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A New Doll In Town - Collectible dolls listed by artist.
Adele's Fashion Dolls - Offers various vintage and modern doll collections including Gene, Madra, Kitty Collier, and Wakeen Eve.
Adorable Dolls - Offers various artists including Lee Middleton, Madame Alexander, Vogue and Betsy McCall. View photos, doll restoration tip of the month, and contact information.
Alesia's Dolls and Gifts - Wooden rocking horses, artist dolls, doll stands, bears and beanies.
All Dolled Up Dolls - Offering a variety of dolls and related items. Categories include Madame Alexander, Barbie, antique, modern, hard plastic, and composition. Pictures and doll care tips.
All For You - Features Show-Stoppers porcelain dolls, designed by Florence Maranuk.
Amelia Dolls - Collector offers sales of French and German vintage dolls including Kestner, Tete Jumeau, Bahr, and Proschild. Located in Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom.
Amiee's Fantasy Creations - Offers fairies, elves, and other creations hand sculpted in polymer clay and paper clay.
Ann Marie's Antique Dolls - Offers a large collection of antique and modern collectible dolls and toys.
Ann's Dollhouse - Retail doll shop in Gallatin, Tennessee offering on-line shopping.
Annelieses Dolls - Offers collections by various artists including Anneliese, Pauline, Wakeen, McLean, Lee Middleton, Nerissa Shaub, Robert Tonner, Uta Brauser, Lorna Miller, and French Floozie.
Annette and Friends Collectible Dolls - Offers dolls from various artists, both one-of-a-kind and manufactured. View photos and prices.
Anything Goes Inc. - Offers dolls from various artists including Robert Tonner, Gene, and Jan McLean.
Aunt Barbie's Dolls - Specializing in Barbie and GI Joe, as well as Disney and Warner Beanies and Puffkins.
Barbara Benken Dolls Paradise - Offers reproductions of antique porcelain dolls and artists including Kathe Kruse. View ordering and contact information.
Bearfoot Gifts and Collectibles - Offering 8' dolls by Susan Wakeen, as well as Madame Alexander and porcelain dolls by Delton.
Beth Schumann Collectibles - Contemporary limited and collector edition Barbie dolls.
Bevs Enchanted Cottage - Offers Marie Osmond, Richard Simmons, and Lloyd Middleton dolls, and Annette Funicello, Bunnies by the Bay, and Knickerbocker Bears.
Bitty Babies - Offers custom, design-your-own, vinyl doll babies.
Browns Gallery - Offers various artists including Robert Tonner, and Gotz.
Cecile St.Gelais' Sasha Doll Page - Offers Sasha dolls and accessories for sale.
Celia's and Susan's Dolls - Carries major designer and collectible dolls.
Childhood Dolls - Offers sales of play and collectible characters and accessories including Topper Dawn, Horsman, Barbie, Uneeda, Mattel, and Ideal. Provides photographs, prices, and order information.
Children of the Artist - Children of the Artist Doll Gallery sells contemporary art dolls from artists all over the world.
Collecterrific - Source for collectibles from Boyds Bears and Friends, Cottage Collectibles by Ganz, Charming Tails, Annette Funicello, Seraphim Angels, miniatures and dolls. Secure online ordering.
Collectibles By Treasure Cove - Here you will find porcelain dolls, figurines. - Offers porcelain and vinyl collections from artists including Ashton Drake, Alberon and Leonardo.
Copenhagen Antique Toys and Dolls - Danish shop offering antique dolls, dollhouses and miniatures.
Crafted Toys - Offers Russian nesting dolls, Ukrainian pysanky and lacquer boxes and Arabic wooden camels.
Create A Doll Kingdom by Susan Wakeen - Features create-a-doll with choices of hair, eye color, shoes, clothing, and personalization. Birth certificate included and accessories available.
Create Your Own Baby Doll - Offers custom made vinyl 22' Apple Valley dolls.
Crossroads Publishing - Offers one-of-a-kind, portrait sculptures, fantasy, Native American and mythological figures.
David Hammon Dolls Japan - Specializes in imported Japanese Fashion Dolls from Takara, Ma-ba and Bandai. Dolls include modern and vintage Japanese Barbie dolls, Jenny and Licca dolls as well as outfits, accessories and reading material.
Dawn Dolls - Details Dawn and other fashion dolls from the 1970s. Ordering information for the new full color idenitification and price guide to Dawn and other 6 1/2' dolls from the 70s.
