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1001 Herbs - Single herbs and special formulas with product search by specific ailment or alphabetical. Also includes herbal almanac and special properties.
5th Element Products - Offering bulk herbs, teas, aromatherapy, bath and body products, and essential oils. Also offers candles, books, and related herbal accessories.
800 Herbal - Offers essiac, liver cleanser, chaga, and dionaea tonics. Also offered in tea forms.
A Healthy New You - Barley green, herbal fiberblend, digestive, supplements, diet and fiber.
ActiveHerb Technology, Inc. - Offers standardized extracts and specialty formulas with reviews on health benefits, safety, and research.
Akahdahmah Herbs - Herbal supplements and specialty formulas for specific ailments.
Alfa Vitamins Laboratories, Inc. - Herbal remedies, minerals, vitamins, and nutritional supplements. Features health news, specials, and product guarantee.
All-Vita NorthWest - Pharmaceutical grade herbal formula supplements and topical treatments.
Alternative Medicine Unlimited - Bulk herbs, extracts, blended combinations, aromatherapy, and remedy specific formulas.
Amazon Discovery - Herbal supplement formulated from herb extracts from the Amazon Rainforest.
American Herbal Company - Homeopathic remedies, personal care products, herb seeds, supplements, and teas. Also offers books and videos, and culinary herbs.
Ameriden International, LLC - A variety of supplements and specialty formulas, specializing in olive leaf extract.
Angels Herbs - Supplements and skin care products, specializing in formulas for women.
Anima Mundi - Wholesale dried medicinal and culinary herbs, and Bach flowers.
Anytime Herbal - Single herbs and special preparations for a variety of ailments from India.
Arizona Mountain Herbals - Handcrafted tinctures, glycerites, teas, soaps, bodycare products, and essential oils.
Artemis Herbs - Organic tinctures, dried herbs, aromatic waters, oils, and creams. Includes information for using herbs, contra-indications, and drug interactions.
Artemisia Botanicals Company - Manufacturing organic and wild-harvested herbal tinctures, extracts, salves and balms, and teas. Includes a guide to traditional uses.
Artour Peru - Peruvian herbal products including Maca, Cat's Claw, and Shark Cartilage. Features herbal descriptions, properties, uses, and benefits.
Ashitaba - Formulas based on Japanese medicine. Includes research studies.
Asian Medicines - Ayurvedic, Tibetan, and Traditional Chinese medicine herb blends. Also offers herbal books.
Avalon Apothecary - Bulk herbs, oils and tinctures, teas, incense, skin care and bath items, and smoking blends.
Avena Botanicals - Organic and wild crafted tinctures, teas, and supplements. Also offers herbalist classes in Maine.
Back To Nature Herbs - Herbal supplements and skin care products. Also offers viamins and juicers.
Batory Asset Management, Inc. - Supplements, ointments, and specialty formulas. Includes research data and articles.
Bella Health Company - Homeopathics and herbal remedies, formulations for specific ailments, and tinctures.
Belle's Botanicals - Essential and carrier oils, dried herbs, aromatherapy lamps, and diffusers. Also offers massage tools and related books.
Bennett Natural Products - Offers peppermint oil based products from Denmark.
Black Kat Herbals - Single herb and blended formulas, homeopathics, teas, and topial treatments. Also offers herbals for pets.
Blessed Maine Herb Farm - Herbal products made with certified organic and wild-gathered herbs and flowers. Includes teas, tinctures in organic alcohol, salves, beauty care, and incense.
Bliss Herbals - Herbal teas and supplements featuring St. Johns Wort, with formulas and benefits.
Busha's Brae Herb Farm - Teas, bath products, and culinary herbs. Also offers garden tours and classes in Michigan.
Center for Natural Healing - Specializing in liquid herbal extracts, oils, salves, elixirs, internal cleansing kits, and children's herbal products. Lists monthly specials, clearance items, and policies.
Chi Herbal Infusions - Revitalizing tonic, skin and body products, and meditation pillows.
Chi's Enterprises, Inc. - Whole herb formulas and specialty blends. Also offers salves and ointments.
