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Alesich, Samuel - Going Home. A novel about ordinary people, who are struggling to survive and find some happiness in life.
Andersen, Neo - Angle Iron, an anti-government thriller about the destruction of the American infrastructure.
Aylmer, Janet - Darcy's Story. Pride and Prejudice from the hero's point of view.
Bailey, Blake - Edge of the Cave. A philosophical debate set in a surreal legal tribunal debating war crimes.
Barrett, Bill - Brown Water Cafe. Illustrated novel. Part Odyssey, part tabloid spoof, it's an 'investigation' into '90s American mores as, perhaps, evidenced by the fascination with UFOs, all by way of a cross-country auto trip from New Mexico to Connecticut and back.
Bell, J. Craig - Broken Tiles. A teenager, a married man and a religious cleric attempt to learn to cope with their sexual identities.
Bilby, George L. - Show Your Own. A novel about manic-depressive behavior and the evolution of a screenplay.
Cake, Darrel - Ferals. Aussie surfing adventure novel.
Caldwell, Laura - Burning The Map. Published by Red Dress Ink, is in the genre known as Chick Lit. Author available to speak by phone to book clubs.
Carinci, John Paul - Better Off Dead. New Mafia fiction novel with excerpts. Signed copies available.
Carter, Monica - As If Nothing Happened. The key characters have been best friends since college, but now find themselves being torn apart by lies and life.
Childs-Oroz, Annette - Will You Dance? An illustrated journey into the long night. An allegory of struggle and renewal.
Choufati, Tony - Sealed. A religious fiction based on prophecies, revelations and predictions. Excerpts and ordering information.
Cramer, R. - Two Black Roses On Your Grave. A novel set in Georgia with twists and unexpected turns.
Davis, Barbara - Darkside of Debonair. A novel that exposes Africa's poaching operation and its effects.
de Daulles, Valerie - Velkro: The Gripping Life of Mitzi St. Bernard. This racy novel has sex, drugs, scandal, insanity, murder, subversives, zombies, motherships, cross-dressing, a sex-change, hippies, and an evil twin.
Deep, Mohan - Nehru and the Tantrik woman. A play about Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister and his romantic liason with Shraddha mata.
Dietrich, R. F. - The Final Solution: A Novel for the End of Days. Sample story and character descriptions, purchasing information, table of contents, and information on the author.
Ench, J.R. - Life and Consciousness. Story of one man's search for the ultimate truth.
Evans, Christina - Lucid. Andie Claibourne can travel to other places in her dreams.
Field, Richard Warren - The Election. Links to the first chapter, review quotes, as well as many other related pages.
Foti, Joseph - The Carrot and the Mule. Author's first novel about Brooklyn Heights.
Giangrande, Lorenzo - Debt of Conscience. While Native Americans seek national sovereignty, Mideast terrorists strike again at the heart of the United States in an unimaginable way.
Glyptodont Publishing - The Journals of Emlyn Harness. Reviews, synopsis and ordering information.
Goldman, Judy - The Slow Way Back. This book is about a family's ability to confront the most difficult parts of its past and face the future with hope.
Grimmett, Gerald - The Ferry Woman. Narrated by Emeline Buxton Lee, fictional 16th wife of John D. Lee, the only man punished for the murder by massacre of more than 120 persons by Mormons and Paiutes at Mountain Meadows in 1857.
Hamner, George - Quaternion Organon. Fictional journey seeking to explore the mysteries of science. After two middle-agers get downsized, they embark on a search for life's meaning with the help of a bizarre bunch of self-helpers.
Hayes, Mark - Beethoven Was Black. White professor teaches at an African-American college (HBCU) and learns about black racism and being a minority.
Henderson, David - The AutoBiography of God's Angel. A website promoting the latest novel by David Henderson.
Hertle, Frank - The Resurrection Stone. A coming of age novel. Join fourteen-year old Jason Eric Stern as he encounters love, sex, friendship, violence, death, God, and the Internet on his way to a powerful revelatory experience.
Hillison, Jeff - Flightless Dreamer. The story of Sydney Wilton, a mildly insane man trapped in a mildly insane world.
Hutzulak, Clint - The Beautiful Dead End. A novel that has been described as 'barbed wire noir.' View excerpts, and download MP3 music from the companion soundtrack album.
Ignizio, James - Gone Awry: A virtual tour through High Tech Hell. A chronicle of the strange and humorous adventures of Les Smart and his 'tour guide' as they trek the vast expanses of The 25th Circle (also known as High Tech Hell).
Jaffe, Daniel - The Limits of Pleasure. A 40-year-old gay Jewish man, learns to bring spirituality into his sex life.
