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6th June - Hoshino Kiki crafts jewelry and accessories, using Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, crackle and plastic beads.
A Line Jewelry and Crafts - Handcrafted bead jewelry and decorative pillows by Lindsay Lee.
A1 Custom Jewelry - Handcrafted bead and gemstone jewelry; necklaces, bracelets, adjustable anklets, handmade watches, and earrings.
Accessory Closet - Bead jewelry by Melanie Martin.
Amber Box - Irma Peredne designs with crystals, pearls, gemstones, silver, and gold.
Amy Royce Designs - Jewelry composed of beads from all around the world by Amy Royce.
Angela Froud - Handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches made with new and vintage glass beads, gemstones, and silver.
AnnCrafted - Original necklaces, lariats, bracelets, bookmarks, earrings and rings.
Aries Beaded Designs - Various materials are employed, including seed beads, semi-precious gemstones and pearls.
Art Is Me - Deborah Kwitney handmakes silver, crystal, glass and seed bead jewelry.
Azian Creazians - Bead necklaces, earring, and bracelets as well as mobile phone jewelry and wine glass markers.
Azula Collection - Rebecca Coombes creates contemporary designs using vintage beads, gemstones and silver.
Baubles - Handmade using vintage beads, antique findings, colorful crystals and turquoise gems, as well tableware.
BD Collections - Barbara Roth Davis offers jewelry utilizing semi-precious stones, glass, crystals, freshwater pearls and sterling silver.
Be Adorned - Made of seed bead, fresh water pearls and semi-precious gemstones.
Beach Haus Designs - Jewelry and accessories by June Beach.
Beaded Baubles - Simple designs incorporate a variety of bead types.
Beaded Bliss Jewelry - Patricia Henry blends Swarovski crystals, Venetian glass, sterling silver, Bali silver, freshwater pearls, turquoise and jade.
Beaded Eloquence - Cherie Anderson creates seed and glass bead jewelry, enhanced with pearls, gold and silver.
Beaded Jewelry by Deliaann - Offering a variety of custom beaded jewelry, hair accessories and wine glass decor.
Beaded Memories and Designs - Handmade beaded jewelry and personalized mother's bracelets by Lorie DiLuzio and Grace Alper.
Beaded Treasures - Custom beaded jewelry specializing in mother and name bracelets by artist Shelley Kampschroeder.
BeadFusion - Jewellery made from beads and gemstones by Jacqui Butler.
Beading by Darla - Offers a variety of custom designed beaded jewelry for people or animals by Darla Stimpson.
Beaditudes - Offering handcrafted specialty bracelets.
Beadizen - Beaded jewelry with crystal, lettering and charms.
Beads by Venus - Blending handmade enamel beads, lampwork glass, pearls, crystal and augmenting with wire work.
Beadwork Company - Courtney Greene crafts jewelry made with delica beads, gems, Bali silver, seed beads, Swarovski Crystals, pearls, and natural materials.
Bear Creek Creations - Offers jewelry, watches and belts made with bone and glass beads.
Beautiful Bracelets by Leslie - Custom designed beaded jewelry.
Beeboo Baubles - Beth Mellor of New England crafts lampwork beads, precious metal clay beads, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, and sterling silver into contemporary jewelry.
Beeleebala - Bead and crystal jewelry designed by Karen L.
Belladonna - Handcrafted jewelry made with beads, semi-precious stones, and crystals.
Bijouterie - Modern jewelry featuring glass beads, semi-precious stones, crystal and shells.
Broadminded Designs - Tammy Lynn Miller crafts beaded jewelry and watches.
Bwana Beads - Individually crafted necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Each are one of a kind, restringing service is available.
Canadian Folk Art - Features wood bead bracelets and pendants, painted with human faces, animals and flowers.
Castle Jewelry - San Francisco Bay Area artist Linda Castellani designs jewelry using findings, pearls, semi-precious stones, sterling silver, and dichroic glass.
CG Hipp Jewelry Designs - Jewelry made of semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver, and vintage glass by South Carolina artisan.
Charmed Chix - Specializing in bracelets that include handmade lampwork, charm, crystal and silver beads.
Charming Beads - Laurie Campbell offers personalized bracelets using sterling silver and Swarovski crystals.
Cheri's Jewelry - Handcrafted brag bracelets using a variety of beads by Cheri Lundquist.
Cherry Designs - Kendra Burkett handcrafts jewelry for the family, featuring glass beads, sterling silver, semi-precious stones, and pearls.
Cheryl's Beaded Necklaces - Offering a selection of handmade beaded jewelry.
Claire's Fun Wears - Beaded and jewelry includes varied beads.
Cocoa Bean Creations - Features Swarovski crystal, vintage and gemstone beads.
