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A Catherine Original - Catherine Jordan uses semi-precious gemstones, pearls, sterling silver, gold vermeil, and other natural elements.
A Natural State - Handmade fairy and chakra jewelry using semi-precious stones by Lori Steele Johnson .
Abacus Jewelry - Custom made jewelry by Lisa Hoffman, in a classical style.
Abbey Jet - Crafted from sterling silver and jet collected from the shores of North Yorkshire, UK.
Adelisa Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry - Francesca Lopez crafts jewelry with semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, silver, leather and glass.
Adornables Handmade Jewelry - Features jewelry crafted with amber, natural stone, gemstones and art beads, made in California.
Adornamenti - Susan D. Hardiman crafts gemstone and pearl necklaces, bracelets, and earrings as well as hand-knit accessories.
Adorneya - Contemporary handcrafted jewelry designs in rough, polished or faceted gemstones and sterling silver By Georgia Hadley.
Aisle Fore - Southern Californian gallery offering sterling silver gemstone jewelry by San Diego artisan Jennifer Monaghan.
Akesson Design - Gemstone jewelry such as agate, amber, amethyst, and a variety of birthstones by Monica Akesson.
Alison's Jewelry - Materials include hematite, rose quartz, pearls, malachite and crystal.
Allum? - Anna Curran crafts simple, classical gemstone designs.
Amy B. - Gemstone necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Custom and special orders also available.
Amy Oh Designs - Gemstone and crystal jewelry in a variety of designs.
Ana Staci - Staci Ann Sears designs and crafts gemstone and bead necklaces with art pendants, bracelets, and earrings. Includes retail store locations.
Andante Designer Jewelry - Gemstone and precious metal jewelry designed and made by Leigh Allen.
Anita's Gemstone Beads - Gemstone bead and coral necklaces.
Anmar Designs - Designs and sells jewelry made of semi-precious stones.
Ann Pearce Jewelry Designs - Sterling silver and semi-precious stone jewelry, hand-crafted by Ann Pearce.
Ann Urkov Jewelry - Jewelry using semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, sterling, leather, and Swarovski crystal.
Anne Maa Designs - Contemporary fresh water pearl designs, also featuring faceted semi-precious gemstones and polished stone beads.
Anonymoose - Gemstone jewelry and hairsticks.
Anothai - Contemporary gemstone jewelry by New York designer, Anothai.
Art from the Hart - Pearl and gemstone jewelry designs by Oregon jewelry artist Barbara Hart.
Asfa Malik Designs - Hand crafted jewelry includes, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and anklets using semi-precious stones.
Audrey Daniels - California jewelry designer uses semi-precious stones, coral, turquoise, pearls, and glass beads.
Avant Jewels - Jewelry made by assembling large polished, or irregularly-faceted gemstones.
Avery's Garden Gate - Designed with silver, gold and gemstones by Stephanie Palic.
Bazner Studio - Shaline Bazner crafts gemstone jewelry.
Bead Attitudes Jewelry - Jewelry and accessories using semi-precious stones, vintage crystals, and Bali sterling silver by artist Shelley Brimacombe.
Bead Bar Goddess - Jewelry designs using gemstones, beads, sterling silver, goldfilled, Bali silver, Swarovski crystals.
Bead Euphoria - Original jewelry of semi-precious stone, glass, pearl, crystals, sterling, and copper.
Bead Spirit - Gemstone jewelry enhance with glass beads and silver.
Bead-Works - Brandi Fritz and Mara Hartline craft gemstone necklaces enhanced with bold pendants.
Believe Jewelry - Offers jewelry made from sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, semi-precious gemstones, and freshwater pearls.
Belle Style - Offers jewelry made from sterling silver, 14kt gold, and semi-precious stones.
Bermuda End - Elisha Nicole Duncan and Elizabeth Anne Purves team up to create gemstone and freshwater pearl jewelry.
Bewitching Beads - Design and creation of glass and semi-precious gemstone jewelry and wine charms by Victoria Miller.
Bijoux by Colette - Designer Maria Colette uses semi-precious stones and pearls to create her jewelry.
