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4 Mindfulness Meditation - Guided mindfulness meditations for practice and a teaching aid.
Attitude Adjustments - Eleven minute guided meditation to reduce stress and adjust negative attitudes, includes content description, sample, and author background.
AV3X - Relaxation video with virtual light and sound technology, and Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies encoded.
Awakened Minds, Inc. - Binaural beats for stress reduction, enhanced creativity, improved focus and clarity, and enhanced intuition.
Bak Fu Pai - White Tiger System - Meditation videos based on Chi Kung, used for health and self-improvement, includes program description, testimonials, and FAQs.
Beyond Meditation - Download program using binaural beats for relaxation.
CalmSleep - Guided relaxation by Thor Kristinsson on CD or downloadable MP3. Includes audio sample.
Cerebral Massage - Audio programs for adults and children to promote relaxation, stress-management, self-esteem, and learning.
Circle of Light Publishing - Offers guided meditation tapes including deep sleep, healing, and manifesting abundance, includes expected benefits, author background, and free articles.
Crystal Feather Presents - Meditations to nurture spiritual growth and promote mental and physical vitality using crytals and music, includes track descriptions and related musical compositions.
Dr. Borrie - Guided meditation and breathing mastery audio programs, also offers music only tapes, with product catalog and doctor biography.
Energy Illumination, Inc. - Personalized guided meditation tapes, includes samples and related articles.
Enhanced Healing - Programs to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve self esteem.
Esa Alraune - Recordings geared toward those who have little time to meditate.
Flightwaves - Self-empowering meditation programs, includes testimonials, audio samples, and related seminar schedule.
Guided Fortune - Guided program to improve spiritual and material well being.
Healing Power Meditations - A series of illness specific meditation programs including pain management, lifestyle change, cancer and cardiac recovery, and anxiety, with research information and endorsements.
Health and Wealth Inc. - Offering a wide range of meditation, hypnotherapy, and astral projection audio programs, with online catalog and related relaxation tools.
Higher Balance Institute - Comnining brain enhancement technology with advanced meditation techniques and philosophies to deliver a powerful spiritual breakthrough.
Inhale Success - Conscious breathing and visualization program replacing early-life negative imprinting with a positive script.
Isaboangel's Meditation - Guided meditations for all aspects of life.
Just Relax - Guided meditation and sound therapy relaxes the listener to sleep. Includes benefits, related articles, and product guarantee.
Light Meditations - Relaxation and guided meditation tapes, includes background of the performers.
Little Known Keys To Relaxation - Audio tape by Randy Berkman, Ph.D., licensed psychotherapist specializing in relaxation training.
Living Your Gift - Meditation and relaxation CDs to assist in living a stress free lifestyle, specializing in treating sleep disorders.
Mach1 Audio - Guided meditation audio and video programs for self-help and spiritual growth, includes available titles and descriptions.
Manage Stress Now - Audio and video tapes for relaxation and stress management.
Mayavision - Rejuvenating courses for mental, physical, and spiritual health. Includes samples.
Medigrace - Audio meditation guides for use in medical conditions such as childbirth, AIDS and cancer care, and near death situations, includes product information, practical applications, and training.
Meditainment - Audio CD using computer assisted meditation for a customized relaxation experience.
Meditate for Calm Awareness - Audio recording designed to reduce stress, unlock inner potentials and promote mental and emotional well-being.
Meditation - Offers meditation CDs as well as suggestions for meditating.
Meditation and Transformation - Guided imagery programs for relaxation and personal growth. - Custom silent sound subliminal, and Mozart-Tomatis Effect CDs and cassette tapes. Offers industry news, EEG samples, patent information, and a newsletter.
Mind Over Cancer - Guided visualization and meditation tapes for alternative treatments of cancer.
Mind Technology - Sound therapy utilizing audiostrobe, binaural beats, nature sounds, and frequency patterns to induce brainwave entrainment.
Mystic Twins - Guided meditation and past-life regression CDs. Includes available titles and expected benefits.
New World Products - Audio tapes which assist in achieving deep meditation in order to relieve stress and improve health.
Noromaa Solutions - Sound and visual stimulation for relaxation and meditation, self-hypnosis, and alleviation of headaches and migraines.
Protected Being Pty, Ltd. - Yoga based CD designed to be used in the morning before the day begins.
Quantum Leap Cancer Series - Audio program using visualization techniques to destroy cancer cells, reduce stress, and give relief during chemotherapy.
Radiant Heart Audio Tapes - Guided meditations on tape to encourage spiritual growth, enlightenment, psychic development, miracle consciousness, and love.
Real Life Meditations - Topic specific programs using repetitive suggestion to decrease stress, change behavior, and promote well being.
Reinventing Myself - Guided meditations to reduce stress, increase general health, and change habits. Also offers personal affirmations and inspiring quotes.
Relaxation CDs - Combining the relaxing sounds of nature with calming music to achieve a more meditative state.
Rodney Stoddart - A set of meditation and visualization tapes to achieve positive personal change, includes process description, testimonials, and recommended reading.
Shyam Tapes - Relaxation and meditation audio tapes, includes product catalog and related recordings.
Song of the Sacred Gong - Traditional gong meditations from India, with program description and usage instructions.
The Bible's Best Kept Secret - Combining scripture and the rituals of Tefillin and Communion for therapeutic meditations.
The Healing Ground - Guided meditation featuring didgeridoo sounds.
Thera Sounds, Inc. - A meditation program corresponding to each color and chakra.
Tranquility Training - Method of achieving deep meditative states utilizing brainwaves, binaural beats and meditation.
VIth Sense Guided Meditations - Guided Meditations promoting relaxation and holistic healing. Includes audio samples.

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