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Specialty Formulas
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About Herb Health - Provides the products to aid the body in healing itself. - Nutritional supplements that support or treat weight loss, prostate conditions, arthritis, heart disease, and general health. Includes special formulas and related resources.
Al-Kemi Spagyrics - Essences, herbs and formulas.
All About Menopause - Medicine Plants, under a medical advisory board, offers herbs supporting hormonal balance, good for menopause, infertility, allergies, fatigue, fibromyolgia, sexual dysfunction, impotence, and mental alertness.
All Herbal - Natural supplements specializing in formulas from the Middle East.
Alotek - Aloe based topical treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive system conditions.
Alta Health Products - Offer sil-x silica, herbal extracts, natural extracts, health formulas, pau d'arco products, and can-gest.
Ancient Mother Herbal Traditions - Manufacturers of herbal tinctures, salves, infused and aroma oils, herbal cough syrups, ear-cone candles, and lip balm. Custom blending.
Asian Herbal Products - Formulas from herbs found in the rainforests in the Phillipines, specializing in products specific for aiding diabetics.
Aurium Pharma Products - Information on herbal formulas in liquid and chewable tablet form, sold from Ontario, Canada.
Bear Pawss Traders - Special blends based on Native American medicine.
BNG Enterprises - Makers of Herbal Clean and Natural Treasures products.
Body and Sole Patches - Convenient herbal patches worn at night to effectively cleanse, detoxify, and increase metabolism, includes ingredients and usage instructions.
Botavie - Phytotherapeutic products made exclusively from plans and other natural products. Includes formulas for acne, high blood pressure, hair loss, hemorrhoids, herpes, and varicose veins.
Can-x Products - Offers black salve and tablets for holistic treatment of tumorous and viral growths. Site covers product history, case studies, and usage instructions.
Cedar Ridge Herbs - Selling organic herbal salves for diabetes and diabetic neuropathy.
Celebrate-Herbs - Information about Femmerol, a patented, organic herbal compound, for relief of PMS and menopause symptoms.
Choice Herbal - Herbal formulas for a variety of health issues including sleeplessness, acne, cold care, weight loss, impotence, and menpause relief. Features product formulas and a newsletter.
Cloud Nine Herbs - Patented formula with five different herbs for sexual enhancement.
Compound X Health Products - A unique formula that has reached through time,over several hundred years, to meet the needs of an ailing civilization
Dorwest Herbs - Traditional formulas for relief of specific symptoms. Also offers herbal shampoos and oils.
Ebroad International - Teas and supplements from Tongkat Ali for sexual health.
Emethy Medicinals - Providing the Emethy herbal formula for treatment of memory loss, trauma, blood detoxification, PMS, low vitality, stress, and immune imbalances.
eSupplements Plus - Sales of herbal remedy formulas and dietary supplements extracted from all-natural plant enzymes and herbs.
Eve's Herbs - Specialized herb formulas and homeopathic remedies for individual ailments. Includes in-depth articles about various conditions.
EyeFive, Inc. - Manufactures and distributes liquid and capsule herbal supplements.
Femhealth - Offers health information and herbal formulas for women regarding menstruation, menopause, libido boosters, anti-aging, sports nutrition, weight loss and nutritional diets and dieting.
Find Serenity Now - An all-natural, effective and safe anti-depressant. It does not lower energy levels and has no side effects.
Forest Herbs Research, Ltd. - Special formulas in capsules, creams, and oils. Includes clinical data.
Formula Master Botanicals - Herbal remedies for problems such as lack of energy, stress, PMS, impotence, and low libido.
GoodCare Pharma PVT - Information about Stress Guard, an herbal stress management formula.
Greenbush Natural Products - Specialized herbal formulations, includes information and support.
Guarana - Offers Naturale and Active herbal supplements for energy drinks: ideal health foods, dietary and nutritional supplements.
Hawaiian Health Products - Herbal formulas for cancer assistance and immune boosting, based on mushrooms. Includes clinical trial information and research.
Heal Asthma - Herbal formula for the treatment of asthma in both children and adults, with benefits and related articles.
Health Dynasty - Herbal remedies for sale. Also meal replacement and weight loss remedies.
Health Minded, LC - Herbal alternative anti-depressant. Includes product formula, research statistics, and special offer.
Healthweigh - Herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals, and teas specifically designed to aid in weight loss. Also offers green health products.