Day Dream Dolls - Porcelain collectable dolls, doll and teddy hospital, doll and teddy courses, sculpting commissions, child likenesses available.
Day Dreams - Offers various collections including Annalee, Boyd's, Lee Middleton, and Madame Alexander.
Dazzling Dolls and Collectibles, Inc. - Offer for sale a wide selection of Barbie Collectibles, as well as Tyler Wentworth and Kripplebush Kids by Robert Tonner.
Dear Aunt Polly and Company - Uniquely crafted elder dolls. Background, what's new, ordering and price information.
Denise Van Patten Dolls - Explore dolls--antique to modern! Barbie, Gene, 50s/60s Fashion Dolls, Antiquew Dolls, Miniatures, Dollhouse Dolls, Dollmakig, Sewing for Dolls.
Denver Doll Emporium - Featuring antique and collectible dolls, teddy bears and paper dolls.
Designers Dolls Online Catalogue - Offers a wide variety of different dolls over the world wide web including a large amount of rare and hard to find Barbie dolls, as well as dolls by famous designers including Rustie, Mar Van Osdell, Fayzah Spanos, The Designer's Guild Collection.
Dialing for Dolls, Inc. - Offers collectible Barbies, Gene, and Madame Alexander. Inventory includes current and secondary market items.
Diane's Doll Shoppe - Offers collections from artists including Cardwell, Canham, Effanbee, Gene, G?tz, Himstedt, Massey, Pauline, Simmons, Stover, Tonner, and Zwergnase.
Diane's Dolls, Toys and Collectibles - Featuring Strawberry Shortcake, Fisher Price toys, Barbies, Composition Dolls, Boyds Bears, and Coca Cola Collectibles.
Distinctive Dolls - Offers collections from various artists including Gotz, Emily Garthright, Maja Bill, Betsy McCall, Hildegard Gunzel, Pauline Bjonness-Jacobsen, Zapf, and Lee Middleton. Includes artists' biographies, photos, and contact and ordering information.
Doddie's Dolls - Offers collections from Lee Middleton, Madame Alexander, Jan McLean and small wonders.
Doll and Gift Gallery - Offers Lee Middleton, Susan Wakeen, Effanbee, Ginny Vogue and Raggedy Ann dolls.
Doll Art - Offers redone 11.5 and 16 inch creations.
Doll Connection - Offers various collections including Zapf Creation, Waltershausen, Kruse, Celia, Berdine Creedy, Himstedt, and Frieske.
Doll Corner - Over 600 dolls and figurines on sale here on our web site.
Doll Cottage - Offers collections from various manufacturers including Hildegard Gunzel, Heavenly Treasures, Madame Alexander, Susan Wakeen, Eden, and Lee Middleton.
Doll Haven - Offers collectible and play dolls by various artists and manufacturers.
Doll House Elora - Offers porcelain, vinyl, and antique dolls. Also accessories, clothing, doll houses, and teddy bears.
Doll Lover's Paradise - Offers various artists including Zapf Creation, Spanos, Rustie, Middleton, Rubert, Barton's Creek, Gund and Orange. Photos, order form, and contact information.
Doll Shoppe - Dolls, miniatures, and collectables.
Doll-lightful Collectibles - Offers dolls and accessories including Shirley Temple, Madame Alexander, Nancy Ann, Terri Lee, Vogue, Ideal, Horsman, and Kewpie. View photos, background and contact information. - Offers several lines of new and vintage dolls.
Dollmama's Den - Offers vinyl dolls from artists including Madame Alexander, American Character, Effanbee, Gerber Babies, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Raggedy Ann.
Dolls and Lace - Features antique dolls, bears, and related accessories.
Dolls and Stuff - Offers vinyl collections including Lee and Lloyd Middleton, Reva Schick, and Linda Henry.
Dolls Down Under - Offers new and old Barbie and Skansen Beanie Kids.
Dolls of the World - Unique creations dressed in folklore costumes from many countries.
Dolls of Yesterday and Today - Offers collectible dolls and bears including Madame Alexander, Gene, Barbie, Drake, McCall, and Steiff. Information on appraisals available.
Dolls So Real - Collectible vinyl dolls, accessories and doll making supplies.
Dolls With a Past - Offers collectible dolls from past years.
