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Magnetic Therapy
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Advanced Health and Sleep Systems - Jewelry, mattress pads and bedding, insoles, and body wraps.
Advanced Living Technology - An electromagnetic shield that provides protection against radiation and more.
Alexander House - Body wraps, pet beds, jewelry, insoles, and mattress pads.
Australian Magnet Therapy - Pillows and underlays, insoles, jewelry, and pet products.
Beauty Magnets - Magnetic, natural face-lift products, includes recipes and testimonials.
Best Health Centre - Quantronics, kinesiology, and electronic resonance systems.
Bio Magnetic Therapy - Mattress and pillow pads, chair back supports, and shoe insoles and more.
Bioflex Medical Magnetics - Body wraps, braces and supports, foot care, and other magnetic accessories and more.
BioMag - Wool mattress underlays and pet beds.
Biomag Magnetic Therapy - Manufacturers of magnetic therapy devices including body care, water treatment, and jewelry.
BioTransMed Therapy Products - Delivers a broad frequency spectrum of positively, harmoniously and more.
BMI Magnetics International - Providing magnetic pain relief products including jewelry, buttons, body wraps and more.
BuyaMag - Supplies a range of magnetic therapy products including magnetic belts, jewelry, water ionizers and more.
Centurion Systems - Magnetic pulse therapy equipment for use on humans and animals.
ComfortSmith - Provider of magnetic pain relief patches, and chair and mattress pads, highlighting expected benefits and usage instructions.
Curatronic Ltd. - Magnetic field therapy equipment for home care and clinical therapy including pain management and more.
DM Products - Magnet therapy products including jewelry, mattresses, informational books and more.
E-Magnet Shop - Pain relief and magnetic therapy products including mattress pads, wraps, insoles, jewelry and more.
EarthPulse MagnetoTherapy - Pulsed electro magnetic therapy (PEMF) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).
Edwin Healthcare - Electromagnetic chairs and pads, supplements, and oxygen.
Emerson World Wide - Magnetic therapy wraps for a variety of joint and muscle pains, also offering direct application single magnets.
EZ Pain Relief - Provides online sales of a variety of magnetic products, including bedding, shoe inserts, jewelry, and wraps.
Feel Great International - Belts and wraps, mats and cushiosn, and pet beds.
Garden Cottage - Therapeutic jewelry, supports, wraps, insoles, and pet collars.
Genesen - Acutouch pointers for non-invasive magnetic acupuncture.
Get Well Magnetically - Therapeutic products including supports and braces, pillows and mattress pads amd more.
Good Health Center - Magnetic wraps and supports, ionized bracelets, and support stockings.
Happy Daze Magnets - North Pole facing rare earth magnets for pain relief.
Health Wise Magnetic - 100% handmade bracelets, anklets, and necklaces that bring magnetic therapy to the body to relieve pain.
Health-Magnets - Pain relief and performance enhancement magnetic products including insoles, wraps, sleeves and more.
Healthcare Products Company - Magnetic belts, wraps, and jewelry, also offers a water magnetizing kit.
Healthforge - Magnetic water treatment devices, includes related articles and warranty information.
Homewater Magnetic Therapy - Complete line of magnetic therapy products including jewelry, insoles, pillows more.
J-D-A Magnotherpy - Magnetic wrist straps to increase blood flow and increase oxygen circulation and more
Kimberly Health Products - Jewelry, discs, supplements, insoles, and pet products.
Magic Belt - Relief with magnetic healing therapy for back problems. Alternative therapy products will provide back pain relief and back support.
Magic Sleep - Contoured magnetic pillows and lumbar supporters.
Magnacare Pty, Ltd - Australian company working in the field of pulsed electromagnetic therapy offering products for pain relief and more.
MagnaMax - Mail order sales from the UK for an adjustable polarity magnotherapy device.
MagnaTick - Magnetic jewelry, watches, and other therapeutic products, includes benefits and pet items.
Magnawool - Underlays and mattress pads. Includes research data.
Magnebelt Limited - Belts and body straps for pain relief.
MagneCare - Handcrafted magnetic therapy products including pillows, belts and wristbands, insoles, and more.
Magnet Emporium - Offers information, FAQs and magnetic products.
Magnet EZe - Rare Earth magnets and discs, copper jewelry, and magnetic sheeting from Australia.
Magnet Therapy - Information about the therapy and products which help relieve pain..
Magnetic Alternatives - Australian manufacturer of insoles, jewelry, pillows, and body wraps.
Magnetic Health Care - Safe, drug free, cost effective and easy to use method of self-treatment and more.
