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Custom and Handmade
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Endless Purseabilities - Offers purses and totes handmade using fabrics and grosgrain ribbon.
New Guinea Craft - Bilum string bags made from wild tulip tree bark, wild makas tree bark and jute leaf presented by New Guinea Craft.
She's a Sheila Handbags and Hats -Handbags and hats designed to accentuate individuality and
personal style. They say "She's a Sheila!", but she says, "Beauty is in the bag, baby!".

A Gotta Have Boutique - Custom and handmade handbags.
Akino Handbags - Handmade silk, cashmere and suede bags. A bespoke service is also available.
Alicat Designs - Handbags handcrafted from fabric incorporating different trimmings. Custom requests accepted.
All into Handbags - Handmade, monogrammed handbags, decorative totes, and diaper bags.
Amber Close - Handbags and accessories made by Amber Close.
Amy Forster - Offers handcrafted handbags and accessories using fabrics with complementary trimmings and styles.
Annie C. Handbags - Handbags and totes by Sonoma Wine Country designer Anne Nichols.
B Shigley Designs - Handmade handbags for women. Custom designs are available to fit individual fashion needs.
Baby Peach - Individually designed, handmade bags featuring prints, stripes and appliques. Custom designs and gift certificates available.
Bag Slag - Offers limited edition patterned bags from UK based designer.
Bagdaddy - Customized handbags including diaper and makeup bags. Includes best seller list and customer reviews.
Bagness - Handcrafted bags in leather and recycled materials. Also offers a collection of vintage ladies bags from the 50s to 70s.
Bags by Bags - Cigar box purses and handbags made from album covers, photos and fabric.
Bags By Elle - Made to order monogrammed handbags and accessories.
Bags of Love - Offers made to order tote bags and handbags personalized with client's photographs.
Bagtalk - Offers handbags customized with client's photographs.
Barefoot Bags - Soft-sided, handled handbags made in a variety of fabrics.
Beaudacious Bags - Offers one-of-a-kind creations, crafted from preserved recycled fur.
Beckybot Designs - Custom purses and accessories made from duct tape, available in a rainbow of colors. Includes gallery of past designs.
Blissful Bags - Handmade bags in varying materials, sorted by designer.
Bowman Handbags - A collection of colorful handbags and totes. Also offers custom color and trim choices.
Brown Bags Couture - Handbags and totes handmade by Amy.
Camp Apparel - Creates bags from custom designed and hand-printed ultrasuede fabrics.
Canta Handbags - Offers bags individually designed and handmade from specialty Turkish fabrics.
Carpet Bags UK - UK based designers of handmade carpet bags. Available in a variety of styles.
Catherine Irwin - Handcrafted contemporary handbags and accessories that can be customized to match individual requests.
Chandra's Bag Boutique - Features handbags constructed from vintage quilts, as well as handmade totes and other bags.
Chira Designs - Handmade totes.
Christoff - Satin and metal purses and other accessories embellished with Swarovski crystals. Custom orders available.
Chunky Munky Creations - Offers purses handmade from a variety of fabrics. Custom design and monogramming are also available.
Coho Designs - Custom made record album handbags. Features The Beatles, The Stones, Elvis, Kiss, Bowie and other album covers.
Colacube - Offers one of a kind bags constructed from recycled garments. Custom design service available.
CraftyBitch - Specializing in one-of-a-kind handbags and accessories, using materials including mexican oilcloth and vintage upholstery.
Crochet 'n Beads - Crocheted and beaded purse designs in vintage styles.
Crystalyn Kae Accessories - Offers leather handbags, purses, clutches, and baby bags created from vintage fabric.
De-Zines By Dede - Original handpainted cigar box purses by South Florida artist Dede.
Debra Jo Handbags - Handmade fabric handbags. Custom design is also available.
Delores Faye - Small handbags with beaded handles made from old jewelry. Small to large handheld bags with wooden handles and tote bags with fun trim.
Delphine et Marinette - Strawberry cotton prints, funky sheep green fur, animal prints. Available in sizes ranging from evening bag to shopper size.
Design Bags - Handbags, totes, diaper bags and special occasion bags fabricated from materials from around the world.
Designs By Gatto - One of a kind handbags and accessories designed and hand-made by Kim Gatto.
Dudes and Daisies - Custom made purses and totes.
Ecoist Bags - One-of-a-kind purses and handbags, uniquely designed and hand-made from recycled snack bags, soft drink labels, and candy wrappers.