Heart Drop 2000 - Kardovite heart drops to assist with cardiovascular and health conditions. Includes ingredients, testimonials, and quality control information.
Hemp 'n' Heat - Natural herbal pain relief gel.
Her Native Roots - Organic formulas using wildcrafted herbs, based on Native American knowledge.
Herbal Age - Supplements for weight control and menstrual cramps.
Herbal Care New Zealand - Organic products for weight loss, hair growth, and to stop smoking.
Herbal Supplies Pty, Limited - Capsules, tinctures, and teas for specific conditions. Also offers skin creams. - Online sales of PhytoChi.
Herbon Naturals, Inc. - Herbon naturals, inc. We are the all-natural echinacea-based herbal cough drop company. Herbon provides you with specific cold symptom relief and boosts your immune system.
Homeocare - Offers homeopathic products and herbal formulas for common ailments along with resources and articles.
Hypericum Buyers Club - Offers assorted herbal remedies for specific ailments.
iHerb - Sells herbal supplements for mental health.
Imhotep - Imhotep manufactures ProSeed products with grapefruit seed extract. Reseller of other alternative health products.
Immuno PFS - Herbal blend as an alternative treatment for cancer.
InSpired Nutritionals - Natural treatment alternatives for a variety of disorders including thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalance, prostate enlargement, and nutritional deficiencies, also offers general information regarding these health issues.
Jeannie's Herbs - Sales of herbs online by a naturopathic doctor.
Kardovite - Herbal products, heart drops, natural herbal medicine for heart disease that may help with clogged arteries, circulation, angina pain and cholesterol levels.
Kozy Collar - Offering herbal heating packs.
Lanes - Information on Olbas, Kalms, Inulin, Hemmex and other herbal remedies and medicines.
Life Quest Herbs - Products for relief of stress, sleeplessness, nervousness and headaches that aid the body naturally.
Life Tree - Offering herbal supplements that address parasites and the causes of health challenges and diseases.
Lose Weight - The all natural approach to weight control. Drink water, take your herbs, and eat enough food.
Love Your Parts - Proprietary blends for a variety of health conditions.
MasterMind Technologies - Honey and beeswax blended with herbs and botanicals for ailment specific remedies.
Medicinal Herb of Asia - Offering angel grass as an alternative cancer remedy. Includes properties and expected benefits.
Medicor Labs - All natural formula for the treatment of anxiety and depression.
Medicures - Herbal blends for acne, arthritis, cold sores, insomnia, and various sexual dysfunctions.
Menopause Rx - All natural and herbal formula for the relief of menopause, with how it works, features and benefits, and dosage instructions.
Menopause Rx - Information about treatment regimens for symptoms of menopause/perimenopause involving natural remedies.
Metabolic Nutrition - Offers Hydravax, a natural herbal diuretic that aids water weightloss and rids bloating. This water pill excels as a PMS treatment and remedy against problems of water retention.
Mountain Oaks - Anti-viral and anti-bacterial herb used for treatment of hepatitis-C, HIV, chronic-fatigue, and pneumonia.
Native Remedies - Natural and homeopathic remedies to help in the treatment of a wide range of ailments and conditions.
NATR Health - Special formulas for skin care, internal health, and immune boosting. Also offers books and videos, and free samples.
Natural Herbal Supplements - Products that may help counter many symptonms and effects of diseases.
Natural Medicine Company, Inc. - Herbal formulas and single product capsules for a ariety of ailments.
Natural Path Health Center - Specializing in the natural treatment of women's health issues including menopause, fibromyalgia, and PMS. Also offers classes and naturopath services.
Nature's Force, Inc. - Natural formulas for migraines, vericose veins, psoriasis, and pain relief.
Net Exposure Australia - Specializing in formulas from kava, guarana, and damiana.
New Cancer Research - Supplement based on green tea extract, formulated for cancer relief.
New Zealand Herbals - Custom blended formulas designed for specific ailments.
NewVion Health Technologies - All-natural health supplements for a variety of ailments.
NutraVite - Online sales of herbs and supplements for prevention and remedies.
Nutrinauts - Formulas to strengthen immune systems, anti-aging, and cancer care.
Nutrisana Naturals - Botanical extracts specially formulated for specific conditions.
NutriWorks Designer Health Foods - Manufacturer, wholesaler and private labeler of over 50 intricate designer health food formulations.