BJ Designs - Montana artist offering a selection of sterling silver jewelry accented with a variety of pearls, semi-precious gemstones, and glass.
Blue Moon Jewelry Designs - Original handcrafted jewelry using semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls, and Austrian crystals by Sherrie Chapin.
Bonnie's Creative Bead Designs - Jewels feature semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, and Swarovski crystals.
Bridget Designs - Bead and gemstone bracelets, earrings and necklaces.
Buenos Diaz Jewelry - Crafter combines pearls, beads and gemstones.
BWH Designs - Barbara H. McNeely crafts sterling silver and semi-precious stone jewelry.
Camilee Designs - More than fifty contemporary beaded designer jewelry designs to choose from.
Canyon Road Collection by Michael Kneebone - Herb Smalley and Michael Kneebone offer contemporary pearl, gemstone and precious metal jewelry.
Caprice - Jewelry made with gemstones, handmade beads and precious metals.
Caprice Jewelry - From designer Caprice Crane, jewelry made from vintage beads, semi-precious stones and antique pendants. Located in the UK.
Carrot - An online gallery of handcrafted jewelry and accessories by American artisans and their studios.
Char Jarr?ll - Contemporary jewelry with semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls, Austrian crystal, and silver crafted by Charlene Jarrell.
Cindiadesigns - Finished gemstone jewelry and kits.
Class Act Designs - Fran Cey and Judy Solomon craft jewelry using silver and gold with semi-precious stones incorporating leather, dyed silk and other natural materials.
Collie's Custom Jewelry - A selection of handcrafted semi-precious stone necklaces, bracelets,and earrings for every occasion.
Cottage Collections - Teresa Stribling handcrafts gemstone and crystal jewelry.
Couture - Laurent Worme specializes in custom-made precious and semi-precious stone jewelry.
Creations - Gina O'Flynn specializes in simple semi-precious gemstone and silver designs.
Creations By Anni - Natural gemstone bead jewelry by Anni Shen.
Creative Bead Designs - Handcrafted necklaces, earrings, bracelets made with semiprecious gemstones and sterling silver.
Cyan Rift - Designer Sharon Marzonie creates beaded jewelry with semi-precious gemstones, pearls, and fine glass beads.
D&M Designs - Gemstone jewelry enhanced with original pendants.
Dani's Den - A collection of one of a kind necklaces and earrings.
Danielle's Creations - Handmade gemstone jewelry designs.
Debra Gill Gemdesign - Custom gemstone and pearl jewelry.
Designs By Happy - Sterling silver jewelry and large focal gemstones.
Designs by K - Custom designed and handcrafted sterling silver and semi-precious jewelry.
Designs by Molly - Handcrafted jewelry in precious metals, gemstones, and beads.
Desori Jewelry - Beaded jewelry custom made with online design interface. Offers Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones, and Bali sterling silver.
Devon Kai Collections - Offers designs created with semi-precious gemstones, silk, sterling silver and gold.
Diana Bostany Designer Jewelry - Beaded jewelry crafted from gemstones, pearls, and precious metals.
Distinctive Designs by Nicky - Jewelry features semi-precious gems, minerals and Swarovski crystals.
Down to Earth Jewelry - Sharon McPherson crafts classical gemstone pieces.
Dreamstone Jewelry - Charmaine Harbort jewelry using semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, glass and dichroic beads.
Eclettica - Sheela Goh handmakes fashion gemstone jewelry and bags, and lists stores where consignement merchandise may be purchased.
Eldesigns - Designer Ellen Pincus creates earrings, necklaces, and bracelets with sterling silver and semi-precious stones in her New Orleans studio.
Elle B. - Materials include silver, unusual vintage, modern and Venetian glass beads, and artisanal lampwork.
Ellie R Designs - Jewelry designs utilizing gemstone beads and sterling silver.
Embellishments by N - Gemstone and pearl jewelry, including cameos.
Enchanted Beads - Ileana Munteanu uses semi-precious stones, pearls, shells and seed beads.
Erica Lynn Jewelry - Original jewelry made from semi-precious stones and metals.
