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Hot and Pepper
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2 Hot Peppers - Offers snacks, hot sauces, rubs, and gift baskets. Also specialty plants.
2Hot - Hot sauce made with rocoto peppers from Peru.
505 Southwestern - Famous selection of green chile salsas, fajita marinade and enchilada sauce.
Andy Roo's Cajun Enterprises - Provides hot seasonings and louisiana sauces. Also a stainless steel grill.
Angel Wings - Provides a line of gourmet hot wing sauces, recipes and gift ideas.
Arizona Pepper Products Co. - Offers a range of hot sauces, BBQ sauces, vinegars, olives, spices and snacks. Gift baskets available. - Offers hot and spicy foods, over 30 sauces. Also recipes available.
Bethlehem's Best - Offers hot, bbq, and steak sauces, also jellies.
Boneyard Brew - Offers Joe Perry's of Aerosmith, Rock Your World Hot Sauce. - Order the original Buffalo Wing sauce created by Frank and Teresas Bellissimo in 1964. Also Anchor Bar Hot Wings.
CaJohns Fiery Foods - A good collection of hot sauces and salsas.
California Antilles Trading Consortium - Habanero hot pepper sauces, peach, raspberry, and cranberry-orange salsas. Secure online ordering.
Captain Bob's Jet Fuel - Developed by an airline pilot. Sauces include habanero garlic, smoked serrano jalapeno and habanero barbecue hot sauce.
Chile Heads - A vast selection of gourmet hot sauces, salsas, seasonings, condiments and gifts.
Chilehead Salsa - Offers the finest in gourmet hot condiments and seasonings.
Chilenorth Sauce Company - Canadian manufacturers of gourmet hot sauce products - Apple Mango, Rajun Canajun, and Great Canadian Beer Sauce.
Chili and Hot Sauces - Provides recipes using chili peppers and spices, from mild to extremely spicy.
Chilliworld - Mild to Wild hot sauces from around the world.
Chilly Chiles - Canadian store. Sells hot sauces, hot pepper extracts and other specialties.
Cholula Hot Sauce - Cholula hot sauce has an incomparable flavor and aroma that makes it a great complement to a large variety of foods.
Clark's Gringo Foods - Chili mix, hot or mild salsa sales. Recipes using the mix are listed.
Colonel Cooper's Mile High Hot Sauce - Provides a gourmet red jalape?o chile pepper hot sauce. Also related shirts, and history.
Conch Turbo Sauces - Hot and Barbeque sauces, recipes and wholesale products available.
Cornish Chilies - Hot sauce produced from peppers grown in Cornwall.
d'Oni Enterprises - Produces gourmet habanero sauces, hot mustard and recipes, also gift baskets and moondance marinade.
Dat'l Do-It World Headquarters - Sauces focusing on the pungent and tasty Datil pepper. recipes.
Dave's Gourmet - Offers salsa, spreads, sauces and recipes.
Denzel's Hot Sauce - Provides products made with habaneros, jalapenos and garlic. Also recipes and a list of locations in British Columbia.
Dino's Hot Sauce Company - Provides hot sauces, for wings and meat marinades.
Dr. Chile Pepper - Large variety of hot sauces available.
Dunks Hot Sauce - Made in Fosters, Alabama where hot sauce isn't a side item, it's an obsession. - Home of the Original Death Sauce, After Death, and Sudden Death hot sauces. Other products also available.
Fire Hot Sauces - Offers spicy sauces, BBQ and marinades. Also recipes for appetizers, salads and dinner entries.
Fire on the Ridge Farm - Produces and ages a speciality of hot pepper sauces. Also chili related gift items. - Provides sauces from insanely hot to merely spicy. Also a variety of condiments and gift packs.
Firegirl - Large selection of hot sauce and chili based products.
Fireman's Blend - Offers spicy fiery foods and kosher hot sauces. Also marinades for seafood, chicken and meats.
Firestorm Foods - Retail and wholesale BBQ, and pepper sauces.