Coleena Bobeena - Beads, crystals and gemstones are strung into contemporary designs by Colleen E. Young.
Contempo Jewelry Designs - Pearl, crystal and gemstone jewelry.
Cornucopia of Colors - A variety of handcrafted jewelry creations by Susan Fiedler.
CP Designs - Carol Perry crafts necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings from a combination of modern, vintage and classic materials.
Craftsmyths - Jane and Becky Smyth mix and match various bead styles to craft bracelets, wristwatches, necklaces and earrings.
Creative Heart Designs - Donna Stanley handcrafts earrings, necklaces and bracelets from a variety of materials and employing several techniques.
Dancing Peacock - Jewelry designed using semi-precious stones, beads and Swarovski crystals, based in the UK.
Deb Scott Designs - Bead and gemstone jewelry, and vintage brooches.
Designs by Gayle Marie - Featuring jewelry incorporating beads, shells and gemstones.
Diane Katzman - Combines beads such that very few are alike on the same piece of jewelry.
Duffy Designs - Original designs with silver and other metals, river stones, porcelain shards and glass beads. Made in Greenville, SC.
E Jewels - One of a kind bracelets, earrings and necklaces featuring semi-precious stones, pearls, shells, and glass beads.
Eccentricities - Handcrafted jewelry pieces made from a variety of vintage beads and antique pendants.
Eclecticat Jewelry - Bold jewelry created by Sherry Doyle and Dana Lanier.
Elegance With Flair - Materials include lampwork beads, freshwater pearls, crystals and silver. [Requires Flash]
Elegant Accessories - Norma Bricker crafts jewelry and bookmarks using Swarovski Crystals, and semi-precious stones.
Elixir Baubles - Lampwork beads, crystals and gemstones are featured in this jewelry.
Enamored Jewelry Designs - Specializes in hand made custom jewelry with beads and mother-of-pearl.
Enchantment by Angeline - Handcrafted designs with beads, gemstone and floral pendants.
Essentials Jewelry - Karen Timmerman of Milbank, SD, crafts beaded jewelry.
Exquisite Designer Jewelry - Designs necklaces, bracelets, chokers, anklets, earrings and accessories that feature vintage of world craft components.
Fat Tabby Designs - Beaded jewelry featuring glass and quartz.
Five Fish Designs - Krista Tseu uses materials such as lampwork beads, Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, and Thai and Balinese silver.
Gem Kist - Bracelets made from lampwork glass beads, gemstones and leather. Located in Scotland.
Gracies Jewels - Handmade jewelry, using gold, silver, pearls, Austrian and Swarovski crystals.
Handmade Beaded Jewelry by Beadscapes - Personalized gift jewelry, and beaded jewelry.
Hannah Zakari - Materials include agate, crystals, mother-of-pearl and semi-precious gemstones.
Hedgiegirl Creations - Beaded earrings, necklaces and bracelets made by Michelle Cordone.
Imagination Jewelry - Crystals, pearls, and beads are set in fancy silver wire work.
Inspired By Dreams - Cheryl Brodgesell crafts jewelry from lampwork beads, freshwater and cultured pearls, crystals, silver beads and wire.
Jackalope Jewels - Louis and Ann Chavez feature a gallery of handcrafted jewelry composed of crystal, stone, glass, polymer clay, and precious metal beads. - Custom beaded jewelry reminiscent of the Victorian era using various types of cabochons, including natural stones, hand-made dichroic glass and buttons.
JD Treasures - Offering jewelry that incorporates lampwork glass and silver beads as well as crystals.
Jeri Totten Designs - Contemporary and ethnic bead and wire necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.
Jewelry by Cris - Mixing crystals, ceramics, semi-precious gemstones in to simple, clean designs.
Jewelry By Fiorita - Materials include glass, crystals and freshwater pearls. Also offers rosary beads.
Jewelry by Leslie Ann - Bead and silver jewelry designs.
Jewelry Creations by Diana - Handcrafted with beads of gemstones, glass, silver, gold, and wood. Some are handknotted, others are wireworked or simply strung.
Jewelry From Venus. - Handmade jewelry features unconventional beads.
JK Jewellery - Simple beaded jewelry by UK crafter.
JL Designs - Janis Lozano designs nickel-free silver, crystal, bead and semi-precious stone jewelry.
Joyas - Materials include seed beads, crystals and semi-precious gemstones.
Kandes Lee - Arizona artist crafts original jewelry made from glass and seed beads, crystals and semi-precious gemstones.
Karen Sanders Design - Original jewelry design, created from gemstones, pearls, beads, crystal, silver and gold. Items include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and gifts.
