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Access Keyboards - Manufacturer and designer of customized computer keyboards for retail, industrial, financial and telecom applications
AlphaSmart, Inc. - Portable keyboard or notetaker compatible with any Macintosh or PC.
Casco Products International - Provides custom wireless keyboard solutions to OEM and Set-Top Box customers needing IR and RF technologies. Also offers standard IR and RF products to the general public.
Cedeq Industries - Features this manufacturer of programmable touchpads for USB, din5, or din6 ports. - Specializes in computer keyboard and mouse manufacturing. - Sells waterproof, dustproof and silent layout keyboard that can also fold for storage or transportation.
Considerate Technology Inc. - Manufacturer of the ABC Keyboard, which aligns the keys in alphabetical order for non-typists.
Cortron, Inc. - Rugged Key boards for military, industrial and extreme applications.
Crystal Visions Technology - Space saving keyboards and pointing devices, including notebook style with integrated touchpad.
Custom Gaming Keyboard by zBoard - zBoard is the PC gamer's most lethal weapon. Custom gaming keyboard designed by gamers for gamers. Gaming keyset used by top PC game players.
Darwin Keyboards - Manufacturers of keyboard products, including ergonomic keyboards, keyboards for notebook computers, and macro remapping software.
DataCal Enterprises - Manufactures custom keyboards, custom printed keys, keycaps and overlays, and software templates.
DataHand Ergonomic Keyboards - Provides an ergonomic keyboard and mouse replacement to reduce the effects of repetitive strain disorder in the office.
Deck Keyboards - Backlit and illuminated keyboards for gaming and home use.
DS International, Inc. - Specializes in the design and production of keyboards and keypads.
Editors Keys - Providing editing keyboards for Premiere, Photoshop and other programs.
Electronic Keyboards Inc. - Manufacture NEMA 4 industrial keyboards to fit your application, in number of keys, key text, hot keys, and color with no tooling charge for from one up. - ETS (Electronic Trade Solutions)- ETS EtsKrypto range of Secure Keyboards and PIN Pads designed as PED & EMV compliant.
Fentek Industries - Custom, standard, and ergonomic keyboards including international languages, large print and assistive, programmable plus templates and keytop labels.
FingerWorks - Designs and produces Zero-Force ergonomic keyboards with integrated mouse and gesture input.
Flexboards LLC - Offers fullsize keyboards that can be rolled up for portability. Features include liquid proofing, multiple colors, and noiseless operation.
Flexible waterproof keyboards - Australian wholesaler and retailer for flexible and waterproof silicone compound keyboards.
Focus Electronic Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers computer keyboards, specializing in radio wireless keyboards and multimedia and Internet keyboards.
Genovation - Manufactures numeric keypads, function keypads, specialty keyboards and other computer input devices.
Heng Yu Technology - Offers banking keyboards, pinpads, POS keyboards and terminals, magstripe and smartcard terminals and biometric products. Located in China
Hooleon - Custom keyboards with custom keys, for the blind, vision impaired, or those with poor vision. Big keys with large print, colored keys, to help with visual enhancement. All types and variations of custom keyboards.
Hunt & Peck Corp - Authorized manufacturer of convertible logical keyboard.
Ideazon - Custom keyboards for games and applications.
Innovation Management Group - US and international onscreen keyboards. Programmable macro buttons and panels for all pointing devices.
Inputronic flex Keyboard Protectors - Information about basic types of construction (shaped and non-shaped), their advantages and disadvantages, a price list and contact details.
International keyboads - International keyboards in more than 35 national language variants. Delivery in Europe and US.
Intolect Ltd. - Suppliers of specialist keyboards and keypads. Also offers keyboards with smart card readers and biometric security.
Kaydor Ltd. - Offers pre-moulded Seal'n Type keyboard covers that protect keyboards, laptops, tills and other push-button machines.