Gecko Gary's Hot Sauces - Hot sauces, salsas, barbecue sauces, and zesty marinades.
Gib's Bottled Hell - Hot pepper sauce adds flavor and fire to foods and drinks.
Gidy-up Gourmet - Offers hot sauce, salsa, and chili related gift items. Located within the Goldfield Ghost Town mining district in Arizona.
Good Pepper - Offering a variety of hot pepper sauces.
Gourmet Chili and Herb Company - Offers gourmet hot sauces, salsa, fiery peanuts, jerky, recipes and related gifts.
Gourmet Mike's - Hot sauces, salsas, BBQ & spicy marinades along with other fiery products and gift baskets.
Green Mountain Gringo - Hot, medium and mild salsa all handmade from fresh ingredients.
Habanero Hot - Offering a large selection hot sauces, including some local, hard to find sauces.
Habby Habanero's - Two hot sauces including Tropical Heat and Firestarter. Also sell spicy peanut brittle.
Half Moon Bay Trading Company - Provides gourmet hot sauces, habanero pepper sauces, condiments and recipes.
Harry's Heavenly Hot Sauce - Offers hot sauces and contact information.
Heavenly Heat Hot Sauce - Offers hot, barbecue, buffalo wing, and jerk sauces. Also salsa, snacks, spices, condiments, collectables, extracts and gift packs.
Holy Hannah - Offers a homemade habanero pepper sauce. No salt or sugar added.
Holy Mole`!, Inc. - Featuring a great selection of hot sauce, salsa and other chili related gift items.
Hot 'N - A great collection of hot sauces and theme gift packs for special occasions.
Hot Chile - Fresh and frozen hatch green chile, salsa, sauces, dips, red chile pods and powder.
Hot Licks - Feature hot sauces, salsas, mustards, barbeque sauces, condiments, and more.
Hot Sauce Harry's - Hot sauces, salsas, marinades, and seasonings. Free catalogs available.
Hot Sauce Hawaii - Providing gourmet sauces and salsas made with local ingredients.
Hot Sauce World - Offer salsa, drink mixes, marinades, seeds and gift sets.
Hot - Purchase award winning hot sauces, fiery foods, and gift items.
Hot Scotch Foods Inc - Based from the Caribbean Island of Jamaican-style Hot Pepper Jelly. Moderate to fiery heat, sauces with fruity flavors.
Hot Stuff of Saratoga - Hundreds of hot sauces, salsas and BBQ sauces as well as chile pepper apparel. - Home of Satan's Revenge hot chili sauce and other award winning chili products.
Hotexas - The hottest H.O.T. Sauce, made lovingly with habanero powder.
HotHotHot - A retail and online hot sauce shop. - Hot sauces, BBQ, & Salsa. Gift baskets available.
Howard's Yummies - Offers four different salsas, a chocolate hot sauce, and southwest meat rubs from La Grange, Texas. - Offers habanero, and sweet berry sauces, and recipes. Also newsletters.
InsaneChicken - Large selection of hot sauce, bbq sauce, salsa and gift sets.
Insanity Sauce - Offers hot sauces, recipes, snacks and gift baskets.
Jazz Foods - Offers Jalape?o sauces in a variety of flavors; honey, pineapple, apricot, and raspberry.
Jenny's Chickens Sofrito Salsa Verde - Sofrito salsa verde green hot sauce available
Jim's Smokehouse - Offers hot sauces and spices, a south Texas taste. Find out company's grilling secrets.
Juan O'Sullivan's Gourmet Salsa - Combines select chile peppers to make the finest and freshest salsa and sauces.
Judicial Flavors Hot Sauces - Offers a selection of hot salsas, marinades, barbeque, and other spicy sauces.
Kalahari Pepper Company - African rhino Peri-Peri hot sauces.
Khan's Island Sauce - Offers a habanero hot sauce, and a home style recipe.
King's Pepper - An orgranic blend that has been used for centuries in West Aftica available now via the Internet.
Krista's Jamaican Jerk Sauce - Offers Jamaican jerk and hot sauces that stand out for their unique flavor.
