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Flower Essences
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Acorn Solutions - Custom holistic vibrational blends of flower essences and angelic essences, to assist with inner healing and create joy, gratitude, growth and balance.
Alaskan Flower Essence Project - Providing high quality vibrational essences in a unique system of flower, gem, and environmental essences. Also offering training and certification for use of Alaskan Essences.
Alchemical Mage - Spiritual ascension guidance potions based on the Council of Ein Soph.
Alternative Health Network - Alternative health remedies including Deva Flower essences and Red Earth Herbal drops.
Anaflora Flower Essences - Flower essence therapy for animals and animal communication. Natural holistic health care for animals emphasizing Anaflora Flower Essences and formulas. Telepathic animal communication offering diagnostic insight, inspiration and guidance.
Ancient Forest Essences - Ancient Forest Essences specializes in flower essences as well as essential oils and blends.
Antakarana Mt. Shasta Wildflower Essences - Individual essences, combination formulas and custom essences created from the wildflowers of the Mt. Shasta vortex.
Attune Essence - Line of essences created by Prem Marga in the vibrational purity of the Great Smoky Mountains, processed using pure mountain water from the famous Kinzel Springs.
Aum Himalaya - Remedies from India researched by medical doctors. Environmental stress rectifiers and pain gel for local application.
AusAngels - Canadian distributor of Australian Bush Flower Essences and books.
Australian Bush Flower Essences - Information about and supply of Australian plant remedies. Email diagnosis available.
Australian Bush Flower Essences - Powerful catalysts to unlock full potential, resolve negative beliefs and give clarity to one's life purpose. Usage guide and ordering information.
Bach Shop - Bach flower remedies information and online ordering. - Flower essences and instruction book.
Bailey Flower Essences - Essences and remedies, sprays, geopathic stress neutralisation. Based in the UK.
Balancing Blooms - Remedies and essences, that may help maintain emotional balance.
Bottled Blessings - Manufacturer of flower essence formulas for people, pets and spaces.
Bulgarian Rose Sevtopolis - Manufacturer of herbal extracts, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, essential oils and herbal products based on Tribulus.
Cammalot - Offering personally made Guardian angel and Archangel essences. Healing essences from Merlin, Fairies, Unicorns, Dragons, and Pegasus. Special essences for healers, light or planetary workers. - Online Clinic for the treatment of negative emotions without disclosing identity. Offering treatment of addiction, weight loss, adultery, psychological problems, stress, strain management.
Cherry Creek Herbs - Offering organic lavender buds, flowers, aromatherapy, potpourri ingredients, sachets, and herbal gifts.
Clear Path Essences - Wildcrafted and organically grown flower essences created by Lesley Bonisteel. Also offering free essences newsletter and consultations.
Constitution - Over 1400 vibrational essences from around the world, books on essences, essence information, and essences cards.
Cortesia Flower Essences - Essences created from organically grown flowers, wildflowers from forests and meadows, and from gardens and sacred places in Hawaii. Enhanced and potentized by placement in a copper Genesa crystal from Peralandra.
Cosmic Alchemy - Sacred flower extracts used in an all natural botanical base for easy dispensing and for better health.
Cosmic Rainbows Chakra Essences - Visualisation healing method, that can help towards bringing balance, vitality and harmony to the mind, body and spirit.
Crystal Concepts - Offering vibrational flower essences and gem elixirs, alternative health and wellness solutions.
Crystal Radiance Essences - Desert Rose, Gem and Gem-Flower Essences, Aroma-Essence Sprays. Descriptions, healing uses and affirmations.
David's Garden, Ltd. - Custom-blended flower essences. Also information about essences and how to use them.
Desert Alchemy Flower Essences - Producing and researching flower essences from the unique environment of the Arizona deserts since 1983. Also offering gift kits and training workshops.
Di Stodart - Offering online consultations for children, adults, and pets, and Rescue Remedy for First Aid or stress.
Eastern Flower Herbal Essences - Flower essences created in Atlantic Canada, to enable the uplifting of the mind, spirit, and body through the pure energetic healing patterns of plants.
Elephantabulous - For practitioners and aromatherapy, including Dancing Light Orchid Flower Essences, Birch Tree Deva essence.
Essences Central - Flower essences, totem, gemstone, crop circle essences, power animal essences, and the new WaterTree Process.