Kate McKinnon - Jewelry created with vintage, contemporary and lampworked glass combined with beads and precious and semi-precious stones. Kate McKinnon has authored two books on bead jewelry.
Katydids Artisan Jewelry - Kate Dickie handcrafts jewelry from lampwork glass beads, semi-precious gems, pearls, crystals, sterling silver, and gold.
Keepsake Designs - Cindy M. Massingill creates jewelry from glass and seed beads, as well as crystals and silver.
Kelly Girl Beads - Collection of handmade beaded jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and anklets.
Kim Kamara Designs - Blends seed beads, gemstones, art glass beads and crystals to create original, contemporary designs.
Kimbers Handmade Jewelry - Sells handmade and beaded jewelry.
Kismet Gems - Silver bead, crystal, and gemstone jewelry by artist Stacy Meyers.
Kris Cross Designs - Designed with beads, semi-precious stones, and sterling silver.
Kris Designs - Materials include art beads, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver.
Laurel Clark Designs - Dense clusters diverse vintage beads, crystals and gemstones form original jewelry.
Laurienna Jewelry - Contemporary jewelry inspired by ethnic traditions and European fashion.
Levinson Design - Susan Levinson uses materials that include semi-precious stones, lampwork beads and freshwater pearls and crystals.
Lizard Queen Designs - Simple handcrafted beaded jewelry.
Loewestamm Wooden Jewelry - Vladimir Loewestamm designs jewelry made of handcrafted wood beads, sometimes with natural amber accents.
Lori Lynn Designs - Lori LaRocca crafts custom beaded jewelry including personalized mother and baby bracelets.
Lucinda Knight Jewellry - Based in the UK, Lucinda Knight produces contemporary jewelry from glass, minerals, and acrylic.
Machelle Wells - Crafts intricate seed bead jewelry with crystal enhancements.
Magical Beads - Cheryl and Joy Elin-Smith mix diverse beads in their contemporary designs.
Magpie Beads - Handmade jewelry by Mag Dimond. Features necklaces and bead resources, in three collection categories: color and light, caravan, talisman and artifacts.
Marcus Berkner Designs - Fresh water pearl, lampwork bead and crystal jewelry.
Martin Art - Custom and crystal and beaded necklaces, earrings, and sets.
MB Designs - Handcrafted jewelry by Marion Berry using pearls, lampwork beads and precious metals.
Medalye Designs - Eyeglass chains, eyeglass holders, lanyards, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, anklets, and earrings.
Mel's Treasures - Melissa Cox creates jewelry combining glass and silver beads as well as crystals.
Merkaba Jewelry - Semi-precious gemstone, glass bead and silver jewelry.
Midnight Firefly - Materials include glass, semi-precious gemstones, pearls, enameled pendants and silver.
Midnight Raven Artisan Jewellery - Handcrafted from semi-precious stones, gemstones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal, lampwork glass, Bali sterling silver and Thai Karen hilltribe silver.
Misty Dawn Creations - Simple handcrafted bead jewelry with gemstones, seed and glass beads.
Montana Mary - Dried potato bead jewelry handcrafted by Montana artist.
Moonbabies - Articulated wire figures designed by Ava Minsky Foxman using beads and semi-precious stones. Specializes in pins, ankle jewelry and eyeglass chains.
My Jewelry Palette - Jewelry and sets created using a variety of beads and gemstones. - Specializing in crystal, pearl and bead jewelry for children, and matching sets for adults.
Nancies Fancies - Offers jewelry, scissor tails featuring a combination of seed beads, crystals and gemstones, as well as quilt pin cards.
Natural Focus - Jewelry made of wood, pewter, bone and leather by Nathalie J. Hall.
Necessary Elements - Jewelry using sterling silver, gemstones, minerals, and accent beads.
Neckisses by Lexi - Designer Alexandra Beermann combines semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals to create necklaces and earrings. [Requires Flash]
Nims Necklaces - Beaded necklaces in simple designs.
Nolan Studio - Necklaces, earrings and bracelets created into sterling designs by artist Emily Nolan.
On U Jewelry - Glass, crystal and gemstone jewelry by Donna Silvestri features hand-knotted and hand-crocheted strings.
One Of A Kind Designs - Earrings, bracelets and necklaces made with semi-precious stones, lampwork beads, Swarovski and Czech crystals.
One Song Designs - Vintage jewelry single, double, triple, five strand pieces featuring glass beads, mother-of-pearl and crystals.
Original Jewelry Designs by Zelda - Bead jewelry is enhanced by contemporary painted of dichroic glass pendants.
Originals Elin and Sue's - Offering jewelry made with a variety of bead materials and shapes.
P & PT - Selection includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins, brooches, hair sticks, barrettes and combs. Designed by Margaret Schindel.