DollsForSale.Com - Offers collectible dolls and figures including Effanbee, Cabbage Patch Kids, Ashton Drake, and Madame Alexander. Mail order. - Specialize in Gene, Madra, Eve, Ginny, Willow & Daisy, Tyler Wentworth, Brenda Starr, Marie Osmond, Effanbee, Susan Wakeen and Annette Himstedt dolls and accessories.
Dollworks - Selling mint and mint in box composition and hard plastic dolls from 1925 to 1965 including vintage Madame Alexanders, Vogue, and Ideal dolls.
Dolly Doc's Dollhouse - Offers various collections including Magic Attic, Betsy McCall, Effanbee, Marie Osmond and Lee Middleton. Also offers doll hospital and restoration services.
Dollycrafts - Alberon dolls are available to buy now from our secure online shopping site. - Offers Barbie, Franklin Mint, cartoon character, Disney, celebrity and other fashion dolls and accessories.
Donna's Korner Kollectibles - Online mail order catalog of vintage, modern, and artist dolls.
Dwyer's Doll House - Offers collections including Madame Alexander, Lee Middleton, and Raggedy Anne. Also offers dollhouses, furniture, miniatures and accessories.
E and G Antiques - Offers various dolls including Brus, Kestners, Jumeaus, and Shirleys.
El Dorado Toys - Offers dolls and toys of a collectible nature including Disney, Wendy Lawton and Barbie.
Elegant Dolls and Toys - Retailer of Alexander, Gene, Ginny, Its me, and Effanbee dolls.
Ellen's Dolls - Offers dolls by Lee Middleton, Ginny, Barbie, Madame Alexander, Annette Himstedt, Gene, Fayzah Spanos, Robert Tonner, Zapf, Gotz, Adora, Susan Wakeen, Daddy's, Jan McLean, Richard Simmons, Marie Osmond, Little Souls, Turner.
Fairies and More - Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairies, Suffolk Fairies, Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit figures, and Toad Hollow Toad figures.
For Someone Special Doll Company - Offers multi-cultural, ethnic and therapeutic dolls, accessories, and hand-made quilts.
Genna's Friends - Vinyl dolls made to order, featuring Apple Valley Dolls.
Gigi's Dolls and Sherry's Teddy Bears - Offers various dolls and supplies.
GoldenGirl Designs - Custom creations, outfits and repaints.
Happily Ever After Doll, Bear and Toy Shop - Artist dolls by Maggie Iacono, Helen Kish, Robert Tonner, Zwergnase, Susan Wakeen, R John Wright and others plus a large selection of fashion dolls.
Hattons Gallery - Selling quality antique and fine vintage dolls.
Heavenly Little Treasures - Offers dolls from Zapf, Lee Middleton, Sigikids, and Jan MacLea.
Heirlooms for Tomorrow - Custom creations dressed in the 1800-1920 style. Includes photos, descriptions and ordering information.
Her's and Mine Antique Dolls - French and German items.
Hobbs House of Dolls - Online shopping for collectible dolls and bears.
Hope Dolls - Offers porcelain and vinyl ethnic dolls.
Ika's Puppenmode - Producer of high quality, original doll and teddybear outfits in a range of designs and materials.
Jeffrue Enterprises - Dolls created completely by hand from a doll artisan. Each porcelain doll takes on a personality of its own in the processes.
Joe's Barbie Doll List - Offers collectible dolls, clothes and accessories including Barbie, Gene, Tammy, and Littlechaps.
Judys Dolls - Offering dolls, bears and many other collectable dolls not available in local stores.
Kewpiekorner - Buys and sells original Rose O'Neill Kewpie collectibles made by Effanbee, Cameo, Enesco and Lee Middleton.
KittyMother Enterprises - Specializes in porcelain dolls, many in limited editions. Styles offered include Native American, Victorian, babies and toddlers, grandparents, and fairies.
Klynn Designs - One of a kind designer collector dolls. Specializing in native and african american, oriental and southern/country.
Les Dolls - Offers originals and reproductions of various artists including Joke Grobben, Lee Middleton, Monika and Ashton Drake.
Linda's Bead Dolls - Miniature bead dolls handcrafted by Linda Duncan and used for gifts and decorations.
Linda's Look-A-Like Dolls - Master Doll Maker, Linda will create an instant heirloom by crafting a doll to look just like one of your loved ones. Young or old, male or female, any subject could be reproduced as a porcelain doll.
Little Angels Galleries - Carries porcelain bride, baby, little girls and boys, Victorian, and ethnic dolls.
Little Souls and Creative Endeavors - Collectible Little Soul dolls, porcelain limited edition dolls, clothes and accessories.
