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Fasting and Cleansing
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Amen Health - Fasting programs, colema boards, and detox kits.
Arise & Shine - The Cleanse Thyself Program distributes natural alternative intestinal cleanse and nutritional products including organic minerals, herbs, amino acids, enzymes, chomper, benonite, psyllium, antioxidants and liver and bowel aids.
Awaken Nutrition - Chelation and detoxification supplements.
Better Solutions for Weight Loss - Weight Loss Program based on internal cleansing of the body.
Body Electric Products - Information about products formulated to match the frequencies of the human structure through whole-body health and electrical nutrition.
Butt Candle - Using the same approach as ear candling, products for colonic and rectal cleansing. Includes usage instructions.
Cleansing or Surgery - Recipe book for liquid cleansers to eliminate gallstones, kidney stones, ulcers, high blood pressure, and elimination problems. Also offers natural salt, psyllium husks, and herbal mouthwash.
Colema Boards Of California - Manufactures and distributes patented home enema board kits. Details about this cleansing system and how to order.
Colonblow - Natural, no non-sense, and somewhat aggressive approach to colon health.
DayStar Botanicals - Offers a 10-day cleansing program, teas, and detox supplements.
Detox International - Herbal cleansing liquid diet. Includes benefits and recommended usage.
Dr Clark Store - Offers liver and kidney cleanses, supplements, oregano and other essential oils, and parasite zappers.
Dr. Hulda Clark University - Parasite cleansing products including zappers and supplements. Also offers related books.
Enema Bag - Enema supplies, supplements, and usage information. Also offers cookbooks and a message board.
Erbal Energy Cleansing - Herbal cleansing program to flush kidneys, liver, colon, gall bladder, and digestive tract. Also offers products individually.
Fasting For Health - Book for sale; excerpts and ordering opportunity. Utilizes both conventional and natural methods to give you the care most appropriate to your condition.
Fresco Enterprises, LLC - Cleansing and detoxifying program combining liquid diet, herbal supplements, and fasting. Offers complete detox kits or instructional book.
Home Colonics Kit - Home system for safe irrigation and cleansing of the colon. Includes cabinet diagram, benefits, and testimonials.
IBF3 - Supplement to boost cellular glutathione levels, enhancing the natural heavy metal detoxification system.
Inner Pure - Herbal supplement used as an effective detoxification and colon cleansing aid. Includes scientific data and details of body toxins.
InnerCleanse - Advanced herbal cleanses for rejuvenating and cleansing organs of the body. Colon, kidney, liver and gallbladder, lung, blood, arterial and parasite cleanses.
Internal Cleansing Dynamics - All types of enema equipment and colonic irrigation equipment for detoxifying the body.
Internal Cleansing Systems - Offers home enema kits.
Klies Enterprises - Colon cleansing and herbal laxatives. Includes program instructions and related accessories.
Life Tree - Colon and parasite cleanse: addressing the causes (not just the symptoms) of health challenges.
Millan's Colonic Cleanse - Colon cleansing kit, parasite program, and oral chelation products.
Modern Manna - Single and blended herb supplements, detoxification kits, skin and body care products, and books on related topics. Also offers in-residence detox programs.
Multi-Zap Zapper - High frequency parasite zapper. Includes product description and benefits.
Natural Health Way - Detoxification, inversion therapy, green super foods, and air purifiers.
Neti pot for nasal cleaning - The neti pot should be used for practising neti (jalaneti). Understand the points to be observed while buying a neti pot.
New Body Herbal Formula - Herbal internal cleansing supplement, includes ingredients and disclaimer.
Nutri-Cleanse - Helps re-establish a healthy colon and provide dietary fiber.
Para Systems and Devices - Parasite zapper as a cure for diseases. Includes a do-it-yourself kit option.
Peditox Foot Spa - Foot water bath spa eliminates toxins by creating negative ions which draws positively-charged toxins out of the feet.
Poop Doc - Oxygenated colon cleansing fiber supplements.
Solana Systems, Inc. - Colon cleanse with a bentonite clay and flax seed system.
Spark O' Health - Herbal Fiberblend is designed to scrub, cleanse and fortify the intestinal tract.
The Colonet - Leading-edge home colon cleansing products.
The Lifeforce Plan - Diet program for weight loss, detoxifying, and normalizing digestive imbalances. Includes product formulas and recipes.
The Neera Detox Diet - Natural weight-loss and cleansing liquid diet. Highlights program details and benefits.
TOSOH: The Other Side of Health - Dr. Hakeem Lewis, N.D., offers advice on healthy living through holistic practice and dietary aids, including the Ultimate Rejuvenation 2000 total body purifier.
Wellspring Products, LLC - Ionic foot care and body spa products to remove toxins.
West Coast Consolidated - Seven day cleansing kits and colema boards.
Wholistic Health Solutions - Learn what the experts say about colon cleansing. Order the BIB Kit, a portable health kit to safely cleanse your colon through bowel irrigation in the comfort and privacy of your home.
Wise Choice Health, Inc. - Vinegar and herbal pads for the bottom of the feet, to detoxify the body of harmful chemicals.
YP Products - Enema and internal cleansing products.

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