Church Hill Herbs - Medicinal and culinary herbs, essential and fragrance oils, potpourri, and herbal accessories. Also offers recipes and a newsletter.
Cielo Ethnobotanicals - Dried herbs, extracts, special formulas, and beverages, includes herbal effects and accessories.
Clinique Lafontaine - Essential oils and aromatherapy, plant complexes and herbal remedies, skin care products, and botanical mineral formulas.
Cornercopia Farms - Echinacea Angustifolia bulk seeds and roots. Also offers calendula.
Country Cottage Works - Dried herbs and spices in bulk form, essential oils, bath and body products, herbal teas, and candles.
Coyote Moon Herbs and Spices - Organic herbal products including teas, supplements, tinctures and oils, and topical treatments. Also offers potpourri and animal products.
Creative Oddities - Teas, skin care creams, soaps, and tonics. Also offers herbal consultations.
Creekside Herbs - Family farm offers tinctures, salves, and elixirs from wildcrafted herbs.
Crystal Garden Herbs - Wild crafted single herb formulas, specialty blends, teas, and body care products.
D'Arcy Naturals - Alternative medicine remedies in single herb and specialty formulas. Also offers a symptoms and solutions directory.
Dancing Rain Naturals - Remedies hand-made by a certified herbalist. Also offers teas and tinctures.
Dews Research Laboratories - Single herb and special formulas for specific ailments.
Disability Training Services - Ginkgo green capsules from New Zealand. Includes clinical data.
Doctor Phyto - Organic and wild-crafted formulas including essential oils, aromatherapy pillows, supplements, extracts, and therapeutic bath products.
Dr. Goldman Pharma - Raw herbs, resins, roots, and powders from a variety of herbs, specializing in products from Peru.
Dragon Herbarium - Herbal pharmacy offering bulk herbs, spices, teas, essential oils,and tinctures. Also offers related products and accessories.
Dragon River Herbals - Wild crafted single herb tinctures, and custom blended formulations. Includes recommendations for specific conditions.
Dry Creek Herb Farm - Wildcrafted teas, tinctures, oils, specialty blends, and bulk herbs. Includes newsletter, recommendations, and formulas.
Earth Images Pty. Ltd - Australian company offering organically grown herbs, teas, and a range of body care products.
EarthHealth Worldwide - Herbal drinks, dietary supplements, bodycare products, and blended remedies. Also offers organic foods and seasonings.
Econoherbs - Supplements, skin care, and teas specializing in reishi mushroom blends.
EcoPlant - Dried organic herbs in bulk and teas, specializing in rainforest plants.
Ecuadorian Rainforest, LLC. - Herbal supplements and powders, and fruit and vegetable extracts.
El Milagro Herbs - Organic and wild crafted extractions, teas, and body care products.
Essence of Botanica - Healing herbs, tea, and specialty formulas for specific ailments. Also offers spices and herb mixes.
Essential Plants Extracts - Teas, oils, extracts, and tinctures from South African native herbs. Features herbal descriptions, properties, and medicinal uses. / LER - Herbs and herbal products, oils and extracts, nutritional supplements, body care products, coffee and tea, and related books. Specializing in rare ethnobotanical seeds, herbs, and plants.
Evergreen Herbs - Organic or ethically harvested for bodycare products, nutritional formulas, and teas. Also offers workshops.
Everything Herbs - Herbal remedies, essential oils, Chinese medicines, and teas. Includes a guide to herbs and their uses.
Farmacopia Clinical Supplementation, LLC - Custom blended herbal extracts and standardized nutritional supplements.
Fine Herbs - Single herb liquid extracts. Details the manufacturing process and expected benefits.
Finebush - A supplier of medicinal plants native to South Africa. Includes product descriptions and recommended usages.
Firehawk Herbals - Bulk herbs, teas, aromatherapy, and bath products. Also offers sachets and incense, and gift certificates.
Floraleads - Supplements, teas, tinctures, and skin care products. Also offers culinary herbs.
Full Circle Herbs - Natural remedies for skin care, first aid, and special formulas for baby care.
Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary - Small batch crafted organic or wild harvested dried herbs, tinctures, and tea blends.