Erica's Innovations - Beaded jewelry using glass beads, silver and semi precious stones.
Fancy That! - Gemstone jewelry created by California artisan Cheryl O'Malley.
Finders Keepers - Mother and daughter team up to handcraft gemstone jewelry.
Forty Four Jewelry Design by Valerie Ferrario - Individually designed and crafted pieces to suit personality, color, stone and material preferences.
Fran and Michael Hurst Jewelry - Assortment of gemstone and cameo jewelry by Fran and Michael Hurst.
Frog in the Moon Studio - Laurie Riekmann incorporates semi-precious gemstones, mineral, silver and copper. Local classes offered in Minnesota.
Full Moon Design - Gemstone jewelry with ethnic beads and pendants. - Judy Bliss handcrafts jewelry with silver, gemstones, pearls and crystals.
Funky Joolz - Jewelry made with semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver by Courtney Perry.
G.E.M.S - Gail E. Melichar uses gemstones, precious metals, pearls, and swarovski crystals.
Gail's Gems - Semiprecious gemstone and freshwater pearl jewelry.
Gary - Specializes in modern, understated gemstone and silver jewelry.
Gem Garden Jewelry - Beaded jewelry designs made with gemstones, Swarovski crystals, pearls, mother of pearl, sterling silver, and pewter. - Beaded jewelry designed by artist Susan Haskell using natural gemstones.
Get Stoned Jewelry - Classically handcrafted by Laura Mroz.
Gillian Armour Couture Jewels - Designer gemstone jewelry incorporating vintage jewelry styling and components.
Gloria Miranda - Specializes in lapis lazuli and silver earrings, necklaces and bracelets.
Glynis Cutbirth Designs - A gallery of natural gemstone jewelry.
Graceful Earth Jewelry - Gemstone pendants and silver are combined by Sandra Meyers.
Gracestones - Jade Grace of Kenmore, WA specializes in jewelry made of faceted or polished gemstone beads and knotted silk with vermeil findings.
Greenlee's Forest Jewelry - Specializing in gemstone jewelry with Celtic and fertility themes.
Gretchen Gray - Robin Gretchen Scott and Mia Gray King craft jewelry that features faceted and rough gemstones set in silver.
Gryphon Jewelry Design - Handmade jewelry of stone, glass, pearl, and sterling silver. Products, show schedule, ordering, and contact information.
Halo Designs - Semi-precious and gemstone jewelry by artisan Kelly Ekholm.
Hand Crafted Designer Jewelry - Anna Bremner and Carla Hurley present handcrafted designer necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and accessories.
Handcrafted Wearable Art - Offers jewelry featuring gems and coral, as well as handmade hats and jackets.
Handmade by Kristin - Each design is made with gemstones, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and Bali silver.
Hanh Le Design - Gemstone jewelry in formal and informal styles.
Hanora's Jewelry - Sisters Tara Hartley and Britt Zumpano craft gemstone and bead necklaces with matching earrings.
Hart McDaniel Designs - Suzanne Hart and Kristy McDaniel string beads, gemstones and crystals on ribbons, and enhance their designs with crosses made of bead clusters or faceted semi-precious gemstones. [Requires Flash]
Heart Strings Jewelry - Personalized bead jewelry by Kristen Carter and Janna Meyer.
Heartbeads by Lori - Lori Bruecher creates jewelry using semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver.
Heather Brooks Designs - Offers jewelry created using semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls, porcelain, wood, shell, and bone.
Heaven's Best Creations - Pam Beck fashions gemstone, crystal and beaded jewelry.
Hot Rox - Jewelry crochetted with wire and thread, wrap beads, shape pieces with metal and unconventionally strung.
Iceopals Jewelry - Jewelry that uses custom cut stones.
In Time For Twilight - Contemporary jewelry by Amanda Schuster.
J Lea Jewelry - Sterling silver, semi-precious stone, crystal and glass bead jewelry.
J-Me by Jaime Jewelry - Artist-produced, contemporary gemstone jewelry.
Jade Cricket Jewelry - Semi-precious stone necklaces and bracelets featuring sterling silver and carved pendants.