EightySix - Custom handbags and accessories including diaper bags, wristlets, and makeup bags.
Elegant Bags - Offers handmade fabric and knitted handbags for day or evening use.
EmilyPurse - Hand made beaded knit bags and purses in vintage and antique style.
Emma Gordon Handbags - Offers collection of designer handmade handbags. Made to order service also available.
Endless Purseabilities - Offers purses and totes handmade using fabrics and grosgrain ribbon.
Express Yourself Designs - Cigar box purses constructed from used cigar boxes.
Eye-Kandy Purses - Purses made out of chip bags, beer boxes and juice drink pouches by Rebecca Gomez.
Faith's Hag Bags - Handcrafted original handbag designs with beaded and twisted handles.
Fancy Gap Designs - Offers handmade handbags and totes. Monogramming available. Made in Blue Ridge Mountains near Fancy Gap, Virginia.
Fancy Girl - Offers designer handbags and accessories.
Felix & Agatha - Boutique features individually styled handbags and accessories from designer Kathryn Swan.
Frankly My Dear - One-of-a-kind purse designs including a selection of cigar box purses. Custom orders are welcomed.
Front Street Studios - Offers handmade fabric handbags and accessories.
Gene B Design - Handbags designed and made by Gene B.
Gertrude Murray - Handbags made using fabrics and lace.
Gillian Gladrag - Handbags made from combining different cottons, silks, velvets and sheers.
Glynnis Judy Designs - Offers handmade handbags and purses by designer Glynnis Judy incorporating elements such as feathers, beads, and flowers.
Goin In Style - Offers handmade one-of-a-kind purses by Renee Goin.
Handbags By Alli - Handbags handmade with Cape Cod themes with border, stencil and quilt designs, in navy, black and beige.
Handbags by Amy - Offers handmade fabric bags designed by Amy Harnois. Custom orders available.
Hannah J - Offers Asian themed bags.
Her Vintage - One of a kind bags made from vintage fabrics. Custom design available.
Holly Go-Lightly Collection - Offers handmade bags in trendy fabrics and shapes.
Horner's Custom Designs - Unique Kool-Aid purses and Capri Sun purses made from recycled juice pouches.
Hula Lula - Bamboo box handbags adorned with designer prints, swarovski stones and trims.
I Love my Purse - Handcrafted tote bag purses. Customer's option to design own item.
Idora Designs - offers evening bags made from silk floral bouquets, trimmed in beading or feathers. Includes bridal selections.
Ingelin Handbags - Ladies handbags by designer Ingelin Kantor.
Interorbit Girl - Shoulderbags and purses handcrafted from fabrics and original image patches.
Jamie Smith - Offers handbags made with new and vintage fabrics.
Jana Coke Designs - Custom designed evening handbags and everyday totes.
JanCo Designs - Handcrafted custom handbags and accessories featuring trims and ribbons. Monogramming available.
Jenetia Design - Handmade one of a kind purses designed by the artist Jenetia.
Jenna Claire - Offers a range of handbag styles and fabrics that can be customized for each client.
Jenner Fine Handbags - Collection of handbags by designer Jenner using fine silks, feathers, and flowers.
Jer-Jer Designs - One of a kind handmade purses, bags and totes.
Jimmy K. Designs - Handmade handbags of vintage and retro fabric.
JPK Authentic Cigar Box Accessories - Pretty cigar box purses that are durable and affordable.
Judy Judy - Offers line of ladies' felted accessories, including purses, scarves, and custom felted items.
Julie Julie - Handbags with changeable slipcovers, designed by Julie Rodenberg.
Julie Lindsay Designs - Designer handbags and travel bags from Julie Lindsay.
Jupiter By Jo - Collection of handmade purses including totes and makeup bags.
Karen Lukacs - Bolsa handbag designer utilizing discarded sweaters and coats.
Kath Hamilton Designs - Handmade purses and hats.
Katie Beane - Offers fabric handbags by designer Beth Soggs. Diaper bags and custom design services also available.
Katts Kreations - One-of-a-kind handmade designer handbags and totes. Each item has its own unique serial number.
Kitsch Purses - Uniquely designed purses for day, evening, and bridal.
Kitsch Stitch Bags - Individually designed fabric and crocheted bags and accessories.
Klasik - Collection of individually handcrafted handbags.