Gan-Ya Botanicals - Herbal research center offering organic handmade flower essences, tinctures, salves, teas, and oils.
Garcias Imports - Imported remedies from Peru, specializing in maca and cat's claw blends. Includes recommendations for specific ailments.
Garden of Grace Botanicals - Supplements and blended remedies, tinctures, teas, and oils. Also offers bulk dried herbs.
Gardens of the Ancients - Raw form medicinal and culinary herbs, supplements, essential and blended oils, teas, and tinctures. Also offers books.
Ginseng Domain - Ginseng extracts and capsules, royal jelly, guarana, and aloe vera products.
Go Guarana - Guarana supplements, natural stimulants, botanicals, and energy drinks from the Brazilian amazon rainforest.
Go With Herbs - Herbs, consultations, aromatherapy, chinese herbs and homeopathics.
Golden Earth Herbs - Healing salves, flower essences, and tinctures for mood enhancement.
Good for You America - Swedish bitters, maca supplements, and green food tablets. Also offers water filters.
Good Things For You - Information about herbs and other natural items, as well as products. All natural, handmade, and aromatherapeutic.
Grandma's Herbs - Herbal formulas that promote better health.
Great Living Herbs - Supplements and skin care products. Also offers home study certificate courses in aromatherapy and herbalism.
Green Healing Herbs - Information about their herbal products and an one-week intensive treatment for interstitial cystitis.
Green Kingdom Herbs - Manufacturer of Chinese, western, and Ayurvedic single herbs, blends, and extracts.
Green Valley Herbal Enterprises - A Colorado certified organic establishment offering a wide range of herbal products, gifts, herbal teas and monthly recipes.
Green Woman Herbs - Offers online ordering of organic, herbal products such as herbal remedies, all natural skin care, gift baskets, herb teas.
Grian Herbs - Offers tinctures, massage oils, and healing salves from herbs grown organically in Montpelier, Vermont. Educational information on herbs, herb gardening, making medicine, and traditional uses of many extracts.
H & M Herbs - Located in Fort Oglethorpe, GA. Herbs for weight loss, energy and health.
Hartley's Traditional Products - Specialist supplier of Solgar herbal products including vitamins, minerals, tinctures, herbal preparations, creams and lotions, and hair tonic.
Harvest Fields - Essential oils and custom blends, also offers botanicals, spices, coffee and tea, and empty capsules.
Healing Arts Clinic - Tinctures and capsules, topical treatments, and lip balms.
Health Boosters - Source for Noni juice, enzymes, echinacea, ginkgo biloba, and 40 plus additional herbal supplements.
Health Center For Better Living - Herbs and better living formulas.
Health Promotions - Ross Gardiner Medicines from Nature, herbal medicines and food supplements.
Health4all Ltd - Supply herbal remedies, essential oils and sports nutrtion products.
Hello Indya - Ayurvedic, single herb, oils and extracts, teas, and body care products.
Herb and Vitamin Center - Herbal combinations, health combo packs, vitamins, supplements and pet products.
Herb Awareness - Custom formulas for supplements, topical treatments, and oils. Also offers single and bulk herbs.
Herb Cupboard - Sales of herbal products including teas, blends and bulk.
Herb Palace - Offers herbal supplements for diabetes, immune system, allergies, and vitamin supplements.
Herb Products - Offers a variety of herbs and spices, extracts, and essential oils.
Herb Store - Offers herbs, spices, pure essential oils, vegetable oils, extracts, teas, perfume, stump balm, weight loss, online consultation and detox.
Herb, Medicines and Therapeutics - Products for arthritis, ulcer, sexual disorder and other disorders. Information as well as contact details for ordering.
Herbal Advantage - Supplements, extracts, topical formulas, and whole herb products. Also offers culinary spices and tea.
Herbal Advisor - Offers a wide variety of herbal and nutritional supplements, special formulas, and natural products. Features an herbal reference library and related health tips.
Herbal Cafe - Offers loose-leaf herbal tea, green tea and herb products, including tinctures and whole food supplements. News and views, about the company and contact details
Herbal Chi Alternative Medicine - Offer information and products on vitamins and minerals.