Lloyd Middleton Dolls, Inc. - Specializing in Lee Middleton and Lloyd Middleton vinyl Dolls.
Love My Dolls - Features vinyl and porcelain artist dolls.
Lovey Babies - Handmade dolls for babies attached to their mother's hair. These soft cloth dolls are specially designed for little hands. They are made of natural fibers and stuffed with organic cotton. - Offers various porcelain dolls.
Madeline Online - Features dolls, clothing and accessories.
Main Street Doll Emporium - Antique, collectible, modern dolls plus supplies for crafters.
Mary D's - Features collectible dolls and bears from all of the leading makers and artists.
Mary Hoyer Doll Company - Design your own custom doll.
Mary's Spider's Web - Offers dolls and accessories.
Meg's Traditional Cloth Dolls - Traditional cloth dolls creations.
Miners Doll and Toy Store - Quality dolls, toys and games for all ages. Madame Alexander, Gotz, Corolle, Brio, and Ron Wall.
MiniMode - Jewelry boutique for fashion dolls like Gene and Barbie specializing in exquisite handcrafted miniature jewelry made with semi-precious stones and precious metal.
Mother Earth and Me Design Studio - Offers cloth and wooden dolls with hand painted faces. View photos, ordering and contact information.
Muggles Magical Toys, Inc. - Offers featured creations and related products.
My Dear Dolly - Offers sale of vintage collectible dolls including Madame Alexander, Georgene, Ideal, Mattel, Vogue, and Schoenut. Includes photographs, and prices.
My Dolls House - Madame Alexander, Betsy McCall and other brand name dolls.
My Dolly Dearest - Online store featuring dolls, bears, and accessories from antique to contemporary.
My Little People - Features fine collectible dolls from many of your favorite doll artists and dolls of various cultures, furniture, and figurines.
NetDoll - Currently has over 150 retired Annette Himstedt dolls available.
Nostalgia Bears and Dolls - Stocking teddy bears and dolls by leading manufacturers and artists from around the world.
Not Just Dolls Dallas - Offers a variety of collections including Madame Alexander, Gene, Ginny, Effanbee, Gotz, Lee Middleton, and Robert Tonner.
Paradise Galleries - Offers porcelain dolls by various artists. View photos, artist profiles, order online or from catalogs, links, and favorites.
Pat Boldt's Treasure House Dolls - Miniature porcelain dolls, doll kits and supplies.
Periwinkle Dolls - Online catalog of Madame Alexander dolls.
Pieternel Antique Dolls and Toys - Pieternel sells and buys antique dolls, dollhouses, accessories, toys and collectibles.
Pixli - Feisty, collectible Vermont cloth dolls. American-made for children and experienced doll collectors. Sturdy, soft, flexible bodies, expressive embroidered faces, chenille hair, and custom doll clothes.
Priceless Collectibles - Offers recycled collectible dolls. Most are in their original container.
Rebecca Jayne Dolls - Offers vintage Barbie, Gene, and Madame Alexander dolls and outfits, as well as Hallmark ornaments.
Roberta's Doll House - Offers sales of vintage dolls including Bru fashion opaque, Tete Jumeau, Kestner, and Simon Halbig. Includes prices and order information.
Rose O'Neill Kewpie Dolls - Distributor of Kewpie dolls and related products. History of artist, merchandise gallery, ordering, links and contact information.
Ruth Ann Crafts - Features the Country Girl collection of hand crafted dolls and doll clothing.
Sabrina's Haven - A source of collectable Daddy's Long Legs Dolls and Figurines. Also, Artificial cactus, garlands, Mums, and Trinkets.
Samantha's Collectible Dolls & Gifts - Featuring Lee Middleton, Boyds Bears, and Lloyd Middleton Vinyl Dolls.
Sandcastle Dolls and Toys - Shop specializing in toys, dolls, collectables and mohair wig supplies for the doll maker.
Sandra and Mary's Doll Shop - Authorized dealer for Madame Alexander, Effanbee and Ginny.
Santons - Simply Treasures page of imported French dolls.
Sasha Dolls - Specializing in early Sasha dolls.
Saving Graces Doll Shoppe - Specializing in Marie Osmond Dolls, Annette Funicello Bears and other doll lines.
Seymour Mann Inc. - Importer and manufacturer. Offers porcelain dolls and hats from Italy.
Special Touch Crafts - Specializes in custom, hand made crafts including Raggedy Ann and Andy, sock monkeys, hobby horse, and aprons.
