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Substance Abuse
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Access Diagnostic Tests UK - UK based supplier of home drug and alcohol testing kits.
Alcohol Countermeasure Systems - Manufacturer of breath alcohol testing equipment.
AlcoPro - Evidential instruments for the detection of alcohol.
American Bio Medica - Manufacturer of the Rapid Drug Screen, a quick and easy to use on-site drug test that detects marijuana, cocaine, PCP, heroin, amphetamines, and methamphetamines.
American Drug Screen - Offering instant drug test kits for on site drug screening.
Avitar Technologies, Inc. - Manufactures rapid diagnostic tests for drugs of abuse.
BioChek Drug Testing Network - Drug testing products that yield instant, laboratory accurate results for up to 9 drugs simultaneously.
BioScan Rapid Drug Screen - A complete line of drug screening and alcohol testing products that yield proven laboratory accurate results in minutes. Adulteration screening products also available. Features live, on-line product training video.
Branan Medical Corporation - Manufacturer of the Intect 6, an advanced drugs of abuse adulteration testing strip. - Digital breathalyzers for personal and professional use.
Chematics, Inc. - DOT approved diagnostic products for zero tolerance alcohol detection.
CMI, Inc. - Manufacturer of the Intoxilyzer line of breath alcohol testers.
Columbia Laboratory Services - Offers a variety of drug and alcohol detection products and services.
Draeger Safety, Inc. Breathalyzer Division - Manufacturer of the Breathalyzer and other alcohol detection equipment.
Drug Alert - Offers confidential home drug and alcohol testing.
Drug Check, Inc. - Drug, alcohol, and adulteration detection products.
Drug Detection Devices, Ltd. - Features single-step urine drug detection products.
Drug Detective - Distributor of the QuickScreen brand test for drugs of abuse.
Drug Free Enterprises, Inc. - Providers of the DrugCheck product, an instant results, no-step drug test for occupational and clinical use.
Drug Test Success - Provides one-step tests for a variety of drugs.
Drug Test Systems - Provides FDA approved drug testing kits for testing cocaine, marijuana, mdma, ecstacy, opiates, heroin and amphetamines. Includes a list of services, products and FAQs. Online ordering.
Drug Test USA - Private home drug tests when you need to know the results of a drug test now.
Drug Testing Network - Specializes in DOT mandated programs, private screening, and instant drug testing products.
Drugs & Alcohol Testing Systems - UK company offering saliva-based drug and alcohol testing kits to companies or private individuals.
DrugTest, Inc. - FDA approved drug testing in the privacy of your own home.
Expomed, Inc. - Provides on-site drug and alcohol testing products for rehabilitation centers, correctional facilities, and corporations.
EyeCheck - A drug, alcohol, and fatigue detection device that is designed to rapidly assess impairment via a hand-held pupillometer.
Forensic Technologies, Inc. - Automated instrumentation, collection and transport kits for laboratories and sites which collect and test urine and blood for abused drug testing.
Global Medical Systems - Variety of screening cards and tests for assorted drugs.
Health Research Systems, Inc. - National distributor for Forefront Diagnostics and provider of on-site drug and alcohol testing products for rehabilitation centers, correctional facilities, and corporations.
HomeDrugTesting Kit - Urinalysis test indicates use of methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, THC and PCP.
Instant Diagnostics Inc. - Quickscreen 10-minute urine drug tests.
Intercept - The oral fluid drug test.
Intoximeters Inc. - Develops, manufactures, and markets a full line of alcohol breath testing instruments.
Joldon Diagnostics - A Canadian distributor of rapid test kits for on-site detection of drugs of abuse, alcohol, infectious diseases, pregnancy, and ovulation.
Kahn Tact USA - Distributor of breath alcohol and urine drug detection devices.
Lewis Enterprises - Reseller of Dade Behring Syva RapidCup drug detection products.
Lifeloc Technologies - Provider of breath alcohol testers.
Med- X Drug & Alcohol Testing Service - Los Angeles, CA based reseller of the InstaCheck I-Screen, Instacup, and Accutest on-site drug detection products.
NarcKnowledge - Provides home drug testing kits recognize an information to help parents recognize the signs of drug abuse.
National Drug Screen, Inc. - A nationwide administrator of employee drug and alcohol testing programs, with clients in over 30 states. Also offers home testing kits for individual use.
Neu Tech Equipment Company Inc. - Hair, urine, and saliva tests for alcohol and drugs. Includes a PowerPoint presentation.
PAS Systems, LLC - Alcohol screening instruments designed to detect low levels of alcohol in either ambient air or human breath by either passive or direct test methods.
Personal Alcohol Tester - Featuring the Blue breath alcohol tester for personal use and related items.
Quality Three Wholesale, LLC - Offers a variety of alcohol detection products.
Rapid Drug Testing Services - Distributor of the QuickScreen brand drug dectection device.
Schmidt & Associates, Inc. - Distributes a variety of on-site drug and alcohol testing products.
Structural Narcotics - Specializing in methamphetamine detection from surface areas such as walls and fixtures.
Sun Biomedical Laboratories - Manufacturer and offers a variety of drug and alcohol detection products to companies or private individuals. We also offer on-site drug test.
Sur-Scan - Sells Instacup drug testing kits and the Q.E.D. test for alcohol in saliva.
TestKits Express - FDA approved drug testing kits for corporate on-site screening.
Tetrad Labs, LLC - Markets the Last Call personal breath alcohol tester.
The Road Test Alcohol Breathalyser - Hand-held alcohol breathalyser which allows you to accurately measure your fitness to drive or operate machinery.
US Health Tests - Hair, saliva, and urine drug and alcohol tests.
Valtox Laboratories, Inc. - Supplier of on-the-spot test kits used by law enforcement agencies to determine the legal or illegal nature of substances.
ViaLab, lc - Provides in-home, anonymous drug test kits that give parents a 60 to 90 day history of their child's possible drug use.
Viper Technologies Corp. - Offers a digital personal alcohol breathalyzer device to determine your blood alcohol level.

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