Featherhawk - Co-created from the sacred energies of animals, flowers, minerals, sacred geometry, plus combination formulas.
Feel Bach - Specialized questionnaires to aid in formulating individualized compounds made from Bach essences.
Findhorn Flower Essences - Created from the wildflowers of Scotland, and pure water collected from sacred healing wells, prepared by the sun-infusion method. Books, products and courses available.
First Light - Range of ninety-six essences carefully made from New Zealand's ancient and native flora.
Fleurs de Vie - French distributor of many types of flower essences, also information on how to choose and use them.
Flower and Gemstone Essences - Flower and gemstones essences, reference chart, and catalog.
Flower Energy - Website in German or English, offering European flower essences available for international shipment.
Flower Essence Services - Certified organic and biodynamic herbal skin care products and flower essences for mind and body health.
Flower Essence Society - Flower essence research, seminars and certification programs, publications and member networking.
Flower Essences of Fox Mountain - Individual and combination flower essences made in New England and distributed internationally, with dosage combinations, usage instructions, and newsletter.
Flower Essences of the Buddafield - Provides information on flower essence energy training, and selecting and using flower essences.
Flower Vision Research - Specializing in powerful and magical flower, plant, gem and environmental essences from around the world. - Providing Bach Flower Remedies. Orders shipped same day. Sales people available to answer questions online.
From The Light Within - Healing by combining spirituality with natural healing essences and herbs.
Gaia's Own Nature Essences - Comprehensive site of various Sedona, Mt. Shasta and Teton wild flower essences, aromatherapy sprays, and nature essence remedy blends. Educational Funshops, Practitioners, and healing links pages.
Garden of One Tools to Transform - Dedicated to the blooming or flowering of each individual soul/consciousness; to activate and expand your full potential and your own unique, Sacred Mission in Life through education, consultation and transformational products.
Gemlight Essences - Vibrational remedies for balancing the body or planet's physical, auric and subtle bodies, releasing negativity and limitations, leading to spiritual expansion.
Grace Flower Essences - Offering comprehensive formulas made from Starflower essences, Flower Essence Society-Services, Bach Flower Remedies, and other varieties. Also flower essence training.
Green Hope Farm - Provides flower essences for healing purposes. Includes information about the farm and how to choose flower essences, ordering information and a product catalog.
Green Man Essences - Essences made from trees and flowers, combination essences, shamanic power plant essences, from Nepal.
Healing Waters - Flower essences, gem elixirs, and related books and tools for personal growth, emotional health and well-being.
Healthlines - Information resource and UK shop for flower essences, homeopathy and herbal remedies. Australian Bush, Bach, Bailey, Indigo and Alaskan flower gem and environmental essences, Helios Homeopathic remedies, organic herbal tinctures.
Henna by Cynthia - Henna plants and products including hair dye, shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, lip balm, candles, incense and gift baskets. - Full range of Bach Flower Remedies, rescue remedies, and descriptions to help determine the correct remedy.
High Sierra Healing Products - Synergistic flower essence formulas for powerful healing, balance, well-being, and transformation.
Hummingbird Remedies - Over 200 vibrational remedies for healing and balance of body, psyche and spirit, and tools for inner transformation.
Institute of Phytobiophysics - Information and order facility for flower formulas which concentrate the healing essences in pill form.
International Flower Essence Centre - Dosage information, history, and descriptions of many flower essences available for purchase, including Alaskan, Bach, Findhorn, F.E.S, and Living Flower Essences.
internatural - Alternative healing and energy medicine products for self healing, including Bach, Australian Bush and FES North American.
Laboratoire Deva - Creating Deva Essences from wildflowers growing in the Alps mountains of France, in the Vercors mountain range, and flowers from the Mediterranean coast.
Living Flower Essences - Offering flower essences remedies, therapy, chakras, animal salves and astrological and specialty kits.
Living Light Gem Essences - Specializing in essences prepared from precious gemstones, known as the Living Light Essences. Also offering three levels of training on Essences, and Healing System.
Lyndhurst House - Guidance and descriptions to aid in purchase of oils, essences and gemstones.
Malti Khaitan flower remedies - Indian flower essences, created using the holy water of Ganga river (Gangajal) and sunshine. Created by Malti Khaitan in New Delhi.