Janet Planet Jewelry - Gemstone and bead jewelry with ankle bracelets as a specialty.
JaniGems - Jan Greenberg creates classical gemstone pieces, keychains and jewelry for women, children and pets.
Jen's Designs Jewelry - Contemporary and classical gemstone jewelry creations.
Jennifer Leitzes - Contemporary jewelry created by Jennifer Leitzes.
Jessicas Boutique - Gemstone jewelry also features silver, pearls, Swarovski crystals and glass beads.
Jewelry by Behnaz - Offers necklaces and bracelets in designs inspired by industrial and organic elements.
Jewelry by Nancy - Offers gemstone jewelry with gold, Bali and sterling silver, crystals and pearls.
Jewelry By Tamar - Offers jewelry featuring rough and faceted semi-precious gemstones.
Jewelry By Thea - Simple designs in gemstones, crystals and silver by Thea Calloway.
Jewelry Designs - Pete & Carol Zurlinden utilize semi-precious stones, beads and cubic zirconia.
Jewelry designs by Yuki Kokubo - Contemporary gemstone designs by jewelry designer Yuki Kokubo.
Jewelryville - Gemstones, glass, silver and bamboo crafted into jewelry by Leslie Du Fresne.
Jewels from the Woods - Gold, silver and platinum jewelry using precious metals and gemstones by Stacia and Larry Woods.
Jewelya Designs - Simple gemstone and bead jewelry.
Jill Bryan Design - Necklaces, bracelets and earrings by designer Jill Bryan.
Joann Lysiak Designs - Joann Lysiak creates with semi-precious stones, pearls, jade, silver, gemstones and black onyx.
Judith M Foster Custom Jewelry - Inlay bracelets in various widths and sizes. Influenced by Southwest jewelry, contemporary designs reflect geometric shapes and sharp lines.
Judy Rose Jewelry - Necklaces and earrings blend gemstones and pearls.
Just B Jewelry - Bernadette Kettwig features beaded jewelry enhanced by natural and semi-precious stone pendants.
K & L Treasures - Specializing in jewelry using various materials such as hematite, tiger's eye, Czech glass, pearls, and other semi-precious stones.
Karel - Jewelry handcrafted by Karel McGuirt of Texas.
Karen of Cove Creek - Rustic gemstone and freshwater pearl jewelry.
Karen's Jade - Custom designed jewelry, distinguished by large, carved jade pendants.
Kary Kjesbo Stones Pearls - Kary Kjesbo of Sun Valley, ID, creates jewelry using gold, silver, pearls, and gemstones.
Katcando - Handcrafted original jewelry designs made with sterling silver, semi-precious stones and fresh water pearls.
Koumi Jewelry - Necklaces and earrings including drop, dangle and chandelier earrings. [Requires Flash]
Labyrinth Designs - Gemstone, pearl, bead and wire jewelry, crafted in Manitoba, Canada.
Laud' Art - Handcrafted semi-precious gemstone necklaces and bracelets.
Laura Stark Designs - Modern organic handcrafted jewelry. Features gemstone, pearls and Thai silver.
Leshem & Co. - Gemstone jewelry by designer Lauri Leshem.
Lieske Designs - Wire wrapped sterling silver, combined with semi-precious and Czech glass beads.
Linda Kincaid Studios - Designs created with gemstones, Swarovski crystals, and pearls. - Linda Liu creates contemporary gemstone designs.
Lizzie Eno - Sells handcrafted jewelry that includes ceramic accents.
Luminous Beads by Maureen Brady - Featuring faceted gemstone jewelry. [Requires Flash]
Madi - Customized belt buckles and wrist cuff bracelets hand-made by Molly Sansone.
Matisse - Handcrafted jewelry made of silver, gold, and semi-precious gemstones.
Men's Jewelry by Deb - Men's handmade jewelry includes gemstone necklaces, bracelets, and tie chains.
Meredith's Hand-Crafted Jewelry - Gemstone and pearl jewelry, enhanced with contemporary pendants.
Mias Creations - Michele Figueroa specializes in contemporary jewelry that combines faceted and rough gemstones.