Herbal Elegance - Organic herbs and spices, essential and perfume oils, aromatherapy, and cosmetics.
Herbal Evolution - Offering body care products and massage oils.
Herbal Fitness - Tinctures and teas, bath products, supplements, essential oils, and bulk herbs.
Herbal Gardens - Custom made supplements, using no chemicals or preservatives.
Herbal Global - Offers herbal remedies, vitamins and alternative medicine online.
Herbal Powers - Supplements, coffee, and specialty formulas from the Far East.
Herbal Remedies Information Center - Information and access to over 800 herbal products.
Herbal Remedies USA, LLC - Herbal supplements, cosmetics and skin care, tea, and essential oils.
Herbal Science Nutrition - Offers an herbal supplement for prostate health, and yerba mate teas.
Herbal Sciences, LLC - Tinctures and topical treatments from custom blended formulas.
Herbal Shop - Dried herbs and herbal blends to make your own tinctures and tonics.
Herbal-Gardens - Herbal remedies and related products including whole herbs, roots, bark, resins, aromatherapy oils, natural teas, and accessories.
Herban Avenues - Herbal lotions, teas, tinctures, and bath products, includes online catalog and childrens gifts. - Selection of herbs, supplements, vitamins and antioxidants.
HerbCare - Teas and drink blends, stevia, dental pain powder, and specialty formulas.
Herbhealer, Inc. - Medicinal herb teas, oils, supplements, and beauty products, with product descriptions and message board.
Herbies - Natural herbal therapy heating pacs. Features available sizes and ingredients.
Herbo Tibet - Tibetan medicine formulas for a variety of ailments. Includes articles and product library.
Herbs 4 Healing - Natural herbs for an alternative approach to healing and recovery.
Herbs 4 Healing Limited - Tinctures, capsules, powders, and teas from organic wild crafted botanicals.
Herbs By Design - The exclusive distributor of herbal combinations developed by the Monastery of Herbs, previously available only to Doctors and Health Practitioners.
Herbs By Lisa - Natural herbal products including single herbs, men and women formulas, weight loss products, Chinese, essential oils, and children's herbs.
Herbs For Health - A Canadian based supplier of herbal capsules, ointments, teas, parfums, spices and seasonings.
Herbs Hands Healing - Herbal treatments, teas, waters, body care products, massage and essential oils. Qualified herbalists, online shop, free catalogue. Established since 1978.
Herbs of Grace - Organic, wild crafted and conventional herbal supplements from sustainable sources.
Herbs of Light - Wildcrafted herbal blends and extracts. Highlights product formulas and Biodynamics information.
Herbs, Gardens & Health - Herbal remedies, vitamins, and supplements, as well as natural and organic toiletries and cosmetics. - Organic herbs and natural botanicals. Vitamins and supplements. Body and environment friendly products.
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare - Offering pharmaceutical grade herbal remedies.
Himalaya Pure Herbs - Herbal extracts, blends, specialty formulas, and body care products.
His Garden Botanicals - Hand crafted custom formulations of single herb tinctures and salves, teas, colon cleanses, and other specialty products.
Homegrown Herbals - Manufactures and sells wholesale, custom, and private labeled organic herbs, oils, and salves using sustainable agricultural methods, producing 40 blends and 120 singles.
Hoosier Herbal Remedy - Vinegar based herb supplement for weight loss. - Designed to naturally relieve pain and stress.
In Harmony Herbs - Certified organically grown or harvested from the wild herbs, seeds, and extracts. Also offers spices and teas.
Incense Magic Limited - Medicinal herbs and blends, tinctures, flower oils, and skin care products. Also offers culinary herbs.
Indigo Herbals - Loose herbs and body care products. Includes related event schedules and specials.
Instant Results - Get instant results when using intra oral sprays. Synergistic blends of the world's most well established herbs and vitamin supplements. This scientifically proven delivery system is why our product can deliver the results you expect.
ISO - Herbal supplements, essential and carrier oils, and skin care products. Also offers health assessments and books.
Jean's Greens - Providing herbs and accessories including teas, extracts, oils, homeopathic remedies, jars, and beauty products.
