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Ambros, Robert - The Brief Sun. Historical novel about Polish political prisoners freed from Siberian labor camps during World War II to fight Nazis.
Armstrong, Tristan and Cotton, Margaret - Boudica's War. A fictional rendition of the bloody rebellion of the Iceni Queen Boudica against the might and power of Rome.
Azhari, Catherine - The Decline of Day. Excerpts from a novel set in the midst of the Arab Revolt (1916-1918) against the Ottoman Empire.
Beauman, Sally - Rebecca's Tale. Companion book to Daphne du Maurier's classic novel Rebecca.
Boyar, Jane and Burt - Hitler Stopped By Franco. A novel based on facts of the Spanish dictator Franco's policies being responsible for the defeat of Germany in World War II.
Brigham, Kay - For Those Who Love, Time is Not. A World War II true story of unconquerable love and faith. A narrative compilation of the author's father's World War II letters.
Bruce, Charles and Carolyn - The Rebel King. A novel about Scotland's King Robert Bruce who fought the Wars of Independence after King Edward of England executed William Wallace.
Chevalier, Tracy - Girl With A Pearl Earring. Historical novel with Vermeer and the Dutch renaissance on the site.
Clark, George Thomas - Hitler Here. A biographical novel about Adolf Hitler featuring first person stories from his contemporaries. Table of contents, online ordering, and excerpts provided.
Elray, John - Khalifah. A colorful and informative historical novel about the beginnings of Islam
France-Coe, Ray - The True Crusade. A novel about the crusades. Excerpts from the book available for on-line reading.
Glenn, Rosemary - Holy Orders. A historic novel circa World War I, is the intimate story of a young irish catholic priest, compelled to question the authorities.
Glynn, Kevin - Voyage of Reprisal. Exploits of Elizabethan sea dogs sailing under a secret Queen's commission to plunder a treasure fleet of the King of Spain on the eve of the Spanish Armada.
Hasek, Jaroslav - The Fateful Adventures of The Good Soldier Svejk. A new English language translation this famous Czech novel about the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.
Hastie, Lynn - William Weatherford: His Country and His People. A historical novel on William Weatherford; the Creek Indians; and the Creek Indian War.
Hellman, Howard D. - Crown Thy Good. A novel by set in the Hudson Valley during the Civil War, is a story of change and of brotherhood.
Hemingway, Eliza - The Butcher's Dog. The Russian Revolution is in full swing when ten year old Mikhail loses his family and has to take to the road to get away from the guns.
Knavel, Elva - Run For The Hills. Historical novel that tells the story of the Johnstown flood of 1889 as seen through the eyes of a twelve year old.
Lambdin, Dewey - King's Captain. Part of the Alan Lewrie naval adventures.
Lantz, David L. - The Brotherhood of the Scroll. Historical novel set in 600 B.C. when Egypt and Babylon are world superpowers. The biblical characters Jeremiah and Daniel come to life in this novel of international intrigue and war.
Libbey, Ken - Vantage Points. A historical novel featuring a woman pilot in World War II.
Mettler, George - Agent Under Glass. A novel which explores the JFK assassination. Includes excerpt and ordering information.
Muller, Richard A. - The Sins of Jesus. A novel on biblical accounts.
Pettigrew, Cinda and Warner, Robyn - Seeking the White Root, An Australian Story. Story of a woman's search for self identity by examining historical and contemporary Aboriginal and Euro-Australian society.
Ponton, John - MacArthur Park. A book about growing up in the Sixties that contains the lyrics to several of the Sixties' songs and also has pictures from that time period.
Rice, Robert - The Last Pendragon. A variation on the Arthurian legend, opening as Arthur is mortally wounded.
Session, Richard - Island Woman. A young intellectual who travels to 1704 and meets Chumash Indians, Spanish explorers and Andrew Selkirk, the historical Robinson Crusoe.
Stanfill, Terry - The Blood Remembers. A historical novel about Frederick II.
Taylor, Robert Love - Fiddle and Bow: A Tennessee Novel. Includes 1886 Tennessee War of the Roses, in which Taylor brothers, Robert Love Taylor and Alfred A. Taylor, opposed each other for governor.
Willdorf, Barry - Bring the War Home. A semi-autobiographical novel of a student activist couple attempting to organize anti-war Marines in Southern California during the Vietnam War.
Wilson, James - The Zulu and the Lion. Novel set in the Anglo-Zulu War. Author biography, reviews, and related links provided.

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