MLCreations - Sterling silver and copper wire with natural gemstone or glass beads by Mary L. Johnston.
Moondance Crafts - Handcrafted sterling silver, gemstone and bead jewelry, as well as gourd jewelry and assorted gourd musical instruments. Offers local jewelry parties in SanJose, CA. [Requires Flash]
Moonstar Jewelry - Contemporary jewelry using pearls, semi-precious stones, French vintage beads, and Swarovski Austrian crystals by Joy Quanrud.
Mountainside Designs - Simple semi-precious stone designs by New Jersey artisan.
Natty B Designs - Designs with rough, polished and faceted gemstones by Natalie Bitton.
Natural Designs Jewelry - Rustic jewelry designed with semi-precious gemstones and natural shells.
Natural Jewels - Necklaces are handcrafted with freeform cabochons and natural stone, horn, or bone beads.
Nature's Gems Jewelry - Gemstone bead jewelry handcrafted by Maria McClees.
Neckthongs Jewelry - Patricia Burdette crafts semi-precious stone necklaces with two hanging nodes.
Nicholas Lane Handcrafted Jewelry - Charleston-based owner and designer Currie Boyd handcrafts her designs with semi-precious stones.
Nicola Kimberlin - Designer gemstone and crystal jewellery handmade in the UK.
Nicolette Gray Couture Custom Jewelry - Gemstones, pearls, sterling silver, and gold, as well as bridal collection.
Nicostuff Dot Com - Hematite and silver jewelry.
Noel's World - Custom designed tourmaline jewelry, rings, pendants, and loose tourmaline gemstones
Northern Light - Melanie Guerra handcrafts jewelry and accessories with gemstones, glass, woods and metals.
Notions By Nadia - Jewelry designs created from freshwater pearls, sterling silver, and faceted semiprecious stones.
Oak Leaf Jewelry - Designs from semi-precious gemstones, Swarovski crystals, shells, and freshwater pearls.
One Bead at a Time - Francesca Abii favors simple designs in semi-precious stones with large pendants.
Opal Art Jewelry - Artist created custom art jewelry with Australian opal.
Oreb Lram Fine Casual Jewelry - Jewelry handcrafted of gemstones, metals, glass, and wood.
Ornamental Things - Natalie Tischler specializes in jewelry made from glass, porcelain and gemstone beads, finished with sterling silver.
Pamlico Jewelry - Patty Everett crafts classical gemstone jewelry.
Pierrette D'Entremont - Sterling silver and gold jewellery with gemstones, freshwater cultured pearls and crystals.
Pixie Jewels - Offering simple gemstone, pearl and glass bead jewelry.
Pizzazz Creations - Offers bead and wire art jewelry featuring precious and non-traditional gemstones, pearls and lampwork glass.
PMD - Patricia Mathews crafts gemstone jewelry, occasionally featuring pearls.
Precious Designs by Debbie - Round gemstone bead or twisted silk rope necklaces, enhanced with pendants.
Princessgear Jewelry - Materials include semi-precious gemstones, pearls, sterling silver and gold filled.
Rachel Miller Jewelry - Features faceted and briolette gemstone jewelry.
Rebecca Mooney Jewelry - Handcrafted necklaces, lariats, bracelets and earrings made of semi-precious stones, pearls and metals.
Reflections of You - Hand-crafted gemstone jewelry with pendants.
Regina Ann Jewelry Designs - Gemstone jewelry enhanced with dichroic beads and pendants.
Remy and Me - Crafted by California designer Michelle Hobbs, freshwater pearls and gemstones on hand-knotted silk necklaces.
Rena Tom - Modern jewelry with sterling silver, semiprecious stones, exotic yarns and knit wire bracelets.
Roberta Fassett, Inc. - Pieces consist of semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and vintage beads in simple, classical designs by Mary Anderson and JoAnne Vernon .
Romancing the Earth Jewelry - Rough and polished gemstone jewelry.
Rose Ryan Jewelry Designs - Jewelry featuring polished and faceted gemstones by Maureen Ryan-Chatelain.