Jiaogulan Herbal Products - Explore the herb Jiaogulan and its medicinal qualities - how it is used to treat both men's and women's problems, and to enhance performance.
Jims Herbs - Herbal supplements and natural remedies, bath and body care products, teas, and bulk herbs. Also offers organic foods.
Judy's Organic Herbs - Dried herbs, oils, teas, tinctures, and supplements.
Kathy's Herb Shop - Herbs, vitamins, health products and books.
Kristin's Herbal Creations - Featuring organic herbal essentials for mind, body and spirit and meditation.
Kroscen Herbal Products - Supplements and topical treatments from Nova Scotia.
Lakon Herbals - Skin care from nature's pharmacy. Massage and body oils, skin care products, and organic herbal massage lotions.
Lark's Herbs & Oils - Organic essential and massage oils, supplements, teas, soaps, and candles.
Lavender Moon Herb Gardens - All-natural skin care products made from organic herbs. Also offers first-aid products, teas, oils, salves, extracts, and gift baskets.
Leaves and Roots - Supplying all your herbal needs. Bulk and individual herbs. Oils, both massage and essential. Herbal supplies and books.
Life Balm - Herbal products featuring Dr Christopher's Original Formulas, a health library, and book store.
Life Thyme Botanicals - Organic herbs, spices, teas, handmade soaps, and bath and body care products. ALso offers books and candles.
Lifesource Naturals Health Products - All natural herbal health products.
Living Earth Herbs - Bath and body care products, teas, bulk herbs, incense, and supplements.
Living Light Energies - Natural health herb and herbal holistic products designed to help people heal and grow.
Living Well Naturally - Hundreds of whole herbs, oils, minerals and extracts.
Long Creek Herb Farm - Supplements, dream pillows, specialty formulas. Also offers books and pet products.
Longevita Scientific - Specializes in plant-based extracts including oncolyn, polysaacharide peptide, cordyceps,rhodiola, longevity crystal, golden mountain tea.
Madawas Of Zanzibar - Most interesting and informative site with medicinal herbal products from zanzibar for sale. Features pictures of native herbs and spices of zanzibar and healthy living tips.
Maggie's Herb Basket - Essential oils and aromatherapy products, bulk herbs, and herbal supplements. Also offers natural bodycare products.
Magical Botanicals Inc - Offering herbal organic smoking blends and potion elixir mixes.
Majestic Mountain Trading - Provides herbs and supplements for alternative health. Includes information on maintaining the body's systems and a healthy lifestyle.
Majik by Mother Nature - Essential oils, bath and body, aromatherapy, massage products, and teas.
Mandr Enterprizes, LLC - Body care and soaps, tinctures, and heat therapy pads. Also offers edible herbs and spices.
Marilyn Farms - Supplements, vitamins, cleansing kits, and herbal household cleaners.
Maui Medicinal Herbs, Inc. - Organics grown in Hawaii including kava, noni, and echinacea. Also offers skin care products.
Mayan Herbals - Details ancient Mayan traditions with updates based on current research, and offers certified-organic or wild-crafted herbs grown by Mayans on the Yucatan Peninsula.
Meadow Sweet - Provides essential oils, herbal products, supplies, and capsules.
Medicine Garden Australia - Plants, seeds, oils, and dried herb specialists supplying retail and bulk products, includes product descriptions, accessories, and shipping regulations.
Mercy Oil - Oils from nigella sativa for internal or topical use. - Manufactures and markets consumer natural herbal health care products.
Milt Holle's Bargain Barn - Topical pain relief spray, and weight loss supplement.
MissHelaineous Herb and Teas - Dried herbs, teas, sachets and pillows, and beauty products. Also offers related herbal links.
Mix Industries, Inc - Teas and supplements specializing in colon cleansing formulas.
Monarda Herbal Apothecary - Bulk herbs, extracts, tea blends, syrups, salves and balms.
Mountain Garden's - Single and blended formula tinctures, fresh and dried herbs, seeds, and plants. Also offers apprenticeships and workshops.