Magnetic Jewelry Shop - Jewelry, braces, and insoles for relief and energy enhancement, with product descriptions.
Magnetic MyPads - Basic and adjustable magnetic sleep pads, includes features, slux system, and research.
Magnetic Products International - Magnetic body care products including facial masks, jewelry and more.
Magnetic Products International - Medical studies and FAQs. Sales of magnetic therapy products including magnetic jewelry.
MAGNETiC Therapy - Help to re-address imbalance by allowing the body to repair itself, from within.
Magnetic Therapy - Magnetic therapy products provides the finest in bio magnetic health therapy products.
Magnetic Therapy Direct - Magnetic jewelry and body wraps. Highlighting available designs and benefits.
Magnetic Therapy Ltd. - Sales of a variety of magnetic health products from England.
Magnetic Therapy Sales - Magnets for support and pain reduction.
Magnetic Therapy UK - Cotton and wool magnetic bedding. Also offers jewelry.
MagnetiCare - New revolutionary health magnet (Rx Magnets) that has been shown to relieve pain, arthritis pain and more.
Magnetico - Mattress pads for standard and water beds.
Magnets 4 Health - Provides a range of magnetic health products and information.
Magnets 4 Therapy - Australian supplier of neodymium magnetic products. Information on use of magnetic products. - Discover the healing power of magnets. Shop for magnetic jewelry, mattresses, body wraps and more.
Magno-Pulse Ltd. - All products are manufactured at their factory in the UK.
Magnopro - Pulsed magnetic filed underlay and padding. Includes technical data and financing options.
MagPulse - The device produces a pulsed magnetic field and has been used by a variety of people for the past 18 years.
Mantra - Magnetic therapy products including biomagnetic bands for sale online.
MBGJ.Org Limited - Sales of Ladycare, claimed to help with menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea).
Medicine of the Third Millenium - Resonance frequency therapy software program.
MilliPulse, Inc. - Electro-magnetic therapy device provides relief from pain, relaxed sleep, and sports enhancement.
Natural Feeling - Biomagnetic mattresses and pillows, body wraps, show inserts, cushions, and spots magnets.
Neilos - Magnetic harmonizers for body care and water improvements.
Norstar Biomagnetics - Magnetic therapeutics for healing and performance enhancement, includes product catalog and FAQs. - Shop online for medical magnets. Learn about magnet therapy and pain relief.
Pain Free Living - Copper, ionic, and hematitie jewelry and body wraps.
PMF Products Pty Ltd. - Exclusive distributor of quantronic resonance system in Australia.
Polarize - Body wraps, jewelry, insoles, and pet products. Includes product support and clearance section.
Prime Products - Products for your health and wallet. Magnetic therapy bracelets, mineral supplement products and more.
Pro - Offering a variety of magnetic products, including magnetic mattress pads, magnetic inserts and more.
PsychoPhysics Labs - Offers pulsed magnetic, telepathy, and biofeedback equipment.
Pulse Magnetic Therapy - A bio electromagnetic pulse machine for managing pain, sleep disorders and more.
Relaxation Zone - Magnetic therapy products and information to help ease pain, increase circulation and stay healthy and fit.
Rolor Electronics Corp. - Tens, acupuncture, magnet therapy, muscle stimulator, cosmetics, promotion.
Sabona - Copper and gold jewelry, back supports, and rubbing oil.
Shanghai Magnet and Biotech, Ltd - Magnetic plaster discs for pain relief and healing, highlighting acupuncture points for proper placement.
Shangri-La Well Being Products - Various magnetic healing products such as jewelry, rubbing disks, and back massager, includes testimonials.
Starlite Jewels - Jewelry, wraps, discs, and heating pads.
Stuck on You - A leading supplier of magnetic products for humans and horses.
Sun Medical - Biomagnetic products assisting with pain relief including bedding, body supports and braces, jewelry, and chairs.
Synergy For Life - Magnets provide an excellent alternative for pain relief, therapeutic medical strength magnets.
Tectonic Magnets - Supports and body wraps, discs and dots, jewelry, and insoles.
The Copper Council - Jewelry and watches, mattress pads, massagers, and pet products. Includes testimonials and special offers.
The Pain Relievers - Therapeutic products including bracelets, body wraps, and bedding.
The Radionics Magnetic Shop - Radionic talismans and other irradiating products. Includes product definitions and expected benefits.
Therion Research, Inc. - Manufacturer of professional quality magnetic therapy products. Includes endorsements and newsletter.
World of Magnets, Ltd. - Pain relief through jewelry, pet collars, and bedding.
Worldwide Magnets - Magnetic therapy for the whole body.

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