Rosemarybeads - Crystal, pearl and gemstone silver jewelry, as well as personalized bracelets.
Royal Magnolia - Becky Hartney crafts single and multiple strand jewelry with gemstones and pearls.
Rubin Kennedy Designs - Specializes compass pendants and ankle jewelry.
Sa Re Creations - Offers jewelry by Tejal Chinoy, using semi-precious gemstones, pearls, coral, and sterling silver.
Sage and Silver - Gemstone jewelry in simple designs.
SAHM Jewelry - Precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry, belt buckles and bolo ties by Stephanie Heffley.
Sandy Sanchez Designs - Jewelry and bookmarks made of semi-precious stones and sterling silver.
Saori C. Jewelry Designs - Specializing in pearl and gemstone jewelry, as well as bridal.
Sara Nolte Designs - Custom gemstone bead jewelry, specializing in chandelier or shoulder-duster earrings.
Schoolhouse Gem Gallery - Pendant necklaces and letter openers made from agate, jasper, gaspeite and petrified wood.
Serafina 1973 - Michelle Karch crafts jewelry with sterling silver, faceted gems, gemstone beads, and Czech glass beads.
Shadowfax Jewelry - Original jewelry in botanically inspired styles,by Barbara Mundell.
Sharma Designs - Sharla Samuelson crafts gemstone jewelry featuring bold, faceted pendants.
Shee Fine Jewelry - Nicole Rowars Browse's jewelry features silver and semi-precious stones.
Shelly Burch Jewelry Designs - Jewelry of fine gemstone beads, sterling silver and gold.
Shy Violet - Materials include semi-precious gemstones, silver, crystals and gold.
Shysiren - Jewelry and handbags featuring semi-precious gemstones, by Anita Lin and Sara Schwittek.
Siah Designs Jewelry - Semi-precious beads, Swarovski crystals, vintage and ethnic beads and components to create jewelry designs.
Silvermoon Stonewear - Offers jewelry made from a wide range of gemstones.
Simple Adornment - Materials used by Judy Strauss include semi-precious stones, pearls, glass beads, silver, copper, and vintage beads.
Simpson's Jet Jewellery of Whitby - Handmade and designed jet jewelry by Derek J Simpson, specializing in bat and other animal carved pendants.
Skyfire Designs Handcrafted Jewelry - Jewelry dedicated to brain cancer awareness.
SLC Designs - Contemporary jewelry with gemstones, crystals and pearls.
Sophisticated Stones - Betty Holland creates contemporary gemstone, glass bead, feather and ribbon jewelry.
Sparkles Gems In Jewelry - Cindy Chambers crafts bold, contemporary gemstone jewelry.
Splurge-A Little - Simple gemstone jewelry featuring crystal accents.
Spring Dream - Silver and semi-precious gemstone jewelry also includes bridal tiaras.
Stacy Wulfe - Contemporary fringed jewelry featuring original clasps and using gemstones, gold, tourmalines, rubies, sapphire, and topaz.
Steel n Stones - Custom steel wire rings, set with gemstone solitaires.
Stein-En - Semi-precious stone jewelry in contemporary designs.
Steve's Stone Art - Offers handcrafted jewelry and hand cut cabochons made with the Petoskey stone found in Michigan.
Stjern Design - Gemstone designs by Danish crafter Gitte Stjerne, of Sydney, Australia.
Stone Tiger Jewelry - Stone and glass bead jewelry featuring figurative accents.
Stone's Throw Studio - Specializing semi-precious stones and silver jewelry.
Stonewear Jewelry - Chakra-inspired designs by Diana Greywing Sacco.
Storm Rising Designs - Specialties are bead-woven cuff bracelets and spiral rope chains.
Sue Osborn Jewelry Designs - Materials include silver, gemstones and freshwater pearls.[Requires Flash]
Sueno Designs - Silver and gemstone jewelry, using traditional tribal elements to achieve a contemporary style.
Sullivan's Butterfly - Gemstone jewelry, handbags and small beaded accessories.
Sundance Charms - Symbolic necklaces, anklets and jewelry designed by Monica VandeWater.
Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs - Featuring Swarovski crystals, semi-precious gemstones, and artisan created lampwork glass beads.
Sunset Cowgirls Jewelry - Gemstone jewelry with prominent pendants.
Susan B Smith - Rough and polished gemstones as well as pearls are favorite materials.
Susan Hansen Jewelry and Design - Jewelry features large, faceted semi-precious gemstones on gold or silver chains.
Susan's Bead Designs - Simple gemstone jewelry, some with dichroic glass and bead accents.
Suzie Jewels - Contemporary crafted jewelry by Sue Renner.
Tarah Prater Designs - Beads include vintage, glass, semi-precious stones and sterling silver.
The Bead Lady - Materials include semi-precious gemstones, silver, Swarovski crystals and glass lampwork beads.
The Beaded Garden - Custom made gemstone necklaces, bracelets and earrings by Lisa and Tim Holt.
The Diana Collection - Diana Abitz uses silver, semi-precious stones, minerals and shells in her designs.
The Dragonfly Collection - Simple gemstone or pearl jewelry crafted in Atlanta by Mary Stuart Young.
The Elegant Bead - Cathy Begun features crafts jewelry with crystals, semi-precious stones, pearls and handcrafted sterling silver beads.
The Goddess Within - Women's jewelry designed with gemstones and crystals by Hillary Eldridge.
The Heather - Handcrafted semi-precious and gemstone beaded jewelry by Heather Murphy.
Ticat Jewelry - Handcrafted semi-precious stone earrings and list of birthstones.
Tiger Moon Gems - Collection of handmade gemstone bead jewelry, some featuring animal themes.
Tilting Swiftly - Specializing in gemtone earrings and bracelets, as well as scarves and greeting cards.
Tiz Butterfield Designs - Bold, contemporary jewelry using semi-precious stones, glass beads and sterling silver.
Tocco Finale - Combines a variety of materials in a novel way, from carved jade beads to rock quartz and pearls.
Trishart Designs - Earrings, necklaces and rings made from precious and semi-precious stones.
Tulip - Kristy Homes of West Palm Beach, FL, crafts semi-precious stone jewelry.
Tuliptopia Jewelry - Nina Maddock Designs jewelry using semi-precious gemstones and freshwater pearls. Includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
Underground Designs - Handcrafted jewelry made using natural stones, leather and silver.
Unicus Designs - Handmade semi-precious stone jewelry by Shelly Hay Fernandez.
Unique Creations Custom Jewelry - Stacey Webb and Stephenie Pyle craft jewelry from gemstones, crystal and glass.
Valkyrie Jewelry Design - Beaded jewelry made from semiprecious and precious stones,crystals, sterling silver and gold.
Waters Edge Jewelry - Rebecca Thomas handcrafted classical and freeform jewelry using crystal, glass, silver and copper.
Wendy Jewelry - Crafted with polished or faceted semi-precious stones and silver wire.
Wendy's Wishes - Gemstone, freshwater pearl, and crystal bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. [Requires Flash]
Wholly Grail Gems - Lauri Gray Eaton offers hand-crafted jewelry in freshwater pearls, gemstones and silver.
Winddancer Designs Artisan Creations - Gemstone jewelry and decorative items, all made and sold by the artisan herself.
Wire Maiden - Gemstone jewelry enhanced with sterling silver, carved jade pendants and broken china.
Ya?l Avraham Jewelry Design - Jewelry designed by New York artist features polished and faceted semi-precious gemstones and silver links with irregular shapes.
YMP Design - Jewelry designs by Yvonne Pankowski feature semi-precious stone beads with wire details.
Yndigo Designs - Handmade jewelry created from glass, wood, bone, sterling silver, semi-precious stones, and lucite by Kim Lyons.
Zayndina Design - Handcrafted crystal and gemstone bead jewelry catalogue, specializing in gemstone charms and feathers.
Zoe & Lil Eclectic Jewelry - Semi-precious gemstones and Bali silver are used to create watches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
Zooka Gifts - Cassandra Davis combines gemstones, beach glass, sterling silver and pearls.

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