Master's Flower Essences - Herbal tinctures for psycho-emotional balance. Also offers consultations and classes.
Mountain Meadows Botanicals - Flower Essences are a safe, effective, easy-to-use, low-cost way of addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems that keep us from experiencing the health and awareness that we desire.
My Flower Essence - Information and custom flower essences remedies from Bach, Masters and FES.
Nelson Bach USA Ltd. - The Bach Flower system works by gently restoring balance to negative emotion. Home of Rescue Remedy in the USA.
Organix's Bach Flower Essences - Bach Flower Essences books and products. Detailed information about essences and their uses, and personal consultations.
Out Of The Earth - Natural healing alternatives for pets and people.
Passion Flower - Direct wholesale of capsules, chipped and ground passion flower from the Saw Palmetto Harvesting Company.
Petaltone Essences - Created from English wildflowers, used in healing people and animals, interaction with crystals, and changing the energy in buildings.
Pindare Herb Farm - Suppliers of medicinal herbs, homoeopathics, Bach and Australian Bush flower remedies. Large online at-a-glance reference sheet for Bach and Australian Bush flower remedies.
Planetary Earth Change Essences - Special flower essences formulas created with a Tachyon gem elixir, for the vibrations of universal life force energy, and water from Medicine Lake, near Mt. Shasta, which is noted for its miraculous healing powers.
Rainflower Essences Online Boutique - Many unique and powerful flower essences blends for personal growth, business success, school success and spiritual growth. Rare and hard to find single essences from Mount Shasta to Florida to deep in the Amazon rainforest. Amazon rainforest essences provide unique and powerful energies for personal transformation.
Realm of Nature - Young essential oils, Bach flower essences, descriptions, and price list.
Rose Cottage Flower Essences - Produces, prescribes, and sells vibrational remedies, prompted by three channelled essences for this time of earth changes.
Sacred Space Essentials - Self-healing using gentle forms of vibrational medicine, such as Bach flower remedies and other flower essences.
Sensory Essence, Inc. - Wholesale supplier of organic essential oils including rose water, rose oil, lavender oil and rosa damascena.
Source-Nature-Soul Vibrational Essences - Vibrational essences made from sacred moments to assist in integrating your spirit into your life.
Spiral Visions - Selling specially blended Chakra Flower Essences, tinctures, and remedies.
Spirit of Nature - Offers flower essences, nature travel, sacred healing ceremonies, personal and spiritual growth seminars and retreats, and free newsletter.
Star Flower and Gemstone Essences - Product catalog including the Andean Orchids of Machu Picchu, Flower Collections from Peru and Santa Barbara, California, and new Gemstone Essences.
Star Flower Essences - Flower and gemstone vibrational essences, classes and spiritual adventures to Peru.
Stargazer Essences Online - Flower essences lovingly prepared in conjunction with members of the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms, and bottled and stabilized in Red Shiso.
Starmen Unlimited - Hawaiian flower essences, made from Kauai flowers in the Bach tradition.
Sun Essences - Flower essences for people and their pet, along with descriptions of remedies.
SunMoon Essences - Flower and totem essences by Etheric Medicines for balance, electrical alignment, healing and spiritual connection.
Swiss Flower Power - Selling essences produced in Switzerland from pollution free flowers, produced strictly in accordance with Dr. Bach`s methods.
t3 therapy - Natural essences for hormonal imbalance, digestive problems, allergies, emotional problems, and depression.
Talied's Reality - Vibrational essences from a certified flower essence therapist, along with other alternative healing methods.
The Devic Essences - Flower essences and healing remedies from sacred sites.
The Healing Way - Spiritual, energy, psychic and shamanic healing resources. Flower essences.
The Soul Essence Centre - A range of natural flower essences made in England.
Tree Frog Farm Flower Essences - Flower Essences and Aromatherapy products produced from plants native to the coastal US Pacific Northwest, medicinal herbs and ornamentals. Personal and phone consultations, classes and internships with Diana Gay Pepper.
Unified Field Flower Essence Soap - Retail sales of handcrafted all vegetable glycerin soap with flower essences.
Vaikuntha Essences - Powerful flower, crystal and mineral vibrational essences and oils.
Whole Energy Essences - Vibrational essences lovingly made by hand from fruit, flower, gem, and flower essences.

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