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4 Corners Asthma and Allergy Pharmacy - Specialist supplier of medications for treating Asthma and Allergies. Claratin, Allegra, Ventolin and Singulair.
Air Filter Store - Features this supplier of electrostatic air filters, vacuum cleaners, and commercial products to clean indoor air.
ALCAT - Designed to identify food intolerance. UK site delivers internationally. - Online prescriptions for Allegra, Allegra d for the relief of seasonal allergy symptoms.
Allerderm Laboratories Inc. - Offers Finn Chamber skin patch test products designed to provide good occlusion.
Allergicare - Sells products for allergy sufferers including allergen barrier bedding covers, skin care products, soap substitutes, and shampoo substitutes. Based in New Zealand.
Allergy and Asthma Relief Store - Offers hypoallergenic bedding, air purifiers, HEPA vacuums, dust mite spray, nebulizers, peak flow meters, masks, and humidity control products.
Allergy Atlantic, Ltd. - Features allergy control products as well as pertinent links and general information.
Allergy Be Gone - Sells a range of allergy control products including dust mite barrier bedding , hepa vacuums and air cleaners, air conditioner filters, mold controls, and humidity controls. Features an email newsletter.
Allergy Clean Environments - Features allergy proofing products including mattresses, pillows, bedding encasings, HEPA air and vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, air filters, masks, gloves, books, and personal care products.
Allergy Control Products Inc. - Sells products to reduce exposure to allergens. Includes bedding, air filters, humidity control, and products for children.
Allergy Relief Store - Features a range of allergy, asthma, and sinusitis products including dust mite proof bedding, hepa air purifiers and vacuums, furnace filters, and water filters.
Allergy Relief Stores - Offering a complete line of relief products including air purifiers, air filters, bedding, nebulizers and treatments.
Allergy Store - Allergy, asthma, and sinus information and non-drug relief products for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, or sinusitis caused by pollen, cat dander and pet allergies, mold spore and dust mites.
Allergy Watch - A colorful product line designed for children with allergies, asthma, diabetes in order to warn people the child has an allergy. - Presents information for Allergy, Asthma and Sinus sufferers. Includes reviews and comparisons of air purifiers, vacuums, steam cleaners, beds, and, bedding.
Allergymatters - Includes air purifiers, steam cleaners, dehumidifiers, bedding and skin products.
Allerx - Allergy relief products, allergy control tips, and information on dust, mold, dust mites, pollen, and cockroaches.
American Allergy Supply - Presents a wide range of allergy products like special bedding and nebulizers.
CleanFreshAir - Information about allergy symptom relief and indoor air pollution solutions. Includes information on pet care, sleep problems, and air cleaning.
Dampp-Chaser Corporation - Specializing in dehumidifiers for closets, storage rooms, or closed spaces in order to help alleviate allergies and eliminate dampness, mold, or mildew.
Dietary Card - Personalised cards listing your diet restrictions for help ordering in restaurants. Translations include English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
ENTsol Hypertonic Nasal Spray - Commercial site with helpful links and pollen counter. This spray is a natural, safe, preservative-free way to help clear stuffiness,prevent sinus infections, reduce swelling and breathe better fast.
Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network - Offers medication pouches, wallet cards, educational and business guides and posters, books, and training tools.
HealthGuard - Two antimicrobial products, to destroy dust mites and other microbial growth, and to repel mosquitos. - Offers a blood test system to identify allergies. UK based.
Janice's Comfort Collection - Mattress sets, bath and linen items, clothing that is made without dyes or chemicals for people with allergies.
Kansas Sterilaire - Offers UV purification systems. Purifies air, kills mold, viruses, bacteria, odors. Provides treatment for allergies, asthma, sick building syndrome, dirty sock syndrome, and mold.
Medipouch - Features a personal pouch-type carrier for auto injectors such as the Epipen designed to be worn around the waist.
Mission Allergy - Offers products and physician written information for allergies and allergen avoidance. Includes encasings, pillows, duvets (comforters), blankets, hepa vacuums, Blueair air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers.
Mite-Y-Fresh - Presents allergy preventative products such as moisture and odor control, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and aromatherapy. Also offers cleaning services in Australia.
Mold Inspector - Informative articles about the adverse health effects of household mold spores, how to detect household mold spores, and how to remove mold contamination from your home or office.
Nasal Air Guard - Device to filter pollen and reduce the effects of hayfever.
National Allergy Supply, Inc. - Provides supplies and products for allergy, asthma, and sinus relief as well as symptoms associated with dust mites, pollen, and mold.
Pack - Offers a line of belt pouches especially designed for carrying auto-injectors, inhalers, and medication required to deal with a wearer's medical emergency.
Priorities - Priorities offers a complete line of medically-tested environmental control products, all proven effective in protecting you from allergens.
Pure n Natural Systems, Inc. - Features a variety of air purifiers, water filters, dehumidifiers, shower filters, allergy free bedding, vacuum cleaners, and ionizers. One room to whole house systems are available.
Quorum Allergy Products - Anti-allergen bedding, masks, air filters and cleaning products. Includes product descriptions. - Provides products like cleaning supplies, HEPA air purifiers as well as anti-allergen bedding and encasements to help relieve your allergy and asthma symptoms.
Tactent.Com - Offers a broad range of allergy relief products including bedding and testing devices.
Taylor's Treasure - Forum, links and fragrance-free botanical products for parents of infants and children with excema, skin allergies, sensitive skin and diaper rash.
The Doctor's Office Allergy Reports - The Allergy, Asthma and Arthritis Information Center (AAAIC) allows for the purchase and down load of informative reports on a variety of important medical subjects.
The One Stop Allergy Shop - Provides easier access to products that have been demonstrated by research to reduce indoor allergen levels and improve allergy and asthma symptoms.
Tressl Products Inc. - Insulated carrying cases for inhalers and Epipen-type syringes for asthmatics and anaphylastic sufferers.
Unimed Products - Most comprehensive nasal rinse kit with premixed packets. An informative brochure with educational material on allergies, sinusitis, and rhinitis is also provided with the kit.
Western Allergy Services - Allergy immunotherapy, diagnostic supplies, sublingual immunotherapy, electronic prescription ordering of allergy serums and environmental control products.
York Nutritional Laboratories - Information about an at-home food allergy test which does not require a blood draw. Also ordering instructions.

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