Mountain Gardens - Offering seeds, plants, root cuttings, tinctures, teas, and tonics. Also offers self-help, preservation, and other related herbal articles.
Mountain Rose Herbs - Product information on organic medicinal herbs, herbal capsules, extracts, essential oils, and aromatherapy.
Mountain Spirit Herb Company - All natural teas and blends, salves, smoking mixtures, essential oils, bath and body oils, and dry bulk herbs.
MPS Marketing - Offers herbal products, introduction, company information, studies and ordering instructions.
Mt. Shasta Botanicals - Organic tonics, extracts, teas, and tinctures. Also offers custom blended formulas.
Mudear's Finest Herbal Products - All natural moisturizing salves, and blended teas. Also offers gift baskets.
Mystic Potions - Bulk herbs, essential oils, salves and tinctures, and incense. Also offers candles and soaps.
N2 Natural Health, Inc. - Offers herbal remedies, skin care, and nutritional supplements.
Naka Sales, Ltd. - All natural herbal supplements and health products, with product list and ailment remedies.
Naked Herbs - Therapeutic herbs and aromatherapy products hand crafted for bath and beauty, oils, and teas.
Native American Botanics - Supplements and whole leaf teas. Includes traditional Native American uses for each product.
Natural Health Hut - Herbal tinctures and specialty formulas. Includes product specifications and general herb information.
Natural Source International - Dietary supplements which help regulate the biological systems in order to maintain a general equilibrium, formulated from natural extracts of tropical plants.
Naturalife Health, Ltd - All natural herbal products to improve health and combat disease. Includes product formulas, herb descriptions, and industry articles.
Naturavit, Inc. - Manufacturer of all natural herbal supplments including maca, noni, and colon cleansers.
Nature Drug - Offers herbal alternatives to specific prescription medicines, based on diagnosis.
Natures Offerings - Supplements, remedies, and specialty formulas. Includes herbal index and hints.
Natures Remedies - Specialises in natural, uniquely formulated herbal products from South America and the rainforest, focusing on weight management and sexual well being. - Neem and Karanja products including cold-pressed, oil, cake, leaf granules and bark powder.
Noni Pacific - Importer of Noni, Kava, Maca, and Papaya supplements, includes company history and product descriptions.
Noor Herbals, LLC - Specially formulated supplements from wormwood for specific ailments.
Novadyn - Wellness products to lose weight, aid digestion, and enhance the immune system.
Nutriteck Ultra Bio-Logics Inc. - Educational information about the dietary supplements and raw materials offered.
Nutrition Outreach - Herbal remedy products. Formulations and combinations of products along with specific detailed programs that include the products, food combinations, herbal teas, juices and special diets.
Oklahoma Botanicals - Herbal formulas for detoxification programs, circulation, anti-spasmodic, and topical pain relief, includes product specifications and herbal information.
Olde Timers Herbals - Supplements and tinctures, salves, and herbal pet supplies.
Omega Biotech Corporation - Supplement from bio-active phytochemicals including grape seed extract.
Organeem, LLC - Pure, cold-pressed neem oil from India. Includes information about the neem tree and various uses of the oil.
Osumex - All natural supplements and probiotics. Also offers mushrooms and detox test kits.
Path To Health - A balanced, wholesome approach to healthier living.
Penn Herb Company - Offers herbs, spices, natural remedies and essential oils to help restore and maintain a vibrant, healthy body. Includes a catalog and company information.
Pennys Herb Company - WIld crafted herbs, pure plant essential oils, and salves. Also offers an herbology school.
Peru Village - All natural herbal supplements and teas, with descriptions of the available Peruvian-native herbs. Also lists general rain forest and Peru information.
Phyto-longevity, Inc. - Offers products and information for Adaptogenic Extracts. Also offers the same herbs we use in our formulas in bulk.
Pike Herb Company - Hand made herbal remedies, teas, tinctures, and oils. Also offers usage instructions and herb index.
Pinnacle Nature - Herbal health, skin, and body care products. Includes product research and benefits.
Platinum Technologies Inc. - Distributors of herbal products to major wholesalers and retail outlets. Includes information about its major products and/or links to their manufacturers. - Offers free alternative health care advice and suggested herbs to cure almost any ailment. Also acupressure and reflexology suggestions.
