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Allen Williams, Maude - Maude: She Grew Up with the Country - From the secrets of living to age 110, to family life before TV; details from Maude's life.
Barry-Bratcher, Siobh?n - Brushstrokes: A Work In Progress - Chronicling her Brooklyn upbringing during the 50s and 60s.
Bellows, Jim - The Last Editor - Chronicles the life and career of Jim Bellows.
Benbow, John - Brave Benbow - Biography of Admiral John Benbow.
Boyce, William D. - Lone Scout: W. D. Boyce and American Boy Scouting - Biography of Chicago newspaper publisher, adventurer, entrepreneur and founder of the Boy Scouts of America in 1910.
Constable, Daniel and William - Citizen Daniel and the Call of America - Brian Jenkins' account, based on letters and journals of two brothers who sailed from England to America in 1806, and traveled from Niagara Falls to New Orleans.
DeRosier, Linda Scott - Songs of Life and Grace - A memoir of growing up in Appalachian Kentucky.
Earhart, Amelia: East To The Dawn - Susan Butler's biography of Amelia Earhart.
Earnhardt, Dale- Image of Greatness - A biography in pictures; unique photos on the life of the NASCAR legend.
Fenoglio, Virginia - A Beautiful Time - The story of a woman's life, through her family, focussing on the final few months of her life.
Fisher, Carl G - The Pacesetter - Jerry M.Fisher reveals the relationships of Carl Fisher with key figures of the 20th century.
Foltz, Clara Shortridge: The Lady Lawyer - Sharon Avey's book, featuring a career that spanned 56 years and its impact on others.
Foster, Allen - Around the World with Citizen Train - Biography of a capitalist, communist, royalist, revolutionary, pacifist, warmonger, presidential aspirant, candidate for Dictator of the U.S.A., and eccentric.
Fraser, Chris - Christie Boy - A Highland soldier and ferryman's life.
Fricsay, Ferenc - A guide to Fricsay's recorded legacy, with references to many other conductors, by Bj?rn Westberg.
Frost, Margaret: Pacing to Peace - Autobiography of the first Australian reins-woman.
Gell-Mann, Murray - Strange Beauty - George Johnson's biography of the physicist who discovered the quark, and the Eightfold Way.
Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire - Amanda Foreman's story of one of the most flamboyant women of the 18th century.
Ginsberg, Allen - Ginsberg at Evergreen - Leo Daugherty's interview with the poet.
Golden, Harry - The Serious Humor of Harry Golden - Clarence W. Thomas' account of Golden's celebrity and importance to the civil rights movement.
Griffith, Nanci - Other Voices - A personal history of folk music, written with Joe Jackson, and published by Amber Waves.
Gutteridge, Don - In Words and Pictures - Autobiography of his playing with the St. Louis Cardinals Gashouse Gang, St. Louis Browns and Boston Red Sox.
Hammond, John - Beloved African - Jill Baker's account of the life and work of her father, a pioneering educator in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe.
Haughey, Charles - Sweetie - Kevin O'Connor's story of a former Prime Minister of Ireland; his life, loves and enemies.
Hearst, William Randolph - Hearst Over Hollywood - Louis Pizzitola's book about Hearst's role in shaping films from the Silent era to the 1940s. Note; Flash required, no HTML option.
Hoover, J. Edgar - Honk If You Love J. Edgar Hoover - Allyn Baskerville and Bill Gillespie's account of the career of an F.B.I. agent from 1970 to 1990.
Horn, Stacy - Waiting for My Cats to Die - Autobiographical discussion of death, TV, music, the single life and cats.
Howerton, Allan - Dear Captain, Et Al. - A story of survival in and within Company K, 335th Infantry, during World War II.
Ingerson, Norman and Murdock, Stella - The Victorian Courtship Letters 1892-1896 - Jennifer Elvgren's collection of letters written in the late 19th century in Jamestown, New York and Western Pennsylvania.
Jaramillo, Cato - Too Stubborn to Die - Nordhausen survivor's story.
Jung, George - Grazing In the Grass Until the Snow Came - Autobiography; deals with the cocaine trade in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Kelly, Gerald E. - Honor for Sale - Autobiographical account of the theft of over 500 pounds of narcotics from the NYPD's Property Clerks office during the 1970s.
Kilmer, Joyce - A Literary Biography - John Covell's account includes many lesser-known poems.
Loetscher, Ila Fox - The Turtle Lady of South Padre Island - Evelyn Sizemore's biography of a woman who fought to save an endangered species.
Lowe, Bob - Everybody Pays - Maurice Possley and Rick Kogan's story of a Chicago mob hit in the 1970s, and the toll it took on the sole witness.
McCrae, Jackson Tippett - The Bark of the Dogwood. The writer's memory of people, places, homes, and gardens of the South.
Mooney, Nan - My Racing Heart - The world of thoroughbreds and the track. Includes biographical information, background and reviews.
O'Donoghue, Nannie Lambert Power - The biography of a horsewoman, humanitarian writer and journalist.
Pontalba, Baroness de: Intimate Enemies - Christina Vella's account of the two worlds of the Baroness; a 19th century woman whose career spanned two continents. Signed editions.
Reiker, Russ - 999Officer Down - The story of a police officer, injured on duty two months before his scheduled retirement.
Robbins, Rhea C?t? - Wednesday's Child - Growing up as a woman in the Franco-American culture in Maine.
Sabb, Richard - NoTimeTo Die - Autobiographical account of surviving cancer and the American Justice system.
Sacks, Frank - The Waterbed Wars - The behind-the-scenes story of a American fad.
Smith, Jack DeBar - The Iconoclast Goes to Sea - World war II experiences as an enlisted man in the US Navy.
Stooges, The Three - Photos and text highlights from a book about the comedy team. The fifth in a series, written by the Forrester Brothers, from Donaldson Books.
Summers, Thomas A. - Hunkering Down - Autobiographical study of one man's experience in advocating social justice for the mentally ill.
Tolkein - Tolkien is Kloneit - Chris Carrie's theories about the Tolkein family and their friends, with ordering information.
Turnbull, Colin M. - In the Arms of Africa - Roy Richard Grinker's biography of the anthropologist.
Walker, Murray - Unless I'm Very Much Mistaken - Details and ordering instructions for the autobiography.
Wayne, John - A Giant Shadow - Biography of the actor.
Wilder, Laura Ingalls - Little House Country - Information about Laura Ingalls Wilder, books about her life and links to the places she wrote about.
Winton, Alexander - Famous but Forgotten - Automotive pioneer and industrialist who produced cars between 1896 and 1922. Site includes table of contents and book excerpts. Written by Thomas F. Saal and Bernard J. Golias.

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