L & T International Enterprise, Inc. - General Tso's chili oil, chili pepper sauce, and jarred jalapeno peppers.
Lizano salsa - Hot sauce from Costa Rica, list of vendors and recipes.
M.G.S. Corporation - Offers Mango, Habanero Sauces.
Mac's Hot Sauce - Offers spicy mustard-based hot sauce available in two flavors. Mail in orders only.
Maison Louisianne Creole Products - Creole pepper sauce, marinade, mustard and spices.
Mayacarib's Lagoon Heat - Gourmet hot sauces, steak sauces, smoked relishes, condiments and gift variety boxes.
McIlhenny Company's Tabasco - Offers red pepper sauce that is legendary among hot sauces. Find spicy food recipes and great gift ideas.
Melindas - Home to habanero based pepper sauces as well as fired up salsas, dips, and spices - complete with recipes.
Merlinda's New Mexico Chile - New Mexico chile and salsa made from family recipes. Sold by the case or special combination pack.
Mike & Diane's Gourmet Kitchen - Hot sauce products with habanero and chipotle peppers, including spicy BBQ sauces and beef jerky.
Minorcan Datil Products - Offers a line of Datil Pepper based gourmet hot sauces and condiments.
Mis Padres Salsa - Offers homemade bottled salsas. Also recipes for Mexican dishes like Chilaquiles and Chili Colorado.
Mo Hotta Mo Betta - A mail order company featuring over 750 products: hot sauces, barbeque sauces, cooking sauces and recipes.
Montego Bay Trading Co. - Hot sauces from Jamaica, Caribbean Islands, Costa Rica and US.
My Pepper Company, Inc. - Offers River Valley Pepper Sauce from Russellville, Arkansas.
My Uncle John's Sweets -n- Hots - Offers hot food products such as hot sauce, nut and sweet chocolate brittles.
Nick's Texas Style Greek Sauce - Featuring a hotdog hot sauce & a Greek mix for nachos, hotdogs and other food.
Now That's Hot - Specializing in hot sauces, salsas and barbeque sauces.
Old Roadie - sells hot sauce and crushed datil pepper dust using fresh Florida datil peppers.
OnlineHotSauce - Hot sauces and gallery of hot recipes. All sorts of hot sauces ranging from great tasting to very hot.
Original Juan Specialty Foods - Manufactures and sells gourmet hot sauces, condiments, spices and snacks.
Panola Pepper Hot Sauces - Producer of nine different hot sauces, peppers products, hot mustards, Cajun food mixes and a variety of seasonings.
Paula's Pepper Jelly - Offers hot, mild and habanero pepper jelly made with natural ingredients. Decorative fabric top options. Recipes, gadgets and testimonials. Affiliate program.
Pedro's Salsas - Homestyle gourmet salsa, red and green, with great traditional flavor that is all natural and fat free.
Pele Hawaiian Sauces - Wholesale hot pepper and sauce, seasoning products, and gift packs.
Peppered Palette - dessert hot sauces including Chocolate Orange Toad Sweat, Cranberry Toad Sweat and Key Lime Toad Sweat.
Peppermaster Foods Inc. - Canadian manufacturers of hot sauces and hot pepper based foods.
Peppers - Hot sauces, marinades, spices and seasoning, bloody mary mix, hot peppers, snacks and clothing.
Peppers of Key West - Online shopping for hot sauce, salsa, barbecues, dried peppers, seasonings, cookbooks, peppers fashions and decorations.
Pete's Hydrohot - A hot pepper sauce made from a blend of hydroponically cultivated Habanero and Scotch Bonnet peppers.
Planet Hot - Taco seasonings, chips and salsas from across America.
Porky's Gourmet Foods Inc. - Bringing you sauces, seasonings, relishes, jellies and various condiments made with the freshest ingredients available.
Pyrate Isle Sauces and Spices - Sells Caribbean hot sauces, BBQ Sauces, spices, herbs, condiments, jams, jellies, and salsas. - A large selection of hot sauce, BBQ, salsa, spicy condiments, fiery snacks and gift items.