Present Moment Herbs & Books - Sale of bulk herbs and homeopathic remedies, an assortment of herbal extracts and capsules, vitamins and supplements, aromatherapy and essential oils, flower essences, natural personal care products and incense to warm the senses.
Products of Nature - Natural herbal and botanical products for hair, skin and body, and natural progesterone therapies for premenopausal and menopausal symptoms.
Purrfectly Herbal by Cat - Supplier of various herbal remedies, mixtures, and tinctures. Also offers herbalist classes in Utah.
Ra Nature's Power - Herbal extracts from Hawaii including kava kava, noni, and ginger. Also offers books and bulk herbs.
Radiant Wonder - Herbal and nutraceutical supplements with products and programs, specials and discounts, and related articles.
Real Dreams - All-natural herbal eye pillows, creams, balms, and teas.
Red Mountain Remedies - Natural remedies for common ailments. Reputable brands chosen for their effectiveness and pleasant taste. Includes Chinese herbs, western herbs and homeopathics.
Regime Botanicals - Natural skin care, soaps, supplements, and tinctures.
Ren-yi - Supplements, natural creams and lotions, and specialty formulas from Europe.
Resting in the River, LLC - Sustainable organic and biodynamic farm in New Mexico producing medicinal plants, dried flowers, herbs, salves, tinctures, and essential oils.
Ridgecrest Herbals - Markets over-the-counter herbal remedies and food supplements.
Rivers Bend Herbs - Organic and wild crafted supplements specializing in formulas for chakras and energy meridians.
Shamans Garden - Offers dried and fresh plants and seeds that are used by Shamans around the world.
Sharp Labs, Inc. - Manufacturer of herbal supplements for body building, sexual performance, and growth hormones.
Sheepish - Remedies from Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Tibetan practices including teas, nutritional formulas, bulk herbs, and essential oils.
Shelley's Herbals - All natural, hand-made herbal remedies including specialty oils and salves, aromatherapy and inhalants, and skin care products.
Skye Herbals - Milk thistle liquid extract. Includes clinical data and usage instructions.
Sonchelle - Herbal medicines, avocado nourishing cream, essential oils, and courses for herbal healing.
SonDon International - All-natural herbal products in a variety of health enhancing formulas, includes catalog and product descriptions.
Soria Natural - Natural herbal remedies and special formulas. Includes recommendations for specific ailments and healing properties of each herb.
South River Herbals - Organic and ethically wild crafted herbs, skin care products and supplies, teas, and related books.
Specialist Herbal Supplies - More than 100 individual herbs and herbal mixtures. Herbal programmes for menopause, colon and liver. Echinacea, agnus castus, and gingko.
Spice Discounters - Offers bulk herbs and spices, teas, empty capsules, potpourri, candles, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and related supplies.
Storybook Acres - Herbal cleaners, muscle rubs, bug repellents, and soaps handmade on the farm.
Sunstone Herb Farm - Information about a small family run farm located in the Catskills Mountains providing the quality herbal products and dried herbs.
Sweet Dove Herbs - Herb Farm sells certified organic herbs, herbal teas, herbal creams and other herbal products for a healthy body in Ontario, Canada.
Sweet Sunnah - Medicinal plants black cumin, aka. blackseed or nigella sativa are used for natural herb immune support products like manuka honey. Natural skin and hair care products also available.
Sylvias Rainforest Remedies - Natural supplements and formulas for specific ailments.
Symmetry - Herbal supplements for a variety of ailments and health issues.
Tai Botanicals - Formula extracts using organic and wildcrafted herbs based on traditional chinese medicine and western herbology.
Teardrop Farm's - Organically grown echinacea proven a superior echinacea in international studies.
The Elegant Earth - Chinese, western, and medicinal herbs including bulk, extracts, essential oils, and teas.
The Herb Cottage - Provides herbal therapy, nutritional supplements and health education.
The Herb Finder - Information about natural herbs and herbal formulas for cleansing and healing the body, designed by a master herbalist to treat specific conditions and improve health.