Sue Coffee - Offers current and retired Annalee dolls.
Sunshine Doll and Teddy Bear Shop - Hand-painted dolls from various artists including Annette Himstedt, Sonja Hartmann, Lee Middleton, Little Souls, Virginia Turner, Marie Osmond, Ruth Treffeisen, Siegrid Sheesley, Boyd's and Cottage Collectible. View photos, contact and order information.
Sylvia's Dolls - Offers handcrafted, hand painted, porcelain and vinyl dolls and stands.
Terrkat - Unique creations, clothing and accessories. Descriptions, photos and ordering information.
The Cute Doll Cottage - Offers various limited edition pieces including Knowles China, Hildegard Gunzel, and Zapf. Online ordering, photos, exchange rates and contact information.
The Doll Cradle - Offers dolls, clothes, furniture, accessories, and a doll hospital for repairs.
The Doll Empire - Information about doll artists and their creations.
The Doll Lady - Specializes in limited edition dolls, doll accessories, artist dolls, and other collectibles.
The Doll Market - Specializing in African-American and multi-cultural specialty dolls.
The Dollmakers - Selection of dolls, teddy bears, supplies, and accessories.
The Friend Company - Upscale collectibles shop located in Fairhope, AL specializing in limited edition artist dolls including Zwergnase and Iacono.
The Learning Port - Sales of G?tz vinyl play and art dolls and clothes, and Groovy Girls contemporary soft-bodied dolls and clothes. Site includes photos of current and previous year's editions.
The Magic Toy Box - UK collectors shop specialising in Barbie, Sindy, fashion dolls, Pelham puppets and collectibles.
The Magpie's Nest - Offers dolls by artists including Annette Himstedt and Tiny Sophie.
The McAslan Doll Company - Official site of The McAslan Doll Company, featuring dolls by award winning artist Sandi McAslan.
The Montana Doll House - The Montana Doll House offers play dolls to collectables along with miniatures and gifts.
The OhZone - Offers hard plastic, composition, vinyl, and antique-bisque dolls from artists including Madame Alexander, Crissy, Ginny, Cabbage Patch, and Chatty Cathy.
The Raggedy's and Teddy's Co. - Specializing in Raggedy Ann for the collector. Old & new dolls.
The Toy Shoppe - Offers collections from artists including Kissling, John Wright, and Lynne & Michael Roche.
Timeless Collections, Inc. - Offers porcelain and vinyl dolls including Native American.
TLC Doll Hospital - Sells, repairs and restores dolls, doll cases, snow globes, bears, and stuffed animals.
Toys of Another Time - Includes discontinued Barbie dolls, Strawberry Shortcake, and Tressy. Offering dolls and games from before 1950 to current.
Toys On The Green - Offers Lee Middleton, Corolle, Gotz, Susan Wakeen, and Zook. Clothing and accessories also available.
Traditional K - Offers porcelain dolls including Mundia and Alberon.
Treasures and Dolls - Specializes in dolls and bears including antique, ethnic, Madame Alexander, Annalee, Goetz, Sasha, Terri Lee, and Steiff. Located in Belleair Bluffs, Florida.
TS House of Miniatures - Porcelain fairy, cherub, kewpie, and angel dolls from Singapore.
twodaydreamers - Sells porcelain and vinyl dolls by Madame Alexander Dolls, Robert Tonner Dolls, Susan Wakeen, Ashton Drake, Zawieruszynski Originals and the Butterfly Ring.
TylerKids - Endearing gifts, heirloom collectibles, witty decorative accents.
Victoria's Delight Dolls - Offers Robert Tonner dolls: Betsy McCall, Ann Estelle, Tyler Wentworth, Kripplebush Kids: Magic Attic; and She's Like Me!
Vivian's Vintage Dolls - Offers sales of vintage Madame Alexander, Ginny, Vogue, and Effanbee figures. Includes show schedule, wish list, virtual postcards, and guides.
Vogue's Collectibles Inc. - Dealer of collectible dolls including Barbies, Gene, Disney, and Candi.
We Love Dolls - Carries a full line of dolls, clothing, kits, and accessories.
Weefoke Empire - Offers porcelain and vinyl dolls, including new and old Barbie.
Whimsical Rose Artworks - Offers hand-crafted dolls. View photos, prices and ordering information.
Williamsburg Doll Factory - Features porcelain dolls, supplies and stuffed animals.

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