Red Cats Place - A range of gourmet hot sauces and seasonings.
Rickey's World Famous Sauces - Buffalo wing and hot sauces.
Rita Mari - Retail & wholesale distrbutor of Original Anchor Bar Buffalo Wing Sauce.
RJ's Hot Sauces - Mail order condiments and salsas from mild to insane.
RnT Spices, Inc. - Habanero hot sauces.
S and G Enterprises - Offering gourmet hot sauces, key lime juice, cocktail sauce and rub seasoning. Retail and wholesale.
Salsa Express - Something for habanero aficionados and jalape?o neophytes alike. Fiery foods including salsa, hot sauce, and spicy condiments.
Salsas, Etc! - Provides hundreds of spicy food and novelty products from all over the world.
Sam McGee's - Specializing in hot sauce and gourmet foods delivered to you or to a victim of your choice.
Sandlot Chilies and Stuff - A selection of hot sauces and salsas, gift packs, and a hot sauce of the month club.
Santa Fe Seasons - Classic Mexican food line including salsa, spicy condiments, blends and sweets.
Sauce2U - Offers over 300 hot sauces and related products available to ship world wide.
Screamin Demon - Provides a line of hot sauces and salsas, plus spice blends, chili powders and dried chilies.
Skelton's Cackalacky - Home of the famous Cackalacky hot sauce. Also provides theme song, recipes and facts.
Smuggler's Run - offers a selection of hot and spicy sauces, each product named for a chapter in a pirate adventure.
Some Like it Hotter - Large assortment of sizzling hot sauces.
Spice of Life - Hot sauces, spice mixes, pickles, chutneys, gourmet foods. Very large catalog of spices and seasoning blends. Mail order.
SpiceItUp! Jalapeno Ketchup - Features products, recipes, distributors, and online ordering.
Suzie Hot Sauce - Source for buying hot sauce, barbeque sauce, wing sauce, salsa, hot snacks, and more. Includes articles and recipes.
Suzie's Sassy Salsa - Provides relevant products, dealer locations, events and a snail mail order form.
Swamp Yankee Sauceworks - Yankee pepper mash and Sunday Bonnet hot sauces.
Sweat 'N Spice - Offering over 300 hot sauces, and hot art and books for collectors.
Taste the Pain - Hot sauce catalog with over 250 hot sauces, salsas and related products. - Sells hot sauce, bbq suace, salsa, chili mix, soup, dry rubs, and seasoning.
Tears of Joy Hot Sauce Shop - Offer hot sauces and extracts, salsas, and barbeque sauces and rubs.
Texas Hot Salsa - Texas style salsas, sauces, rubs and recipes.
Texas Perfect - Provides hot sauces and recipes. Also fire starters, outdoor gear and gifts.
The Chili Dude - Offers hot pickled habaneros, chili oil, recipes. Also suggested reading for learning how to grow peppers.
The Hot Shoppe - Hot pepper sauces, salsas, chili products, jerk and wing sauces.
The Mex - Home-made hot sauce and seasoning packages for spicy gifts.
The Philly Chile Company - Certified organic dried chile peppers and Louisiana style hot sauce.
The Salsa Store - Features over 40 different salsas and over 300 recipes.
The Sweat Shop - Offers bbq hot sauces and salsas made from habaneros, jalapenos and chipolte peppers.
The Way Hot Sauce Company, Inc. - Offer five varieties of handcrafted hot sauces.
Tijuana Flats Hot Foods Inc - Offering a selection of over 3500 hot sauces and gift packs. Wholesale orders available.
Trinidad Pepper Sauce - Offers a large variety of sauces and marinades.
Vib's Hot Sauce - Offers a hot sauce that adds zesty flavor and heat to fish, steak, chicken, soups and sauces.
West Texas Pepper Traders - Offers a variety of hot sauces including jalepeno marinade, salsa, and hot tomato relish.

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