butt It Out - Claims to have Health Canada and FDA approval. Product is herbs, in pills or spray form. No effectiveness measurements presented.
Cig-No - Herbal spray claimed to create an aversion to smoking. No quit effectiveness claim made.
Cigamint - Mint inhaler shaped like a cigarette. No quit effectiveness claim made.
Ciganot - Looks like a cigarette but you don't smoke it. Claimed to be a safe alternative to smoking. Claimed to help reduce or quit smoking. No effectiveness measurements.
CigArrest - Herbal pills, gum, and lozenges. Makes a safety claim but not an effectiveness claim.
Crush the Habit - Product is a rubber stress ball in shape of cigarette pack; you squeeze it instead of lighting up. No effectiveness claim made.
Fibre shake - Drink claimed to remove nicotine from the body. Makes no quit effectiveness claim.
Fifty, or How to Quit Smoking in 7 days! - Product is a book.
Filtered Cigarettes - Product is a device claimed to filter nicotine from the cigarette; no quit effectiveness claim made.
Final Smoke - Herb pills said to remove nicotine from the body; makes no quit effectiveness claim.
Gama Health Systems - Product is herb pills. No effectiveness claim made.
Gateway to Health: Nicotine Addiction Intervention - Product is audio CDs and booklets.
Herbal Patch - Product is a patch containing herbs. No quit effectiveness claim made.
Herbal Stop Smoking Program - Herb pills. No effectiveness claim made.
Honeyrose Products Ltd. - Claims you quit or reduce smoking by smoking herbal cigarettes. No effectiveness measurements.
Hypnotist M. Vance Romane - Romane promotes his seminars, tapes, and videos, for weight loss and quitting smoking. The usual testimonials; no measurements of effectiveness provided.
Jarret Kray Hypnosis CD - Product is hypnosis CD.
Joelle Publishing - Sells a quit-smoking book and on-site training courses.
Lifesign - Small electronic timer that tells you when you can have your next cigarette; used for tapering off. Effectiveness measurements: about 25% of customers were smokefree 18 months later, about 40% for customers who also were in group counseling.
LifeSign Canada - Canada site for LifeSign.
Lightfree - It's a cigarette but you don't light it, you hold it and suck on it; no quit effectiveness claim made.
LivingFree - Online quit smoking program; makes a claim of 60-80% effectiveness, based on unpublished or uncited research.
Mint Snuff - Non-tobacco chew made of mint claimed to be an alternative to, or way of quitting, chewing tobacco or smoking. Makes a safety claim (safe to eat) but not a quitting effectiveness claim.
Naturstopp - Product is herb drops. No effectiveness claim made.
NicItOut - Product is herb pills claimed to block nicotine's effect on the body. No quit effectiveness claim made.
NicoBloc - Product is corn syrup drops claimed to block nicotine when dropped on the cigarette.
Nicobrevin - Product is pills; doesn't say what they contain. Claimed to calm nerves and reduce craving. No quit effectiveness claim made.
Nicotine Free Cigarettes - Cigarettes made from the cocoa bean don't contain nicotine. Makes no quit effectiveness claim or safety claim.
One Step at a Time - Set of four filters. Each filter claimed to remove progressively more tar and nicotine, which is then claimed to wean smokers from addiction. No effectiveness measurements presented.
One-Day-at-a-Time SmokeStoppers Program - Based on 23-year SmokeStoppers program. Online course and assistance. Makes no effectiveness claim.
Online Hypnosis - Interactive online audio/video quit smoking program. Makes no quit effectiveness claim.
Personal Perforator - Product pokes holes in the filter which is claimed to help tapering down. No effectiveness measurements presented.
PhaseOut - Pokes holes in the filter, which is claimed to reduce nicotine. Effectiveness: the company 'disclaims all warranties, including fitness for a particular purpose.'
Proud Nonsmoker - Product is eBook with embedded audio plus support provided over email.
Quit 'Em - Cards with motivational messages. Carry a pack of cards instead of a pack of cigarettes.
Quit Smart - Stop-smoking kit and classes, uses nicotine replacement and counseling. Developed by director of the Duke Medical Center Stop Smoking Clinic. Makes a claim of 50% effectiveness, based largely on unpublished research.
Quit Smoking Hub - Product is herb pills. No quit effectiveness claim made.
Quit Smoking with ResolveQS - Product is herb pills, an aversion spray, and cassette tapes.
Quit Smoking, Be Happy - Product is audio CD and online book with guidance from a quit smoking counselor. No effectiveness measurements.
Quitting in Time - Booklet and audio cassette.
Release for Life - Product is a book, exercises, meditation CD, and stop smoking clinics.
Smoke RX - Herb product; makes no quit effectiveness claim.
SmokeFree - Product is herb drops. Makes no effectiveness claim. Disclaims says product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.
SmokEnders - Self-study course based on seminar program plus phone consultation; claims 38% quit effectiveness.
Smokerlyzer - Product is a carbon monoxide tester and a quit plan. No quit effectiveness claim made.
Smokers Edge - It's a tube containing mint, herbs, and chlorophyll. You don't light it, you suck on it. The usual testimonials. No effectiveness measurements. 'Works best in combination with' something else that's effective.
SmokeSignals - Device similar to LifeSign, schedules when to smoke, arranges a tapering off method of quitting.
Smokexit - Product is a manual or workbook.
Stand last without smoking - Product is a 'method'; no other information provided. Except you can send away for it.
Stop Smoking - Product is a book and audio tape. Book said to contain subliminal messages to quit. No effectiveness claim made.
Stop smoking for good - Offers a 10 piece educational audio stop smoking kit.
Stop Smoking Herbal Products - Herb pills. No effectiveness claim made.
Stop Smoking Now - Laser pointer claimed to be a quit smoking, quit drinking, quit drugs, and lose weight product.
Stop Smoking Plan - Product is a booklet.
Stop smoking program - Audio tapes said to induce hypnosis; no quit effectiveness claim made.
Stop Smoking Recovery Programs - Quit smoking program, including books, tapes, and videos, videos with closed-captioning for the hearing impaired, cessation treatment, sobriety. No effectiveness measurements presented.
Stop Smoking With Hypnosis - Hypnotic technique to help you quit smoking easily and permanently and without gaining weight. Developed by Licensed Clinical Psychologist who helped many quit, including himself, with hypnosis.
Stop Smoking with Patricia Allison - Video, audio tapes, book, and workbook. Makes a claim of 72% quit rate after one year; doesn't say now this was verified.
Stop Using Smokeless Tobacco Now - Product is an e-textbook along with support forum.
Stopring - A ring that you put on your finger is said to make smoking awkward. No quit effectiveness claim made.
System 4 - Information and ordering instructions about a filter-based progressive method of reducing your dependency on nicotine, making it easier to quit smoking.
The Habit Breaker - Herbs and aromas. Makes a claim of 98.5% effectiveness; doesn't say how that was measured.
The I've Quit Process - Product is an audio CD and booklet. Makes no effectiveness claim.
The Smoke Stop - Sells 'the Cure' which is a technique. No quit effectiveness claim made.
Therapy Store Smoking Cessation Program - Stop smoking program uses Lifesign product to help users to quit smoking, chewing or dipping nicotine products.

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