The Herb Shop Connection - Offers herbal remedies and alternative medicine for natural health.
The Herbal Garden Store - Blended formulas for general health and specific ailments. Also offers aromatherapy and herbal pet care products.
The Herbal Gardens - Skin care and cosmetics, supplements, teas, seeds, and edible herbs.
The Herbalist - Therapeutic herbal products for internal and external use including extracts, glycerites, teas, and massage oils.
The Herbalist Shop - Produces and sells herbal remedies made from wildcrafted and organically grown sources.
The Hip Health Company - Herbal alternatives for the mind, body and soul.
The Medicine Woman, Inc. - Line of Idaho grown, naturally prepared herbal remedies. Infused oils, tinctures, salves, and massage oils.
The Reynolds Office of Health and Nutrition - Offering hair analysis, nutritional and health products. Personal consultations available.
The Rickity Rack Shack - Herbal pain relief and progesterone skin creams. Also offers joint support supplements.
The Root Of The Matter - Organically grown maca, ginseng, goldenseal, and echinacea roots in powder and capsule form. Includes expected benefits, product comparisons, and scientific data.
The Ultimate Herb - Black seed oils, capsules, and skin cream.
The Wise Woman Workshop - Homegrown herbal business in Chattanoogan, TN providing direct sales and mail order of handcrafted herbal products. Reflexology available in Chattanooga area.
The Yellow Emperor - Herbal extracts, soap, and hard candy. Lists ailments assisted with available products, and a newsletter.
TheHealthHut - Health food and nutrition center, serving the continental United States from Bedford, Texas.
Tibetan Herbs - Tibetan herbal supplement formulas for a wide range of problems.
Triple Aspect Herbs - Organic herbs, essential oils and aromatherapy, teas, extracts, and seeds.
TriSiam - Offers various kinds herbal tea and capsules. Also offers Pueraria mirifica, the breast enlargement herb and Butea superba, the natural viagra herb.
Unani Herbalist - Offering a range of herbal formulations and remedies.
Viable Herbal Solutions - Herbal references and online sales of herbs.
Victoria Pharma London - Offers a pure garlic extract solution for natural allicin prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.
Vim N' Vigor Health And Fitness - Vitamins, minerals, herbs, specialty formulas,and supplements.
Vitality Works Inc - Extracts, oils, and speciality formulas. Includes usage instructions and recommendations for specific conditions.
Vitamin And Herb Shop - Nutritional supplements, such as vitamins, herbs and other health related products.
Walking Clover Farm - Dried herbs, blends, teas, essential oils, and perfumes. Also offers culinary herbs and garlic.
We Dig Herbs - Live plants, teas, bulk herbs, and soaps and bath salts. Includes herbal seminar and event schedules.
Well In Hand Herbals - Herbal and aromatherapy alternatives for pain, stiffness, inflammation, acne, warts, lice, minor cuts and maternity comfort.
Wellspring Botanicals - Offers the VitaBalance System of supplements for optimal health and wellness.
Whitebay World of Lavender - Australian lavender farm offering oils, tea, bath products, and skin treatments. Includes general information about lavender and harvesting details.
Wild Mountain Herbs - Wildcrafted whole herbs, tinctures and extracts, and handmade soap.
Wild Weeds - Offers fresh-dried bulk herbs, hand-crafted teas, glassware, packaging bags, labels, vegetable and topical oils, essential and perfume oils, clays, beeswax and books.
Wildcrafted - Organical and small batch crafted herbs, teas, soaps and bath products, and incense.
Wind River Herbs - Fresh certified organic herbal products. Grown naturally in the Rocky Mountains.
Wise Ways Apothecary - Bulk herbs and supplements, aromatherapy, tinctures, teas, and bath and body products.
Witches Brew - Tea blends, incense, and bath products. Also offers candles and culinary herbs.
Years To Your Health - Bulk herbs, single herb supplements, flower essences, extracts and elixirs, teas, and special formulas. Also offers cosmetics, books, and empty capsules.
Yemaya Natural Products - Herbal products for newborns and their moms including teas, skin creams and oils, and insenct repellant.

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