Kris Look Designs - Offers handmade handbags custom made to the client's specifications.
Lady of the Lake - Offers handbags made with classic fabrics and trims.
Lakame - Offers custom picture purses individually made from client's photographs.
LaPora Designs - Offers handmade day, evening and diaper bags for women.
Laura Bee Designs - Features handmade handbags and makeup cases made from vintage style fabrics by designer Laura Buzard. Custom orders are welcome.
Laura Shicko Designs - Handmade shoulderbags, handbags, and clutches. Custom designs also available.
LillyBella Bags - Offers handbags customized with client's photographs.
Little Birdy Bags - Handmade and hand painted handbags made with vintage jewels, silk flowers and natural gemstones.
Little Diva Designs, LLC - Cigar box clutch purses by a company in Seattle, Washington. Custom designs available.
Little Earth - License plate, road flair, and college bags, bottlecap belts, and gifts.
Loblollies - Features collection of ready made handbags as well as handmade custom design options including monogramming.
Lolo and Gretch Dahling - Patchwork clutch wrist purses with fabric and vinyl shapes.
Lucia Villari - Structured or drawstring purses, embellished with semi-precious stones, feathers and fringe. One-of-a-kind pieces.
Lucybags - Floral and novelty prints, bags made from jeans. Optional custom designs.
Lushka Bag - Features bags and totes in seasonal prints and colors.
MaddyBags - Offers handbags custom made to client's specifications.
Made In Brooklyn - Bags made of vintage, recycled and commercial fabrics by Brooklyn designer Aaron Sciandra.
MallieEve Deigns - Cigar box purses that can be customized with personal photos.
Mandy B. Bags - Fabric bags handcrafted using vintage clothing, linens and other materials by Mandy.
Margaret Nicole - Cable and classic knit clutches which can be individually customized.
Millie Bags - Handcrafted totes and purses, casual and formal.
Millie Q Originals - Offers handcrafted handbags.
Miss Double Agent - Reversible fashion handbags made to order to individual customer requests.
Molly Said - Offers custom made handbags and diaper bags. Collection includes accessories.
Moomel - Offering knitted handbags.
Mushu Bag - Designs and manufactures handmade fabric handbags and accessories with an oriental edge.
Myna Bags by Emily & Margaret - Offers fabric totes and handbags. Diaper and bridal bags also available.
Nanet Bernadette - Offers custom designed handbags and accessories.
Nappa Studio - Offers handbags handmade from vintage kimono fabrics.
Naturecharm - Handmade handbags made of real oriental flowers put together using special lamination technique.
Neal Decker - Offers handbags and totes handcrafted in New York City. Private label and custom orders.
New Guinea Craft - Bilum string bags made from wild tulip tree bark, wild makas tree bark and jute leaf presented by New Guinea Craft.
Nori's Rhinestone Totes - Totes customized with rhinestone name.
Old Bagz - Collection of unique handbags adorned with vintage fur and exotic fabrics, Austrian crystals, costume jewelry or semi-precious jewels.
One of a Kind Designs - Unique handmade purses and handbags with unusual and fun fabrics and trims. Custom orders available.
Oney Designs - Offers custom made handbags designed in choice of fabric and style.
Original Boston Bags - Handbags handcrafted to customer's design specifications. Collection includes ready made bags.
Palm Beach Purses - A collection of handbags created from colorful fabrics by designer Lani Click.
Pandora's Box - Original designs handcrafted with woods, hardware and other materials by Rachel Giles.
Paper People - Handmade handbags and accessories made from a variety of new and recycled materials.
Petrified Baggage - Handmade purses, totes, and messenger bags.
Pilgrim Handbags - Custom handcrafted handbags.
Pillows and Purses - Offers custom made handbags and diaper bags with monogramming available.
Pink Cat Bags - Unique handmade handbags, totes, and cosmetic bags made in San Francisco.
Plaid Leaf Handbags - Features original purse design with changeable covers and interior pockets.
Precious Purses - Offers custom designed handbags personalized with customer's photographs.
Printonbag - Offers handmade handbags made with customer's own photographs.
Promises from Maine and Beyond - Originally designed and handcrafted handbags made from vintage fabrics.
Pumpkin Magic Purses - Fabric purses with snap, button, and zipper closures along with vintage buttons.
PurseNality N' More - Handmade fabric purses, totes and handbags.