O?na Herbal Supplement for Women's Health - Information about this herbal supplement that naturally promotes a woman's hormone balance without the use of artificial hormones.
Origin BioMedicinals, Inc - Herbal formulas for the pain relief and treatment of herpes. Includes product research, clinical results, and testimonials.
Otrecure - Distributors of East Park Research's Olive Leaf Extract products.
Parsi Herbs - Supplements for specific ailments, from Persia. Includes formulas and clinical data.
People Helping People - An all-natural, standardized herbal extract for joint pain.
Pharma Botanixx - On-line source for herbal formulas to relieve common conditions such as anxiety, stress, high cholesterol, impotency and weight loss.
Plantavorel - Making herbal remedies for 140 years. We have many specialities such as creams for skin problems and also herbal compositions for asthma and other medical conditions.
Proyam - Natural progesterone research and information library. Details about the cream which is available in 3 strengths and ordering instructions.
Pure Liquid Gold - Grapefruit seed extract for natural antibiotic, antiseptic, and disinfectant, includes benefits, uses, and technical research.
Quiet Life - Offers herbal and vitamin formula to aid relaxation and to reduce stress. Also has soothing sounds to download and some relaxation tips.
Remedies USA - Offering anethum which is a natural herbal remedy for high triglycerides and cholesterol.
Renu Herbs - Specializing in detoxification and colon cleansing, natural weight loss, hair growth, and other formulas for better health.
Restored Balance - All-natural formulas for mens and womens reproductive health.
See-Clear - Herbal eye wash to relieve eye floaters, diabetic eye deterioration, glaucoma, and cataracts.
Shades of Green Herbals - Herbal remedies including oils, incense, salves, balms, and other products for enhancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. - Stool formula for relief from diarrhea.
Simmonds Herbal Supplies - Supplies a diverse variety of herbal formulas for cleansing, and specific ailments.
Starr HealthCare Enterprises, Inc. - Blended herbs for a variety of ailments, specializing in formulas for the male and female reproductive systems.
Sunrise Healing Arts - Offers liquid herbal extracts formulated to address health problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, menopause, PMS, indigestion, arthritis, irritable bowel, colds/flu, insomnia and mental acuity.
Superior Health Company - Homeopathic spray for the relief of minor mouth and throat irritations.
Teeter Creek Herbs - Sales of fresh medicinal herb extracts.
The Green Herb - Online sales of herbal supplements and formulas for specific health issues.
The Modern Herbalist - A progressive natural approach to the understanding and treatment of candida related health complaints utilizing diet, lifestyle changes and our Candida Clearance Rotation Protocol. Find details about the specialty products.
The Natural Bladder - Offering herbal remedies and natural products for incontinence, bladder infections, interstitial cystitis and overactive bladder, with related medical information, recipes, and special offers.
Thorn Home Products - An alternative remedy tonic for cancer and blood disorders.
Three Lollies, LLC - Natural herbal and fruit lollipops as an alternative remedy for nausea.
Tien Hsien Liquid - Natural herbs to fight cancer by strengthening the immune system. Includes testimonials, videos, and medical reviews.
Trilight Herbs - Extracts for children and adults, available as herbs singles, capsules and gels.
Vaxa - Supplies natural supplements such as vitamins, diet pills, herbal supplements, weight loss formulas, and amino acids.
Vilvacora - Offers herbal treatments for many diseases, such as cancer, allergies, alzheimer, parkinson disease and hepatitis. How to buy the herbs, how to dose them, how to compose complete treatments.
Vitapharmica, Inc. - Organic remedies formulated from scientific research.
VP-RX - All natural formula for male sexual enhancement.
Wildflower Herbs - All natural tinctures for various conditions, and single herb formulas.
Wings International Marketing, Ltd. - Organic formula designed to prevent heart disease. Includes research data.
Women Living Naturally - Supplements, herbal remedies, and skin care treatments designed specifically for female issues.
Womens Natural Health - Products for women seeking alternatives to conventional remedies for menopause and PMS.
Yamoa Powder - Powders and capsules designed for respiratory conditions such as asthma, hay fever, allergies.
Yamoa Powder - A natural, side-effect-free herbal remedy for respiratory allergies. Suitable for all ages.
Zellcon Herbal Formulas - Natural formulas and tonics for specific conditions and ailments.

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