Jonasson, Sharleen - It's My Body and I'll Cry If I Want To. A journalist goes undercover to investigate an elite beauty clinic in this fast-paced, wry, and cynical look at the pursuit of beauty.
Jones, J. Linwood - Justice in the Raw. Racism and vengeance in the 1940's Georgia, involving a black sharecropper and a white store owner.
Kelter, Marsha - What If Island. A novel about spiritual growth. Excerpts and ordering information.
Kresny, Hans and Ann - Darkness of Dawn. Includes description of the book, biography of the author, contact and ordering information.
Lloyd, Ivan - Unfurling the Black Standard. Mull? Husayn's search for the Promised Q'aim. Book written and beautifully illustrated with Persian translation and calligraphy depicting the prayers revealed by the Bab.
Mahinto - Wind Wolf Woman. Story of a modern day medicine woman.
Malladi, Amulya - A Breath of Fresh Air. Novel about an Indian woman and her family. Reviews from Booklist and Kirkus.
McDermott, Andrew - The Tiger Chase. The plight of the South China tiger, a story of inspiration, humour and action.
Morris, Michael - A Place Called Wiregrass . A novel that binds the hearts of three generations of Southern women as they seek fresh starts and new friendships after domestic violence.
O'Connor, Scott - Among Wolves. Promotion of the novel by publishers Swannigan & Wright Literary Matter.
Ohanian, Thomas A. - Lines in the Sand. Includes an excerpt the novel, reviews, ordering information, some details about the author and his upcoming projects.
Pesini, Sandra and Shirley Mattson Wolf - The Wild Vine. The story of a young woman's journey along life's uneven path.
Pullen, Joel F. - It Always Works Sometimes. A novel about two brothers born into poverty and growing up during the 1930's depression years. Available at publishers price.
Reiss, Fred - Gidget Must Die. A surf noir novel about a surfing legend who returns to Malibu 30 years later to kill everyone in The Gidget movies for ruining his surf spot.
Rhinehart , Luke - Dice Man. Commentary and links for purchasing this novel which deals with self identity.
Right, Bobby - Eternal Life. A novel about an American family coming to terms with life in Arabia.
Roberts, Trysdan - The Sinking of Noah's Ark. The novel focuses on human nature, spirituality and the concept of the true self.
Ross-Rodgers, Martha - Awakenings. The story of young girl who must beat the odds and society's negative expectations of her to achieve.
Sanford, Richard - Long Time Gone. A search for a missing heir across the American heartland from the Deep South to Boston and finally to Chicago in the turbulent summer of 1968.
Schindler, Steven - Sewer Balls. A story of two best friends who grew up in New York City in the early 1960s.
Shepler, John - A Positive Light - In Dangerous Waters. The world's most luxurious passenger ship is steaming toward an unseen ice field. Was it fiction or a premonition?
Simeone, Lawrence - The Gifted. The story of Nick and Eddie Fontaine, two musically talented brothers who struggle to find peace with each other in a hostile urban environment.
Smith, Horane - Port Royal: Pirates of Paradise. The once infamous Jamaican pirate city comes alive in this new novel based on the legendary pirates of this partially sunken city, the home of Sir Henry Morgan.
Stubbs, Linda - I Am The Codyman. A novel about a dog who lives in a hotel suite.
Tin, Auyeung - The Orphan. English translation of the original Chinese novel upon which Bruce Lee's movie 'The Orphan' was based.
Turnbull, Rick - Gum's Story. Vietnam veteran tries to avenge the death of a young boy.
Turney, Denise - Portia. About a courageous woman and the strength she finds in the love of her family.
Walker, Claudette - To Love the Rose. Government intrigue and intellectual fiction.
Wang, Darsan - The Stationary Front. Set in Taipei in 1962, the story centers around a few weeks in the lives of three teens. Buy print copy or read on line for free.
Werneken, Allen - Doin' Jimmy. What happens to John and Shelby Russel after the FBI finds Jimmy Hoffa's body buried at their northern Michigan cottage.
Winer, Andrew - The Color Midnight Made. A novel about a curious and passionate white boy growing up in a depressed, primarily-black community.
Wohlford, Martha C. - Drumbeat No Lie. A fictional caper involves drug smugglers operating on a pristine little island somewhere in the Caribbean.
Wolf, Lori - Gothic Doo-Wop. Tales of a disintegrating family.
Wolverton, Dave - A Very Strange Trip. A novelized version of the original story by L. Ron Hubbard.
Woo, Terry - Banana Boys. A novel about five Chinese Canadians and their struggles with culture, identity, relationships, family, sex, addiction, obsession, and dysfunction.

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