Pursuit By Ashley - Offers custom made purses. Monogramming and bridal collection available.
Qtpie Gifts - Customized handbags made in different sizes and styles.
Rag Magic - Handcrafted purses, totes and accessories.
Razzybags - Makers of colorful handmade handbags using new, recycled and vintage fabrics.
Razzymatazzy - Handmade designer handbags with customization available.
Rebekka Leigh - Collections of bags in varying styles, bright colors, fuzzy fur, and animal prints.
Red Delicious - Urban chic cotton and denim handbags and shoulder bags made in Seattle.
Rita Whitted - Fabric bags made by Rita Whitted.
Rona Bags, Inc. - Fabric handbags and purses made from interesting fabrics.
SaraAnn Designs - Unique purses made from vintage clothing. With no two purses ever the same, styles will never be duplicated.
Satin Memories - Offers a collection of evening bags.
Sean Ashton Boutique - Offers a selection of handmade monogrammed handbags.
Sew Pretty - Handcrafted handbags of varied textiles, color and texture by New Jersey designer Raquel Caruso.
She Kat - Offers handbags created using fabric and beads.
She's a Sheila - Handmade bags and hats designed and created by Angie Davis.
Sisters Too - Individually made monogrammed handbags lined in silk.
Sofi Design - Handcrafted purses,totes and handbags.
Sommer Designs - Fabric handbags, totes and diaper bags.
Sophisticated Kitsch - Ornate designs using vintage and hand-dyed fabrics, laces and trims. Costume jewel accents.
Sorello - Just Handbags - Handmade handbags by Tami from the Pacific Northwest.
Stacy Lynn Designs - Purses and totes with fringes, beads or feathers sewn to fabrics and suedes.
Sugar Pies' - Offers handmade tote bags customized with client's favorite photographs.
Sylvia Designs - Professionally handcrafted handbags and diaper bags designed to be unique and original.
Tabella's - Offers handmade portrait purses made from cigar boxes and revamped vintage handbags. Trendy gift items also available.
Tanky Store - Offers one-of-a-kind handbags with handmade big buttons, using vintage and contemporary fabrics.
The Accessory Cafe - Fabric handbags, diaper bags, and totes made in Roswell, Georgia by Daisy Chistolini.
The Braggin' Bag - Custom handbags personalized with customer's favorite photographs.
The Cigar Box Diva - Offers a collection of handmade cigar box handbags.
The Elegant Stitch - Offers beaded and embroidered custom handbags of fine fabrics for weddings and special occasions.
The Livingroom Mom and Me - Custom handmade knitted purses made from fabric strips and yarn.
The Purse Impression - Custom made-to-order purses and handbags featuring choice of fabric, handle, trim and hardware.
The Tater Patch - Wood bottom country style purses and bags made from quilts, burlap and other fabrics.
The Twisted Bag - Handmade, one-of-a-kind bags of twisted wire and glass beads, lined with silk and other fabrics. Custom design available.
There She Goes - Online artist market for handmade handbags, accessories and wearable art made by independent artists.
Tiba - Offers a selection of handmade fabric handbags. Customization is available.
Tigerbrown - Offers handmade felted wool handbags. Includes photographs and frequently asked questions.
Totinette - Cotton and denim totes and bags made from original patterns.
Trash Bags - Made from recycled vintage materials including scarves, skirts, blouses and ties.
Trinkets & Things by Fan - One of a kind quilted country style handbags by Florence Newman of Kentucky.
Tuff Betty Bags - Purses constructed using vintage and modern fabrics along with thick beading and embroidery.
Twinkle Totes - Nylon mesh and fabric tote bags accented with ribbons, buttons, lace and rhinestones.
Two Crazy Daisies - Offers handmade handbags and accessories embellished with new and vintage ribbon.
Two Peas - Offers handbags made from original designs.
Urban Girl Northwest - Designer bags made with a variety of fabrics and trims.
Urge 2 Splurge - Offers whimsical handbags custom made in the USA.
Vassa Purses - Unique evening and bridal purses with hand embroidery, beads, Swarovski crystals, and pearls.
Verona Collections - Handbags in a variety of fabrics featuring hand-beaded silk, handmade roses and other touches. Custom orders available.
Vintageurbanite - Features handcrafted vintage inspired modern handbags, wallets, journals and accessories.
Wildflower Workshop - Designers have created handbags using three dimensional silk flowers, beads, visors and cell phone cases.

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