Palmetto Originals - Handcrafted with silver beads, crystals and gemstones.
Paperjane Jewelry - Simple bead and gemstone jewelry.
Part of the Heart - Featuring a variety of handmade polymer clay, pearl and ceramic bead jewelry by Karryn Mahle.
Pennies from Heaven Beadworks - Amulet bag seed bead necklaces, densely clustered glass bead designs, enhanced with crystals and pearls.
Penny Gray - Earrings, necklaces and brooches made from shells, seed beads, buttons, sea glass, and pebbles from Cornwall, UK.
Raindrops Boutique - Russian inspired jewelry designs by Elena Miller.
Rebecka Boyd Jewelry Design - Contemporary gemstone designs, retail catalogue and details for wholesale orders.
Riana Rocchetta - Jewelry made of large Raku fired ceramic beads.
Ruberta Plum Designs - Offerings include necklaces, earrings and bracelets made with beads, clay, wire and sterling silver.
Sabu Jewellery - Rosemary Donald of Perth, Australia, crafts beaded jewelry using glass, crystal and metal beads.
Sadie Adie Creations - Jewelry featuring beaded, semi-precious and vintage stones.
Sally Bass - Vintage, glass and ceramic beads are combined to create contemporary jewels.
Sally Rocks - Sally F. Johnston crafts hand-strung beaded jewelry. Located in Concord, NH.
Sandy Saks Jewelry - Handcrafted from precious and non-precious materials.
Seaworthy Craft - Valerie and Matthew Grussing sell jewelry and eyeglass leashes, made from a variety of materials including Swarovski crystals and hemp.
Shosh Jewels - Custom jewelry designer Shoshannah provides jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and anklets.
Sibling Rivalry - Jewelry and handbags by two crafting Canadian sisters.
Siren Realm - Micro-mosaic jewelry created from seed beads, semi-precious gemstones, glass and metals.
Sirius Jewellery - Designs in fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and Venetian glass.
Snap A Doo's - Offers accessories including jewelry made of glass beads, semi-precious gemstones and coral.
Steffany Appleton - Bead, laced pearl, gemstone, and crystal jewelry.
Strands - Anita Nagurka creates colorful jewelry blending gemstones, crystals and dyed pearls.
Suigeneris Sculpture - Found objects and electronic hardware components are used as beads for jewelry or incorporated in picture frames.
Superhero Designs - Jewelry by Andrea Ascher, online journal, and links.
Supernova Design - Lisa and Melissa Spigutz craft jewelry from glass beads, semi-precious gemstones, shells, wood, wire, polymer clay and leather.
Sweet Girl Jewelry - Jewelry designs by Everett, WA artist.
Tada Jewels - Beaded jewelry and accessories such as book marks and key rings.
Tanya's Bead 'n Craft - Handmade beaded bobby pins, chokers, bracelets, and earrings.
Terri's Vintage Jewelry - Handmade beaded jewelry from Woodland, CA.
Testa Rossa Crafts - Max and Sarah Rowse-De Franco craft bead jewelry in Cornwall, UK.
The Art and The Bead - Adjustable anklets, necklaces, bead art, bracelets, earrings, jewelry sets and watches.
The Bead Sisters - Offering jewelry using Swarovski crystals and lampwork beads.
The Lewis Collection - Bead jewelry handcrafted with simplicity.
Timely Jewels - Jewelry designed and crafted in California using handmade fused glass and semi-precious gemstones.
Top Frog Designs - Hand-crafted Czech glass jewelry by Amy Klessen.
Trina's Trinkets and Treasures - Offering wire wrapped and hand beaded jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.
Twisted - Laura Marentes designs jewelry in sterling silver, copper and gold filled wire featuring semi-precious gemstone, silver and lampwork beads.
Two Sisters Beadery - Custom made beaded,leather and motorcycle related jewelry.
Unique Handcrafted Birch Bark Jewelry - Traditional handcarved birch bark pendants, bangles and earrings.
Victoria's Own - Materials include silver, seed, crystal and lampwork beads.
Virgo Moon - Mary Hicklin handcrafts jewelry with stones, and ancient artifacts, findings, and a variety of beads.
Wei Jei Jewelry - Individually designed and hand-crafted necklaces and earrings. Accepts special orders.
Winter Branch - Mary Beth Cahoon uses vintage beads, antique chandelier crystals, and silver charms.
Womanrare Designs - Offering beadwork suncatchers, ID badge lanyards, eyeglass tethers, amulets, and jewelry created by artisan Jaqui Freund. - Bud and Cheri Baldwin handcraft wooden bead jewelry made from colorful laminated hardwoods.
Zig Zag Creations - Glass, seed beads and crystals are combined in original designs.

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