The Key Connection, Inc. - Custom keyboards, replacement key overlay kits, foreign language keyboards and overlays, large print, Braille, assistive keyboards, templates, keyboard covers.
Key Tronic Corporation - Manufactures keyboard, mice, thinclient and biometric products.
Keyboard Cleaning - Tool that allows you to quickly and safely remove the keycaps from the computer keyboard for cleaning purposes.
The Keyboard Company - Diverse range of computer keyboards, any size, and style, any language, and all in stock.
Keyboard Stickers by Latkey Ltd. - Keyboard stickers for multiple languages in different colors. Glowing stickers. Professional overlays. - Manufacturer of keyboard protection products and accessories including custom keyboard skins, seals, covers, keyskins, and keyguards.
Keybrite - A large-lettered, glowing keycover for laptops or pc keyboards. It comes in different colored backgrounds and pictures.
KEYKatcher UK - KEYKatcher is a hardware-based keystroke logger.
KeyRight's - Computer keyboard learning system.
Keytools - Provides mice, keyboards, and input devices for education, special needs, RSI and disabilities. - Sells product to convert a standard keyboard to a child friendly one with upper and lowercase letters. - Supporting text entry in more than 400 languages with inexpensive high-quality text-entry solutions. Custom keyboards and drivers, or choose Keyboard Stickers and Covers to convert any keyboard to the language of your choice.
Maltron Ltd - Manufacturer of Ergonomic Keyboards based in Surrey UK providing specialized keyboards for people with keyboard related pain or disability with 3D two hand and left or right single handed, mouth head stick or expanded with metal shield keyboards. NEW 2D Executive split hand keyboard
Moonlight Illumination - Makes your keyboard visible even in the darkest locations.
PFU America - Happy Hacking Keyboard, cradles and accessories sales
Phenix Technologie - Features transparent adhesive keyboard stickers for a number of language character sets.
PI Engineering,Inc. - Specializing in input solutions. Fully programmable and stores multiple key codes in its on board EEPROM.
ProtecT Keyboard Covers - Custom manufacture keyboard covers for almost all makes and models of keyboards.
Rafi GB Ltd. - Designers and manufacturers of standard and custom rugged keyboards and control panel systems for the industrial, defence and interactive kiosk markets, with ISO 9001 approval.
SafeType Ergonomic Keyboard - Immediate comfort without re-training. The SafeType is the only keyboard that places the user in a position that is Orthopedically Neutral and cannot be adjusted improperly by the user.
Senseboard Technologies AB - A virtual keyboard, mainly for palmtop computers.
Soft Keyboard Platform - Designer and manufacturer of the unique Soft Keyboard Platform. Intuitive, adjustable mousing surface. Designed for use with articulating arms made by all current manufacturers. Soft yet strong. Integrated features. Non-bruising edge.
Suncoast Digital Technology - Custom interface keyboards, keypad assembles and electronics from an experienced manufacturer including low profile rigid PCBs with metal domes, graphic overlays, membranes and rubber keyboards.
Sunrex Technology Corp. - OEM NoteBook KeyBoard.
Synctronics - Custom keysets, keyboards, keytop overlays, foreign language overlays, Dvorak keyboards, templates and keyboard protectors. - Standard Tamil Keyboard, Tamilnet99 / Phonotic Keyboard
Telecrown Technology Limited - Manufactures PC related products like wireless I/R keyboard, mouse and video capture cards.
Texas Industrial Peripherals - Manufactures a complete line of industrial keyboards and pointing devices that survive in dirty, dusty, and washdown environments.
TG3 Electronics - Custom keyboards, medical keyboards, and backlit keyboards designed to fit your needs and budget manufactured by TG3 Electronics.
Think Outside, Inc. - Offers the Stowaway line of portable keyboards for the Palm, Visor and other mobile devices.
The XPeRT Keyboard for Computers - The XPeRT Keyboard increases opposite hand keystrokes by 66%, dramatically speeding typing, while moving only 2 common keys. It uses existing hardware.

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